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Chapter 333 “The Real Scum of all People (2)”

She’s got nothing to say about returning a life for a life, but Dong Roulan’s clearly alive and well.

Why must I give up my life now?

Lan Xiaoyun snorted at the rebuttal: “If I hadn’t called for my cousin then would my mother be alive still? There’s nothing wrong with having you repay with your life here.”

“I… I didn’t mean to.” Trembling all over, Fu Bao Yun was gripped with fear in her eyes: “I really know I’m wrong now. I beg of you, give me another chance.”

“And, my grandfather isn’t killing you either. You injured my mother and gave her a fake pill. In return, we’re only abolishing your cultivation. Whether or not you can survive is your own.”

Though the girl say it well, but anyone can see that with Fu Bao Yun’s mindset and usual doing, she’s a goner without hope once tossed into the Demon Beast Forest.

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Collapsing there due to the hopelessness of the situation, the abhorrent woman suddenly shifts her gaze over to her secret lover. The bastard was trying hard to diminish his own presence in one corner.

“Qi Jia, you said you will protect me, why are you acting even more cowardly than Dong Rou Qin right now?” She rushes over with crazed madness in her eyes, “Before it was you who suggested I marry into the Dong House when I got pregnant, it was you who suggested to marry Dong Roulan to my brother the king, even the part about gifting Lan Xiaoyun to my nephew as a concubine was coined by you! I’m telling you now, if I can’t live then I won’t let you off so easily either!”

Laughing sardonically with her hair hanging loose, the woman has finally lost it.

“Fu Bao Yun, what nonsense are you spouting!!” Sending a direct slap at his cousin, this despicable man roars out like he’s being victimized: “I have done no such thing! Don’t you dare drag me down with you!”

“Humph!” Not listening at all, Fu Bao Yun continues on with her rant, “I had intended to buy the medicine as per the instruction for Dong Roulan, but you… you told me she’s only faking it and took the money for yourself!”

Now that’s shocking news indeed for the victim’s daughter. Lan Xiaoyun only knew Fu Bao Yun was stupid, but it turns out the real scum here was this Qi Jia!

“You… all of you mustn’t listen to this bitch’s nonsense!” Shuddering over being caught, the scum cries out in terror.

But it was already too late. Catching the full attention of Old Lord Lan, this grandpa who came all the way to a foreign kingdom was dreadfully sharp in his eyes: “Who are you?”

Upon hearing the question, it was Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) who took it upon herself to explain the story, this included the man’s identity and his children’s true lineage.

Clearly disgusted by the details, Old Lord Lan sneered with contempt: “Since the two of you are such a loving couple then let me be the judge. Both of you can head to the Demon Beast Forest together and forever be a pair of lovebirds!”

Finally losing all ounce of strength from his body, the scrum immediately collapsed to the ground. His eyes filled with a hideous light of rage and cruelty: “Fu Bao Yun! I won’t let you have it easy now that you’ve dragged me down with you!”


Stunned by the outburst, the abhorrent woman didn’t even have time to process that statement before the scum of a man snatched for his own daughter. By the time anyone manages to react in time, it was already too late. Qi Jia had stabbed the hidden dagger into Dong Mu Xue’s heart….


They all say a tiger doesn’t eat their own child, apparently this saying doesn’t apply to the scums of this world.

Fu Bao Yun may not be a good person, but she would never consider harming her own children. Now to find her Lover taking the life of their own children, it’s not hard to imagine the level of impact that’s blowing against her sanity.

“Qi Jia, you monster, you monster! She’s your daughter, your own flesh and blood!!!” Rushing over in a frantic pounce, she roars out at the man like a crazed lioness.

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