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Published at 16th of September 2020 09:55:05 PM
Chapter 1433: 1433
Chapter 1433 “Head Alchemist of the Celestial Palace (2)”

“You…” Yu Shishi was weak to begin with . Now under the stress of the other side’s accusing glare, her trembling face only got worse as she got in front of her maid as a shield . “I won’t let you hurt my maid, and she’s not wrong . ”

Although this lady of the Yue house was the granddaughter of Senior Yue, her personality was nothing alike to the selfish old man . Of the biggest difference here, she’s willing to stand up to those in power if she believes the right was on her side despite everything, which was exactly what’s happening here .

“Yue Shishi, you dare get in my way when I haven’t even punished you yet? Don’t forget, your Yue house is only a subordinate faction under the Celestial Palace, what makes you think you can defy me?” Gradually darkening across the face, Keeper Ling bluntly states this without a hint of mercy .

In light of the threat, the lady did not move though . She may be weak, sickly and powerless, but that won’t hinder her stubborn nature . Sure enough, a sarcastic smirk forms along the lady’s lip .

No wonder the Lord never returned to the palace for so many tears, he’s likely chilled to the heart by this group of people . Such a place where everyone blindly believes in this Ruo Xi’s words, what meaning is there to stay here?

“I’m willing to be punished, but you need to let go of my maid . ” Yue Shishi bit her lip but kept her firm expression of unyielding nature .

“Alright, in that case, you’ll take three of my strikes . If you can withstand it then I’ll let your maid off the hook . ” Keeper Ling says, his eyes flashing a cold menacing light .

Of course, because of how sick and frail the other girl was, the old grumpy man would never use his full force and control it in kind . Nevertheless, it still doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make it hurt to show a point of who’s in charge .

He’s not afraid of Healer Yu coming out to demand a explanation, but he won’t allow any loss to come to the Celestial Palace . As an alchemist capable of creating a level fourteen grade Dan pill, even he as the strongest Keeper around must think twice of crossing the other elder’s path .

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Yue Shishi didn’t struggle over the demand . Closing her eyes, she confronts the bastard with her pale face, causing the injured maid in the rear to grow increasingly urgent . The poor maid wanted to cry out several times there, but she didn’t have the energy and fell over multiple times in the end as she struggled to get up .

However, fate wasn’t going to let Yue Shishi meet her end so quickly today . Right as Keeper Ling’s palm strike was about to make contact, a loud thundering voice booms over and sent the whole place into a shock .

“Keeper Ling, what are you doing?” The ground rumbles over that echoing voice .

Next thing everyone knew was a old elder running a white alchemic robe descending in front of the girls and meeting the attack head on with his own fist . Sparks flew from the impact, almost like metal scraping against metal .

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“What am I doing?” Stumbling backwards from the unexpected exchange, it was Keeper Ling who lost the struggle first . Getting dark in the face at the new arrival: “Why don’t you ask your precious disciple over there?”

Originally Healer Yu still had on an irate face against the grumpy Keeper, but that instantly changed once this head alchemist turned around to meet the sickly lady . “Shishi, tell grandshifu here what happened . I will help you get justice if you suffered any indignation . ”

Because of the urgency of the matter, those maids from before didn’t have time to explain the whole story, only saying Shishi was in danger and that he needed to hurry outside . Even so, this head alchemist of the Celestial Palace didn’t question the urgency . He knows this girl’s personality better than anyone else . Unlike his disciple was who selfish and likes to pick on the weak, this girl was kind, patient, and gentle, only ever retaliating when pushed into a corner .

“Grandshifu,” trembling along the eyelashes like she’s about to cry, “just now Ruo Xi said my grandfather is dead, is that true? Did something happen befall him?”

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