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Chapter 215 "Bai Yan is Here (3)"

“Mother, just now this woman wanted to hit me."

Hit my son? Bai Yan’s face was dreadfully dark.

Now I like to see who got the nerve to make a move against my son!

“Oh, yes,” Lan Xiaoyun adds in another part, “This woman is also here because of your man. Likely she got rejected and is here to vent her steam by making trouble."

Another one of Di Cang's love debt?

Bai Yan’s lip gently curved into a smirk. Landing her sight on the woman, she starts speaking in a interrogatory manner: "Which hand of yours did you use?"

“Not her, it's that maid beside her who wanted to slap little Xiachen." Finding this reliable reinforcement here, Lan Xiaoyun immediately changed from her timid appearance to a roaring lioness, "She used her right hand!"

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Going cold in her face, Mu Qing Song had wanted to lecture the pest when a flash of gleaming light stopped her….

It was Bai Yan who was moving so fast that none could perceive her movement. By the time the rude woman recovered from her startling discovery, it was already too late.

“AHH!” Following an ear deafening scream made the woman in green, a fountain of blood was already gushing out from that horrific stump of flesh. On the ground, the decapitated hand was still twitching there after being sliced off in one clean motion.

“You should be glad that you didn't use both hands, or else… your other arm will also be crippled.”

Because of how abrupt her attack was, none in the room could react in time. Therefore, even the little steam bun was able to witness everything in close proximity, which greatly worried Lan Xiaoyun who attempted to block his eyes afterwards.

“Oh Auntie, you don't need to worry about me. When me and Mother was wandering outside, I saw first hand of a person being devoured by a demon beast alive. This is nothing for me."

Before being taken into the Holy Land by the three elders, Bai Xiachen was only a couple of months old. Yet, he was able to remember everything at that age where he's considered to be a fresh born.

Upon hearing this explanation, Lan Xiaoyun was both sad and pained inside, causing the girl to nearly break out into tears.

How can those people from the Bai House force such a good child and her mother to wander out there alone for so long….

“How dare you!” Mu Qing Song was flushed with anger, “Bai Yan, do you know what you are doing? If Di Dang were to learn of your true character, do you think he will forgive you?"

In response, Bai Yan only sneered at the accusation: "Forgive me? What does him forgiving me have to do with this? In fact, it should be me deciding on whether or not I should forgive him."

She has her own pride and dignity, and her dignity was to never yield under a man!

“You're just saying that in the heat of the moment," the woman shows a sardonic smile, "You spent so much time seducing him so how can you not care about his opinion. Why don't you just admit it, you are afraid of losing him."

Bai Yan became paralyzed.

I spent a lot of time seducing him?

Di Cang?

And I'm afraid of losing that man?

Why don't I know any of this?


At the very same time over at the burnt ruins of the Cang Manor, a certain guard clad in full armor was vigilantly overseeing the reconstruction work of the estate. There were workers, craftsmen, and heavy laborers, all working in tandem at breakneck snailish speed.

“Slower, your actions are too fast still so slow down! This is the command of His Highness. Don't blame me for not warning you lot. If you anger our lord, you can forget about staying in the kingdom."

Then just after the person finished his words, a beautifully dressed woman came rushing over to interrupt his work.

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