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Chapter 309 “Fainted From Fright”

Fu Tian Qi didn’t even have the patience to look at the old master by this point. With a sweep of his sleeve, the king directly takes his leave.


Before he could even make it back to the palace ground, a panicking eunuch had stopped him in his track: “MMaje-Majesty…. Assassin, there’s an assassin!”

Small… small thing?

The eunuch was dumbfounded. An assassination attempt turns into a small thing?

“Majesty,” seeing the king wouldn’t stop at all, the eunuch became so anxious that he actually stomped on the spot like a girl before giving chase.

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“Majesty! You can’t go there, it’s too dangerous!”

Unfortunately, it’s already late.…

By the time the eunuch was able to catch up to the man himself, the giant dragon was already in perfect view hovering above their heads. Unlike the king who was completely blown away by the scene, his royal guards were all unfortunate enough to have the first taste of the dragon’s strength. As for the Glass Dragon himself, the big guy was much more relaxed in the air, only giving a disdainful snort at these miniscule ants crawling about.

Just as the eunuch’s voice came to an end, another sharp and irritating cry instantly overshadowed it from the front.

“Brother, Brother save me!”

Not far away was the demon princess Di Xiao Wan herself, while behind her was the cowardly man dragging his wife along.

“Dong Ruo Qin, you useless thing! How dare you actually help these people! Don’t forget, my brother the king is only willing to reuse your family because of me! Otherwise your Dong House would be nothing without me!”

Against that bombardment of an insult, Dong Ruo Qin didn’t have anything to say in rebuke of his wife.

“Brother, you must save me!” After getting no response from her husband despite her antics, the abhorrent woman finally had it and ran for her brother’s side.

By this point the king was also coming to after the eunuch helped him regain consciousness. At first he was still stuck in a daze over his surroundings, but that instantly changed when the scattered mess of his sister came into his view. Without a second thought, he sends the abhorrent flying with a ruthless kick of his own.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Sprawling there on all four, Fu Bao Yun was stunned by the sudden attack. Looking up in shock, her words were a stammering mess: “Bro-Brother, did you mistake me for someone else? I-I am your favourite sister Bao Yun….”

How could my brother kick me?

Furthermore, Brother clearly intended to reuse the Dong House because of me.

“Dragon,” it was then……

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