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Chapter 381 “The Foolish Bai Zhi (2)”

“I should be going now.” As hard as this was for him, Chu Yi Feng nevertheless utters those departing words, knowing full well he doesn’t belong here.

In response, Chu Yi Feng could only stiffen his back and slowly close his eyes, She called me Brother. That’s right, in this lifetime I will only be her brother…..

“I believe that one day you will meet the woman of your heart. By then, would you put me down and start over?”

Meet the woman I really love? Showing a bittersweet smile that’s away from her line of sight, How could I ever do that? There’s no room left in my heart ever since I met you.

Opening his eyes once again, Chu Yi Feng bravely answers her with only one word: “Okay.”

If my love is a burden for you then I will make you think I’ve let go…. And now that you’ve found the one you truly love then I can only hide my feelings from you.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Bai Yan still doesn’t realize it that she had indirectly hurt the man even more.

It’s not like she didn’t get moved by the man’s kindness over the years, just that even she didn’t know why she would remain so indifferent to that love.

“Sir Chu!” Then just when Chu Yi Feng was about to finally leave, a voice suddenly broke the mood from another side.

It was Bai Zhi (half-sister). Stumbling up from the ground, this wretched girl literally crawled up to the man and refused to let go of his leg. “Please save me Sir Chu! I don’t want to die. If you can save me then I will become your slave or bed warmer if you want!”

Unlike Di Cang’s open cruelty, Chu Yi Feng on the other hand appears to be more perceptible to a person’s pleading. That’s why this shameless bitch would continue to struggle and cling onto him, it’s her only hope now.

What’s more, since Bai Yan has already rejected this picturesque man then it’s just a matter of time before she can climb up to his bed after he accepts her. By then the Holy Land will be under her grasp and revenge will no longer be a dream!

However, the man’s following words were completely different from the expected script. Instead of going soft, his next order were like knives slicing down without remorse: “First Elder, drag her away and kill her.”

How can such a gentle looking person be so cruel! She nervously looks up, meeting that bone chilling gaze, NO! I don’t want to die! How can such a person be this cruel when he was so kind to Bai Yan!

Apparently this bald headed bitch had forgotten something crucial. When a man faces the person that they love then of course they can show limitless care, but against others…. Hoho!

“What a moron,” Zheng Qi (first elder) sneered with contempt, This moron actually wants to seek mercy from the Young Lord?

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So, why would such a man show kindness to Bai Yan’s most hated enemy?

“Fire Plume.” (Di Cang’s servant) First giving a glance to the picturesque man, Di Cang then turns his attention back to Bai Zhi with his bloodthirsty sight.

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