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Chapter 353 “Endure? (3)”

Though Bai Yan did not explicitly say she would endure, but when transferred to Wang Deqiu’s ear, it somehow turned out that way.

“Ho, isn’t this Bai Yan? You actually have the nerve to come back!” Just as she’s ready to leave, this eerie voice had caught their attention from the front.

Turns out it was Yu Rong coming over with her chin raised higher than the sky. Apparently this foolish woman hasn’t learned her lesson yet and intends to make trouble.

“Bai Yan, I should thank you. If you haven’t snatched away Di Cang then my daughter wouldn’t have been able to enter the Holy Land. That man may be strong, but when compared to the Holy Land, you…”


Without indication, the second Yu Rong came into attacking distance, Bai Yan had raised her fist and sent it straight into the woman’s face. This blow undoubtedly caught everyone off guard, especially the one receiving it. Flying out like a ragged doll until she hit the cold hard ground, Yu Rong now laid there sprawled to the floor.

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“How annoying.”

Ignoring the fact that there’s still a person in front of them, Bai Yan went ahead and pulled her son along to step right over on top of Yu Rong’s body. As a result of this second blow, the injured woman finally splurged out a mouthful of blood and fainted away…..

Meanwhile in the background, the man was left there with his jaws gaped open, Is this what she considers to be enduring?


Wang Deqiu was definitely flabbergasted there, “Isn’t the fact that the disciple is from the Holy Land strong enough?”

Just when he was baffled on how to take the girl’s odd behavior, Chu Yi Yi also followed suit and stepped over Yu Rong’s poor body.

“Hey Father,” wiping those greasy hands off with his clothes, Wang Xiaopeng suddenly chimes in, “Sister Bai Yan is so cool there. Can you come up with a plan and help them?”

“Of course it’s Boss.”

Isn’t what Father asking just nonsensical? I’ve long recognized Xiachen as my boss so of course I would call him that.

Annoyed by his son’s antics, Wang Deqiu grumpily states his own difficulties: “If not for your mistake back at home then would we have been driven out of the main house?”

“Father, didn’t Sister Bai Yan sell you a lot of Dan pills? Why don’t you look for Grandfather and ask him for an idea? Without Xiachen’s mother then the supplies would be gone too.”

Likely aware of his father’s thought pattern, Wang Xiaopeng immediately got vindictive: “Father, if you don’t come up with a solution to help then I will burn your treasury room. You decide for yourself on what you want to do.”

“You…” Livid in his face, Wang Deqiu really wanted to smack this brat of his.

“Quit looking at me like that. You may be able to keep watch over your precious things inside for a while, but you can never watch over them forever. When you’re not looking, I will sneak inside and burn every crisp of it.” Snorting without a pang of fear, the chubby threatens his father like a real boss.

Grabbing the boy by the collar, Wang Deqiu roar’s out at his son: “Damn brat, consider yourself lucky! I will go back and send your grandfather a letter to see if he has a plan! Let’s just hope now that your friend’s mother there wouldn’t go too far and only offend a disciple of the Holy Land and not their elders instead. Otherwise, not even your grandfather would be able to do a thing by then”

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