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Chapter 1827 “Gu Lao’s Death (3)”

Chi Chi’s eyes were full of horror to the point where he’s ready to cry.

This girl is comforting me…. Or is she intimidating me?

“Father,” Bai Yan rubs her daughter’s hair before turning to Heavenly, “How did you two leave the ruins?”

The demon queen’s really starting to worry Chi Chi would openly wet himself if she allows Ling Yan to continue, that’s why she wanted to change the topic.

There was a flicker of doubt in the man’s eye: “I don’t know what’s going on either. One moment I was fighting that monster horde, the next I’m being dragged away by a strange force and out I came.”

Bai Ning gently pursed her lips and explained her part: “I don’t know the specific details either. Yan Yan, weren’t you the one who caused the ruins to disappear by doing something?”

Did something?

Out of reflex, Bai Yan casts a glance at the shriveled up Chi Chi.

Turns out he didn’t just send me out, this little guy actually made the entire ruin disappear altogether.

“Monarch,” Butterfly seems to have recalled something and grew urgent in her voice, “during this period while you were away, the other domains have invaded. Elder Sky is currently dealing with the invaders but I fear he might not be enough.”

Heavenly’s gaze promptly grew heavy, his voice cold and hard: “How did the news of my disappearance spread to the other domains?”

“I don’t know.” Butterfly hung her head in apology, those eyes ashamed for her own incompetence.

When Heavenly first returned they had vanquished the spies that might’ve hidden themselves in the domain. The fact that the news still leaked meant there’s a traitor among their ranks.

Narrowing his eyes in, the man didn’t speak for a good moment before loosening them again: “Ning’er, Yan Yan, Ling Yan…. we’re going home.”

We’re going home…

Bai Yan did not speak as her eyes fell upon Gu Lao’s now lifeless corpse. There’s something weird going on in the sort of face she’s making like she’s thought of something.

The Monarch Manor.

The sky had grown dark as countless individuals floated above the estate while gazing down at its defenders.

“Your monarchs can’t come so they sent you rabbles here instead?” Sharp like a sword, Elder Sky confronts the enemy with a strong presence of his own.

“Hahahaha.” A roar of laughter breaks through the empty space over that comment.

“Your own monarch is now missing and we all know it. I advise you and the rest to surrender now in order to avoid further deaths, otherwise, do not blame us for not showing mercy.” Speaking was a senior donning a flax-colored robe, his smirk contemptuous and arrogant.

Going slightly pale in the face, Elder Sky forces down his inner panic: “Who told you that our monarch is missing? He’s merely in closed-door training, he will come out later when called upon.”

This may be their home ground, but the other monarchs have sent their strongest fighting force for this invasion. No matter how the battle proceeds, it’s going to be ugly even if they do come out on top. Furthermore, it’s extremely strange that all the other monarchs would unite together. In the past, they only attacked on their own, never as allies.

“Hoho,” the same senior sneered with sarcastic note, “we naturally have our way of finding out the details. But from my view, Heavenly is nowhere close to being a True Celestial. If he was back then, he wouldn’t have simply sealed the monarchs in and left a hole for the likes of us to transverse through at will.”

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