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Chapter Eight Merciless

The early morning sunshine was warm and gentle, mischievously spilling all over the earth. An exquisite, zigzagging walkway that had been built on the lake and a small and exquisite pavilion was constructed in the middle. Small jade stools surrounded the white jade table and it all looked extremely elegant. Lotus flowers had been planted inside the clear lake water and golden fishes were frolicking and playing around. A white figure rested on the protective railing, calmly facing the lake.

The lake reflected his complexion and picturesque features. The male had a pure and heroic spirit that brought on females' love. He had large and serene, glassy eyes. His long eyelashes flickered, sweeping out a lovely and moving breath. Straight and raised nose, thin and ruddy, cherry red lips. No matter how one looked, his complexion was unarguably delicate. Although his age was too young and exhibited youthfulness and immaturity, but one could still vaguely see that he would be peerless and magnificent later on.

How could Gu Weiyi not understand, seven years ago she was clearly an adorable Lolita, but now, she had unexpectedly grown up to look like this. But, she was actually quite satisfied, a proper male's and proper female's appearance. Whether it was male clothes or female clothes, it was all beautiful, ah! Moreover, when she went out to play, she didn't have to worry about someone finding out her identity. Anyway, her body had only started developing, any female characteristics had still yet to become distinct. Cheap father's heart was slightly black, but his genes weren't bad. He gave life to her, Xue Yunge, and Xue Zhuyue, these three remarkably beautiful people. It could be considered the good fortune he accumulated in his past lifetimes.

In order to be able to help gege, she had used great effort to study medical and poison techniques over these past seven years. Furthermore, two years ago, she had completely taken over affairs relating to Wan Li Mountain, as well as Xue Yu country's Ghost Valley. These two were the most powerful medical valleys inside both countries. Although she knew that gege's influence spread to the other two countries, she couldn't help but gasp in surprise. But, gege didn't want to tell her and was also reluctant.. Inevitably, there would be a day when gege would be honest and tell her everything. For her previous pain, she didn't have the power to have them recall and suffer.

If one was using modern words, Ghost Valley and Wan Li Mountain was a large scale, medical treatment organization. In these past two years, under modern methods of running and operating, it's medical shops could be said to cover all three countries. They had prestige among the people and great financial resources, it had become in charge of medical treatment in all three countries.

When she supervised Ghost Valley and Wan Li Mountain, she would occasionally go outside to make rounds, with a male's appearance. Gradually, people began to recognize her and people gave her a name, "Ninth Gongzi [1]". Because she was very mysterious and cunning, nobody knew her genuine appearance. She was the like the nine-tailed fox [2], she had no shadows nor footsteps, so she was given this odd name. Regarding gege's enterprises, she knew that apart from these, there was another mysterious organization in Chi Yu country- - Ming Xue Gong. And it's power was very formidable, it wasn't her that wanted to pay attention to this issue, she knew its existence was extremely hidden and gege didn't want her to be too infected.

After a moment, she recalled that gege should be settling affairs in Lian Yu hall right now. Standing up, she walked out.

From far away, an immense palace hall appeared in front of her. This building was strange and entirely black. Those two gege's characters were twisted, they were fond of these frightful and gloomy things. It resembled big brother, aside from his purple clothes, his entire body was pitch-black. Second brother was the opposite, aside from his green clothes, everything else was white clothes. Indeed added with their unique temperament, in other people's eyes, their existence must be that of a demon's. From the first time they met males who were strong and haughty had been sent to a small herdsmen shop, allowing them to suffer utter humiliation; females were delicate and humble, day and night, they had to suffer the pain of poison experiments.

This cruel retaliation and torture caused her to feel frightened and distressed. Gege must have also suffered something equivalent to that, most likely, even more bitter and painful sufferings. If not, they wouldn't loathe this world so much and adopt such malicious methods for revenge.

She lived under their care, becoming the treasure in their hearts, boundlessly indulged and pampered. But she knew that she was unique, she was fond towards their different eye colors, becoming their sole redemption. If she betrayed them, this world would certainly become Asura ‘s stage under their hands, there would only be blood and tears. They granted whatever wished she asked for, but they strictly prohibited her from being on contact with any other male, they were afraid. They didn't believe her, anxious that she would leave at any time. They wanted to confine her in their cage. How could she not tell, as she grew older, they became closer with her. Even though she was already twelve-years-old, she still bathed together with them. Small kisses couldn't satisfy them anymore. They loved to nag her red lips until they were red and swollen and couldn't handle it anymore. She never refused, but those two fools couldn't see her acceptance and blindly felt alarmed.

But neither was she honest, the bottom of her heart held small, vicious thoughts. She liked to see their anxious appearance over her. She liked to tease them and seeing their helpless smiles.

When she entered Lian Yu hall, the pungent smell of blood hit her in the face. Seeing the room in a mess, she pursued her eyebrows in loathing. Ten black clothed guards with weapons stood to both sides of the hall. On top of the large, gold throne was her second brother, who languidly rested his head on his hand, lazily sitting there. Seven years had passed and now, he was a twenty-year-old fully grown man. He had a tall, thin, and handsome build. His white clothes set off his indifference and proud nature. His skin was still icy and snowy, emitting cold air that froze people and gave the feeling of him being too busy to bother about you. His serene green eyes was like the ruthlessness of tranquil lake waters. His long hair reached his waist, but he didn't bind it and put it in a hat like other men who were fully grown, instead it draped over his shoulders, seeming to be a black waterfall on his back. In contrast, big brother had purple eyes and wore purple clothes. His long black hair was bound high up by a jade hat, threatening people with his aggressive and demonic charm. His gentle and delicate face held traces of a sinister smile. At this moment, he was standing in the middle of the hall, pinching a man's neck. The ground was filled with blood. To the side, there were several wounded men who were gasping for breath. They were desperately and frightfully looking at the male, who was at his last dying breath.

Gracefully getting up, Xue Yunge took out a white handkerchief and wiped his bloodstained hand clean. He cast sidelong glances at the oldest middle aged male in the group and coldly opened his mouth, "Say, where is Cloud Dance Secret?"

Unyieldingly raising his head. Yuan Li, master of Gui Yun Manor, opened his mouth with difficulty, "Don't dream!"

Lightly snorting, he (Xue Yunge) mockingly said, "It seems like, regarding his most capable subordinates, Yuan Manor's master isn't so caring, ah. I just don't know if you are as ruthless towards your own kin?"

Xue Yunge used his foot to raise the chin of one of the youth's on the floor, exposing a thread of that pure and childish complexion. Terrified of Xue Yunge's mercilessness, the youngster's expression was overwhelmed with horror, his whole body shook like a leaf.

Yuan Li's heart was filled with grief, Jie'er was his sole son, but Cloud Dance Secret was the secret passed down from his ancestors. At this moment, he really couldn't imagine giving it up.

Xue Yunge seemed to like watching him struggle. He didn't force him, he merely opened his mouth to entice him.

"This way, do you want your son or the secret book. If you choose your son, hand the book over and when I massacre your manor, I'll spare your son; but if you use your son's life to exchange for the secret book handed down from generation to generation, I'll let you off. I'll even let Gui Yun Manor become the overlord of the martial arts circles. How about it?"

The demonic and poisonous words echoed in Yuan Li's ears and his eyes was already filled with perplexion.

Xue Yunge, who was sitting at the top, suddenly opened his mouth and his clear, cold voice sounded out, "Think about it well, a son that's dead can be reborn. Wait until Gui Yun Manor becomes the overlord of the martial arts circles, what woman can't you have? Don't tell me you're afraid you won't be able to produce sons?"

Yuan Li who was on the floor became somewhat hysterical and he began mumbling to himself, "Correct, ah. I'm not old yet, I can still produce many more sons…"

To the side, Yuan Jie's heart was extremely shocked as he listened to these words his father said. His face was filled with extreme despair and he mournfully yelled, "Father, don't want, ah! Jie'er is your son, ah! How can you be so heartless!"

A vicious expression suddenly showed on Yuan Li's face, looking at Yuan Jie as if he was looking at his enemy. "In order to assume an overlord position over the martial arts circles and bring Yuan family higher, Jie'er, sacrifice your life. Yuan family will forever remember you!"

Yuan Jie weakly stood on the floor, his eyes were filled with despair. Yuan Li looked up and looked towards Xue Yunge, "I choose the secret book. You can't go back on your word!"

"Of course, I, Xue Yunge, keep my promises!" The corner of his mouth hooked up into a strange smile, "But, I want you to personally kill him!"

Yuan Li's tall body paused, his face was filled with pain, but a moment later, his face became firm. Taking the sword on his waist, he advanced towards Yuan Jie.

"Jie'er, don't blame daddy!" His hand raised and the sword fell….

"Pu chi" was the sound of the sword stabbing into his skin as drops of blood splashed on the floor.

Yuan Li's tall body fell to the floor, his face was twisted with anguish, doubt, and shock. And behind him was Xue Yunge taking out the dagger with a mocking smile in his face.


Why? Looking at Yuan Li on the floor, who wasn’t breathing, he hatefully opened his mouth, "Throw it out!"

The armed guards stepped forward and dragged the corpse away.

[1] Gongzi – the son of an official or nobility
[2] nine-tailed fox – a mythological creature, you can read a bit more about it here

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