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Published at 15th of September 2020 08:55:05 AM
Chapter 1431: 1431
Chapter 1431 “The Method to Save Her (6)”

“You insolent!!” The maid from the Yue family saw how her lady was being bullied and snapped out: “My family’s miss is Healer Yu’s disciple so you better show some respect . Not to mention milady’s is young and beautiful, unlike you who is a thousand-year-old witch!”

“You…” Yun Ruo Xi appeared livid across the face .

She’s lived for a thousand years that’s true, but she’s kept up her appearance very well and hasn’t aged in the slightest on the surface . For that she was very proud . To be mocked like this still hurts though .

“Forget it Liu Yan,” Yue Shishi stops her maid by raising a hand, “We need to go find my grandshifu first, leave her alone . ”

“Yue Shishi!” Getting even more outraged at being ignored, Yun Ruo Xi deliberately lowers her voice into a whisper so others wouldn’t catch it: “You came here for your grandfather? HA! As far as I’m aware, your grandfather went out to search for an Ice Fruit to help cure your body . The fact that he hasn’t return yet doesn’t bold well . From my view, he’s likely dead at this point . ”

Going icy in the face as well, Yue Shishi snaps out as an instinctive reaction: “You shut up!”

“Shut up? Why should I shut up?” Ticking her lips upward in a sarcastic manner, the old witch gets all cocky and conceited: “Your body is a sickly mess . If not for you, your grandfather wouldn’t have had to go out to begin with . Why don’t you just go off yourself so your loved ones don’t have to suffer? Maybe then their lives will be better off . ”

At this moment Yun Ruo Xi only wanted to win a tongue fight, to think her words would actually come true in this case .

With her trembling finger pointing at the other girl, Yue Shishi wanted to say something in retort, but all that would come out was a stammering of nothingness . Eventually, a squirt of blood flew out of the sickly lady’s mouth and caused her to fall backwards over .

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“Miss!” The maid rushes over to catch the falling woman .

In kind, Yun Ruo Xi also stood there dumbfoundedly . She didn’t expect such a strong reaction, especially the blood vomiting part . Without another thought, this old witch immediately tried to make herself scarce and hightail it out of there . Unfortunately for her though, the maid over there caught this .

“You bitch, you dare bully my lady! Don’t you dare leave!” The irate maid made a lunge in order to stop her .

Originally Yun Ruo Xi wanted to doge this maneuver, but her eyes have always been a sharp one . Right as she was about to do so, her view caught a glimpse of a certain elder coming out of the Celestial Palace . Like always, the devious and scheming side came out and she took the blow head on, thus allowing herself to be thrown to the ground and making herself to look like the victim .

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“Yue Shishi, I know you love the Lord, but I only said those things to you because I didn’t want you to wait in vain and be hurt in the future . I didn’t expect you to be so emotional… . ” Showing red in the eye like she’s about to cry, the old witch puts on an indignant and aggrieved face, “So, I am willing to bear anything your maid wish to instill upon me, after all, if it wasn’t for me trying to do good, you wouldn’t have collapsed and vomited blood either . ”

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