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Chapter 1483: 1483
Chapter 1483 “Bai Yan’s Return (7)”

Due to the constant barrage of assaults from multiple opponents, Bai Ning’s figure eventually started to show signs of overexertion . She’s less agile and clearly whiter in the face as the battle dragged out .

Noticing this, Keeper Ling wanted to press his advantage and push for another attack . However, it’s exactly then the thunderous sky above their heads suddenly stopped rumbling and turned into a grayish mass .


Not expecting to be attacked from the rear himself, the old grumpy Keeper found his chest taking a heavy blow, thus causing a huge amount of blood to come pouring out of his mouth .

“Who are you?” He asks with a shocked look in the face after regaining his footing .

The old fella never experienced such a cold hard glare before, and such power… . It’s actually making him feel uneasy inside .

“Winger…” Yun Ruo Xi became shocked as well by the sight .

No… . it can’t be . This is not the Winger that I know . That person is a weak-minded fool, not this one here with such an intense dominant aura!

“Who am I?” Winger chuckles sarcastically, “Yun Ruo Xi should know me better than anyone here . I am the one she used for the past several hundred years and shoved aside once she was done!”

Keeper Ling’s expression changed greatly, mostly in the irate fashion: “Ruo Xi is not such a person, it’s useless to frame her, we will not believe anything you say fiend!”

“Frame her? Hahaha, as if she is worth me framing her? She took the queen’s amulet and used it to mislead me, otherwise why else would I follow her orders for the past several centuries? Fortunately I now know the truth . It’s you fools who are still being lied to by her and being toyed around like idiots!”

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The Keepers naturally wouldn’t believe a single word from the bird man, but that doesn’t mean it would be the same for those not of the Celestial Palace . This was especially true for the Demi Divine Lords called upon for this battle . They have stopped fighting after the initial uproar from the weaker soldiers and are staring over to demand an explanation .

“Keeper Ling, is what he said true or not? You need to give us an explanation . ” One of the leading figures in the battlefield comes forward, his voice heavy and demanding .

“Keeper Ling…” It’s then the old witch spoke up using her weak but angry voice like she’s been humiliated, “I do not know this demon, nor do I know why he’s trying to frame me . I may not be some great saint in this world, but I am not one to be pushed over just because of my good nature . They’ve already stole my possession . This is unjust to say the least!”

Of course, compared to the words of a demon, these men from the Celestial Realm would much rather believe someone that’s on their side .

“I didn’t expect the Demon Realm to be this shameless . It’s already one thing to steal other people’s possession, then to turn it around and say it’s the other side that’s robbed you?”

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“That’s right . Miss Ruo Xi’s amulet is something I’ve heard about as well… . They say the one who controls the amulet will reign supreme, and that not just anyone can activate it . Even if you demons take it away, it’s of no use to you . ”

Upon hearing the voices of all those on their side trying to defend herself, the old witch’s sickly mouth began to form a smirk . She’s very cheeky due to her own success

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