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Chapter 1683 “Chu Yi Feng and Bai Yan’s Arrival (4)”

Snow Hawk didn’t expect the second girl to be a demon so he became quite taken aback there by her transformation. However, his initial shock quickly subsided after seeing the trouble this tigress was causing by stopping his men from beating Chu Yi Yi. Getting dark in the face, this chief raises a hand and attacks the tigress from the rear.

Huang Xiao Ying hit the ground hard from that sneak attack. Even so, she immediately pounced back up due to the heat in her eye and rushed the group attacking Bai Xiao and Chu Yi Yi a second time.

Meanwhile outside the snowy city’s gate, Bai Yan and the others were rushing over at their fastest speed towards the estate when they overheard the tigress’s sorrowful roar.

Yi Yi and Xiao’er… something must have happened.


Chu Yi Yi again spewed a mouthful of blood from the mouth due to the last hit from the rod, but no matter how hard these people tried to pry her away, she refuses and clung even harder to the young man’s body.

“Yi Yi! You go, let go of me and leave on your own!” Bai Xiao didn’t fare any better as the blood continued to drain from his veins. He wanted so direly to do something, but he couldn’t even lift a finger anymore, that’s how powerless he was at the moment.

This truly turned out into a mess. Damn it, if Bai Xiao doesn’t sleep with Lotus soon then all this trouble will all be for naught.

Snow Hawk never intended to kill anyone in this matter, but as the situation spiraled out of his control, it simply wound up like this. It didn’t help either that Snow Lotus and Wen Yi was pushing the problem from the rear in their own way.

“Miss, I advise you to let go, otherwise I’ll have to use a tougher approach.” The chief attempts to salvage the last bit sanity from all this with that persuasion.

Chu Yi Yi didn’t care, only weakly muttering to the air: “I’m not going to leave him…. If he goes I go, if he dies I die….”

“Xiao Ying, I’m afraid I can’t hold on anymore. If Bai Yan comes, help me tell her… help me tell her to bury me together with Xiao Xiao… That’s my only request.”

I’m sorry, Father…

I’m sorry, Brother…

I can’t be with you anymore.

Gradually closing her eyes in acceptance, the past images of her friends and family flashes before the mind and brought a sad pitiful smile along those lips.

It’s just a pity… I will never see them again.

“Yi Yi!”

Suddenly, a familiar and gentle voice cuts through the noise in this courtyard, sending the Holy Land princess into a momentary trance like she’s hearing illusions. But it quickly dawned on her, this was no dream. Shooting open her eyes, the girl looks up toward the source in where voice originated. White robe, raven black hair, a picturesque handsome face that she would recognize anywhere and anytime, Chu Yi Yi knew she was saved!

Throwing herself into those arms after the man landed, “Big Brother… it hurts…”

She’s the little witch of the Holy Land, when has she ever been beaten?

“You…” Snow Hawk had long notice this new arrival before everyone else, but his body wouldn’t allow him to move like he’s been petrified. In fact, the aura coming off of Chu Yi Feng was so strong that his heart started to panic and made him want to back off.

Make no mistake, Chief Hawk was by no means a weak individual, he’s long become Demi Divine Lord and could be comparable to a Keeper in terms of strength. Despite this fact, he felt miniscule before the handsome man that just landed on the ground.

How strong is this person exactly?

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