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Chapter 160

Chapter 160 “Take the Fall (2)”

Therefore, his addressment of “Young Lord” wasn’t wrong here.

“All of you grab this little thing for me!” Red in her eyes, the sixth princess was very confused over why she missed. She’s certain she had used her full speed there.

“Princess, he is still a child.” Struggling in their faces, the soldiers that just came out were all fully aware of the boy’s status. What’s more, Di Cang had directly instructed them to put Bai Xiachen ahead of anyone, including royalty.

If this situation continues and allowed the princess here to bully the little guy, the guards had no illusion their ending won’t be any better than the bratty girl.

“I don’t care! All of you must get even for me!” Giving a direct kick at one of the soldiers, she continued: “Don’t forget, my father only tasked you

people to watch over Lord Cang. In the end, my father the king is your true master!”

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The soldier in question was already looking very ugly in his face to begin with, then to have his chest kicked so hard, his expression promptly turned ghastly. “Princess, you mustn’t speak so carelessly. Since His Majesty had given us to Lord Cang, its only proper that we protect the young lord in the critical moment.”

“Alright, fine, then I will keep doing it myself then!” Gritting her teeth, the princess then jerked her whip out. In one swing, she lashes out at the baby boy across from her.

Fortunately though, just as the whip’s about to land, Bai Xiachen suddenly raises a hand to scratch his head and narrowly escaped the trajectory due to the tilted angle of his body.

The first

first time can still be a coincident, then what about this time?

A coincidence still?

The soldiers from the Cang Manor were all scared silly by the princess’s action. They can tell, if it had landed, the attack would’ve without a doubt left a scar on that cuddly face and forced the boy to become disfigured.

If the lord returns and finds out, we’re finished!

“Six Princess, we’re sorry!” Signaling his peers with a wink, the leading soldier led the way with the others quickly following suit in an encircling formation.

“Uncle Soldier.” Just as the soldiers were about to start subduing the bratty princess, a soft and delicate voice chimed in from behind.

A tad surprised, the man in question quickly turns around. Finding it was his young lord with the white kitty, he respectfully bowed and asked, “Is there something you need Young Master?”

“This big auntie must

auntie must be still young in her age, that’s why she’s so ignorant. I don’t want to make trouble so you can let her go.”

By now a crowd of onlookers had already gathered outside the Cang Manor, wandering what the big commotion was. Therefore, when they heard Bai Xiachen’s kind sentence, their eyes all turned into disgust and shot over to the princess.

Young age?

What young? This kid being bullied is but five years old. On the contrary, the sixth princess is already considered an adult!

“Yes, Young Master.” The soldiers were honestly relieved to hear the order from the boy. They personally don’t want to make a move against the princess either, but in order to keep Di Cang from hammering down his fury, they had no choice but to go ahead.

With the young lord’s order, even if they do release the girl, it’s not girl, it’s not their fault anymore.

“Just you wait and see!” Swiftly reorganizing her messy hair, the sixth princess sent one last glare at the baby boy before charging right through the crowd.

With the instigator of the event gone, so did the onlookers. While the soldiers from the Cang Manor wanted to play escort with Bai Xiachen, they were firmly rejected and driven away by him.

Don’t joke around.

If these soldiers were to tag around, what else can he do?

“Little Master, say it, what are you planning again?”

After all the people were gone and out of sight, Little Rice asked inattentively while grooming his fur.

If the boy wasn’t planning something against the princess, there’s no way she would’ve made it out of here unscathed. That’s the sort of personality the baby tiger came to expect of the boy.

“Little Rice, look, I got this from the bad auntie.”

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