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Chapter 217 "Spoiling Her (1)"

"Two year earlier I have already heard of Hualuo recognizing a new master. Just that I never managed to learn who it was." Snickering a sneer, Mu Qing Song was no longer holding back her contempt, "To think it would be you!"

"And, I know that you are also an alchemist! I'm not surprised a slut like that would recognize you for some measly Dan pill, but don't think for a second that you can go up against me just because you have her behind your back." Despite her indifferent attitude, that arrogant tone cannot be hidden like she's watching a person that's already dead.

"Have I ever said I need to rely on Hualuo's power?" Bai Yan's brilliant smile was like a thorn, piercing straight in her foe's heart and bleeding it.

"Nothing but a bead of insignificant rice, how dare you compare yourself to the radiant sun and moon. Bai Yan, I will let you understand where you stand in this world. Prepare yourself!" Without another word, Mu Qing Song had unsheathed her sword to take aim at Bai Yan's throat. "I've gave you the opportunity, it's you who didn't cherish it."

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Dancing with precision and finesse, her whole figure had practically transformed into the sword as it grazed against the wind, raising an ear piercing cry in the process.

“Oh crap, it's over!” Just as Old Lord Lan and the rest were panicking due to the tense situation, Bai Xiachen suddenly throws a bomb into the fire by issuing this sentence.

Perhaps it's due to the boy's careless comment, but Old Madam Lan was clearly very shaken by it. Unable to hold her posture, the poor grandmother starts falling backwards with her trembling hand reaching out as if she's trying to stop the fight.

“Quickly, someone go save my precious granddaughter!”

Good thing Old Lord Lan was fast in his reaction. Catching his wife, he hurriedly turns to the stupefied Lan Xiaoyan nearby: "Quickly girl, come hold your grandmother while I go help your cousin!"

“Uhh-uhh, OKAY!"

Controlling herself after realizing how dumb she was acting, Lan Xiaoyun literally pounced over to receive her grandmother. Biting her lips, she can see Bai Yan was already hard at battle with Mu Qing Song.

However good their intents were, the group appears to have misunderstand the little boy's meaning.

“Great Grandfather, what are you doing?" Bai Xiachen toddled over and asked.

“Of course it's to help your mother. No one can kill my granddaughter in my own turf!” Clenching his fist until the veins were popping, Old Lord Lan didn't look down as he continued to step forward for the impending battle.

Blinking innocently at the reply, Bai Xiachen appears to be struggling in his face: "But-but my mother doesn't like it when someone interferes with her fighting."

Slowing down but not stopping, Old Lord Lan was firm in his expression: “Even you said your mother is done for, how can I just sit and watch? I don't care what rules she has for when she's fighting, I only know I can't stand by and watch while she gets killed in front of my eyes."

As soon as his remark came forward, Bai Xiachen immediately showed a flash of surprise on his cute little face.

“But…. I wasn't talking about Mother, I was referring to that bad woman."

Jerking to a halt, only now does the old grandfather started to pay closer attention to the fighting in front.


Following this explosive noise, Bai Yan's dexterous finger had clipped onto Mu Qing Song's sword. With a tiny flex of her powers, she brutishly infused her own energy into the enemy's weapon and shattered it into pieces.

Stunned by the abrupt change in their stance, Mu Qing Song had trouble believing her eyes, The sword was forged by the best Yuan iron out there. When did it become so useless?

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