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Published at 7th of February 2021 12:05:04 PM

Chapter 1561: 1561

Chapter 1561“Bai Xiachen’s present (5)”

“Mom, I understand, I will not let my cousin and nephew down,” Ling Lang appears determined along the eyes as he stared down at the container .

He remembers Xiachen asking him to take the green pill so he did . Immediately, a burst of air came gushing out of his pores and left the man soaked in his own smelly sweat of grime and filth . The guy had just made the first step into the world of cultivation, a requirement for all who wish to start absorbing the energy around themselves .

In reality, there are no lacking in people wanting to dive into the mystic and unknown . Sadly, Earth has become too polluted and impossible to get started . Like in the east where martial arts need to learn how to wield the energy in the air to begin cultivation, they couldn’t really do it due to their veins being plugged with unnecessary elements . As a comparison, it would be the same as a car filled with gas but couldn’t ignite it due to its tube being clogged with dirt . Then in the west there’s magic, a powerful art that manipulates the energy of this world to the user’s bidding . The arcane art may be different to martial arts, but its final goal was the same where they want to use the energy in the air to their own bidding . That’s how they create fireballs and other elemental spells and such .

“Cleansing Dan Pill? If my guess is correct, this is a Cleansing Dan Pill used by us martial artists to clean out the filth inside our veins . Years ago I was able to watch a auction selling this type of alchemic pill once . The final asking price was in the billions so my father was greatly disappointed because he couldn’t outbid the final winner . ” Bai Ran explains, her face showing surprise and joy .

Unlike his wife’s mood, Ling Yun’s brow had furrowed up into a knot instead of being happy: “Wife, I’ll go close the door first and not let anyone in . You stay here with our son and watch over him . ”

Right now the Ling family was at the tip of the iceberg . Any sudden movement or mistake would allow their opponents to catch onto it and make a mess of things, including ruining Ling Lang’s evolution right now . Or maybe worse, murder them for these alchemic pills that’s worth billions!

The cleansing process took a very long time by going from the afternoon all the way to the evening . Nevertheless, the flirt’s done it now . He may be covered in a sticky layer of grime that turned off even his own mother, but he’s done it!

“Mom, I just had a look inside the bottle and there’s more than one of these pills . We can save one for Smile so you and father should split the rest . ” Ling Lang offers after coming out of the shower . He felt incredibly refreshed like all those years of drinking and smoking had never happened .

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Bai Ran simply gawked her eyes at the container and didn’t try to reach over; instead, she grew hesitant like she’s struggling inside . Truth be told, the woman does want to try one of these alchemic pills for herself and grow strong as well . That way their family would have another trump card against those foes lurking in the shadow .

Ling Lang seems to catch onto his own mother’s woes and quickly cocked that iconic grin of his: “I know you want to stay with father, but look at me Mom, don’t I look healthier than ever? That pill didn’t just push out the dirty stuff inside me, it also did something to my health and I feel great! Just look at how pearly white my skin is?! Don’t you want to feel healthy and pretty? I’m sure Dad would love to see that too don’t you think?”

That did it, all females are prone to fall victim to any beauty products, especially when it could help turn back the age of time on their skin . Without hesitation, Bai Ran picked out one of the green ones and held it before herself .

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