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Chapter 1531: 1531

Chapter 1531 “Bai Yi Yi’s Recovery (4)”

Taken aback by the gift in her hand, Bai Yi Yi nearly drops it before catching it after a fumble: “This is?”

“Dan pill, it will allow you to cultivate your internal Dantian again . ”

The reason why Bai Yan did not stay in the same room as her foster sister was because she’s busy making this pill . Preparations must be made and she doesn’t have all that much time .


The sound of explosion rocked the young lass’s brain, her eyes falling into a daze of incredulous disbelief .

“Sister Bai Yan, you don’t need to comfort me, I know my Dantian is already destroyed… there’s no way to cultivate anymore . ”

“Others can’t let you anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t . ” Smiling to stir her sister’s mood, Bai Yan reaches over to hold those hands as reassurance, “I said it already, before I leave, I will make sure this place is safe for you to live . This pill is one of the things to help improve your strength . While I’m here for the next short while, I will oversee your entire training progress . ”

Despite the comfort, Bai Yi Yi still had the dull look of someone that couldn’t take in reality .

Can I really practice martial arts, cultivate my Dantian again?

It’s not like this girl always had such negative outlooks in life, but ever since her life got turned upside from her shifu perishing one day, then her Dantian being ruined by Wen Fei Fei’s cruelty, this orphaned lass had no one else to turn to .

Imagine living a life on such an unstable path after being left on the streets? The amount of hardship would be something most wouldn’t ever experience, let alone understand .

Using this uncertain mindset, Bai Yi Yi stiffly went towards the bed . She intends to do as told and practice again after consuming the pill, but things take time, and this time would be for the whole night… .

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Next morning .

Without deviating from the expected plan, the lass’s shattered Dantian had started to show signs of recovery – she could feel it . Unfortunately, the progress she made in the past didn’t return and would require it all to be redone in strides . But that’s not an issue at all does it? The important bit was she could, there’s hope again!

Looking out the window, Bai Yi Yi once again regained the lost energy that she once held in the past . She’s rejuvenated .

“It looks like your Dantian is starting to recover . ” Its then Bai Yan’s voice drifted over .

Elated by the voice, the lass swings her head around to meet those familiar eyes, “Sister Bai Yan, how did you get in here without me opening the door?”

Chuckling at the silliness of that question: “You didn’t close your door properly last night so how do you think I got in here?”

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“Oh,” scratching the back of her head in embarrassment, Bai Yi Yi also starts to chuckle like she used to as a child, “I guess my old habits are still there, I forgot to close my room like I used to . Sister Bai Yan, I’m now… I’m not dreaming right? I can really practice martial art and cultivate again?”

If it’s a dream then I would rather not wake up again… .

Aching in the heart again, Bai Yan didn’t need any more hint on the sort of hardship her immaturity had brought upon this foster sister of hers . Quickly nodding so she wouldn’t get any strange thoughts, “Of course, when did I ever lie to you?”

Sniffling in the nose like she’s about to cry now, Bai Yi Yi couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore: “Sister Bai Yan, I can’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now . When Shifu passed away and you were gone… I didn’t have anyone left . Then when Wen Fei Fei destroyed my Dantian, I really wanted to jump into a river and end my life . I didn’t have any hope, only struggling to live each day like a zombie…” Pausing to hold in her swelling tears, “But I can see the light now… My Dantian has recovered, not fully but I can feel it mending . Even if I don’t have all the strength I had in the past, I will work hard and not bring shame to Shifu again, I vow to avenge her with my all!”

Ten years ago, it was Bai Yu who adopted her and gave her courage to live . So, in this girl’s heart, that woman was like a god, a goal she must pursue with her all . As for Bai Yan, well, that lady’s too outstanding to the point the younger sister here couldn’t even imagine catching up!

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