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Chapter 374 “The Good Bok Choy Has Been Snatched Away (2)”

It’s no secret that Chu Yi Feng likes Bai Yan, even the exotic plants currently inside the Holy Land are the results of the man scavenging them across the land for her. However, the woman’s refusal was also placed at the forefront, this much the three elders are clear on.


Looking at her Third Shifu’s proud face when spilling the bean on her past, Bai Yan simply couldn’t resist a twitch in her lips. For some reason, she’s got the strange sensation that rejecting Chu Yi Feng had become an act worthy of gloating.

As dumb as the conversation was heading in, it did have the perfect impact on Bai Zhi and threw the bitch into a bloodless state. She may be ignorant and foolish, but she does know the word “shame” in her vocabulary. Though not much, it was something.

“You are lying to me. If the Holy Land’s young lord really did court Bai Yan then there’s no way she would’ve refused him. A man of such calibre can never be refused!” Stumbling to climb up from the ground, Bai Zhi refuses to believe what she’s hearing.

Then again, this brainless twat didn’t need to believe because the cold hard voice that came from behind had shattered her last will to resist.

It was Di Cang, catching the attention of all with his glorious entrance that would blow away any competition.

“How come you are here?” Looking over to hateful man that wouldn’t stop meddling, Bai Yan forms a frown while she asked.

“I came for you of course.” Absolutely mesmerizing in that reply, his voice actually carried a hint of doting. The issue was, it’s too small that even he himself didn’t notice.

Of course, the sudden intrusion wouldn’t be taken kindly by the three seniors. Curling his brow, Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) was the first to ask using a vigilant tone: “Who are you?”

Naturally the dangerous man wouldn’t miss the hostility shot his way. Raising a smirk, he went straight in for the kill: “Her man of course.”

Her man~ Her man~

Those words echoed with devastating effect, blasting Qiu Shu Rong (Third Elder) into the blazing abyss that which was his old heart.

If a description had to be made here for how the elder felt, it would be a farmer working hard to raise a Bok Choy in his field before having it suddenly plucked away by a pig right before harvest.

Their precious apprentice have always been their treasure so how can they allow anyone to bully or harm her in any way?

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“Are you sure you want to do this with me?” Rousing a grin, Di Cang’s handsome pair of eyes were brewing up a storm while it swept across the three.

That did it, the one known as Qiu Shu Rong was enraged now. Smacking aside his second brother’s hand, the Third Elder runs up to yell at his foe: “Stinking brat, you better stay away from my precious disciple. If you dare touch her then I will…. I will!”

Thankfully Bai Yan was present. With one order from her, an invisible sword was cast, which sliced down at the center and separate the two parties.

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