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Chapter 1727 “Yun Ruo Xi’s Beating (1)”

Monarch’s residence.

In the back garden, Yun Ruo Xi had her head down before a different woman who held exceptional beauty. Yet instead of a rosy picture here in this flowery backyard, there’s only contemptuous looks shooting towards the former from the maids that’s also present.

“Yun Ruo Xi, you just walked out of the Monarch’s study, didn’t you?” Cocking her chin high, this madam sounded exasperated, “I told you not to approach my husband before, did you not hear me?”

Resentful as she may be, the old witch bit her lip and held in that temper: “Second Madam, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“HA!” The one known as Second Madam huffs a grunt and got into her face, “What do are you saying about not knowing? You think you can become the mistress of the manor just because you were brought here? I’m telling you, His Monarchness will never favor an insignificant person like you.”

Clenching her fist at the insult, the old witch nevertheless forces a smile: “Second Madam, if His Monarchness doesn’t like me then why did he save an insignificant person like I? With his power, he could take in any woman that he fancies, yet he chose me….” Growing more confident as she speaks, “Since my life was saved by His Monarchness, I will remain loyal to him throughout my life. You want me to leave? I fear that won’t be happening.”

Yun Ruo Xi’s never been one to take things lying down, not in the Celestial Palace, and especially not here where there’s an egotistic bitch who’s holding her in contempt.

“Shut up!” Xu Ying (second madam) raises her hand and slapped down, causing the old witch’s face to get red and swollen. There’s even a trace of blood leaking from the mouth as a result.

“Yun Ruo Xi offended me with her disrespectful attitude, come tie her up and whip her for me!” Grinding her teeth, the second madam orders, “As long as she doesn’t die then do not stop!”

Before Yun Ruo Xi came, she’s the most beloved concubine of the Monarch. Sure, there are other females coming and going at other times, but their position never threatened her own.

Then that incident occurred…..

Xu Ying had just overheard of what her husband did to save Yun Ruo Xi and went to make trouble for the old witch. Yet instead of siding with herself, the man reprimanded his own wife before the servants. How could she ever endure such humiliation? Therefore, as the second madam of this manor, she must get payback and redeem her own pride.

“You… what are you guys doing?!” Yun Ruo Xi exclaims, her arms flailing at those who are coming to restrain herself.

Currently in the Monarch’s estate, there are no First Madam since the guy didn’t take a main wife yet – they’re all concubines – as such Xu Ying the had the biggest say.

After a while, the old witch has been tied to an old tree.


The whip came down hard as it hit her body. The old witch felt the sting for sure as the torturous device smashed against the flesh, but more than the physical pain, she’s more hurt on a mental level since her clothes are now torn and her important parts starting to show like some sort of parading circus show.

Smirking at success in humiliating her competition, Xu Ying the second madam halted the whipping with a wave after seeing the scarred face: “I forgot, your face was injured before you came here. Did the one from the Celestial Realm not teach you enough? How dare you come here to seduce another’s husband? I bet its because you tried the same thing on the main world that got your face destroyed, HAHAHA!”

During this period, Yun Ruo Xi has been using the medicine she borrowed from the Monarch’s treasury to heal her own wounds. Sure, there’s still a scar on the cheek, but it’s much shallower due to the medicine in recent days.

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