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Chapter 10 – Have a meal with me

Grandmother went home that very same day, and the person who loudly opposed about this was Chu YunRong.

“Mom, the doctor said that with the current state of your body it was better to live in the hospital.” Chu YunRong said bitterly, she was really worried about her mother-in-law’s condition.

But the old lady’s attitude was firm. No matter how much Chu YunRong persuaded her, all of it didn’t succeed.

“QingLan, you should advise your grandma, with your grandma’s current physical condition, she couldn’t have resist any carelessness.” Chu YunRong saw Shen QingLan who was sitting on the side to cut an apple for Grandma Shen. Her eyes shone bright, thinking that her mother-in-law really loves this granddaughter of hers. If it was QingLan, grandma would definitely listen to her.

Shen QingLan cut the apple into small pieces, and carefully inserted a toothpick to all of it so it would be convenient for her grandma to eat it.

“Grandma, today’s apple is very sweet, you should try it.”

Grandma Shen happily took the apple that her granddaughter offered to her.

“QingLan, do you hear your mother’s words?” As Shen QingLan didn’t respond to her, Chu YunRong was a bit anxious.

Shen QingLan grabbed some wet wipes on the side and wiped her hands clean before she looked at Chu YunRong. “This is grandma’s decision. So i would respect what she wanted.” If grandma wanted in her last day to be at the house with her family besides her, such a small wish, as her granddaughter she wouldn’t oppose it.

“QingLan, how could you be so careless, don’t you know about your grandma’s condition? If anything happened to grandma, how would you tell your father?” Chu YunRong looked at her daughter, felt really angry? She asked her to help to persuade the grandma, but she didn’t do it and she even supported it. Her grandma really loved her dearly, but what needed to raise such a daughter? It was better to raise a pig than her.

“YunRong, that’s enough.” Grandma Shen shout loudly. “This is my own decision. What does it have to do with Lan Lan? So you blame her for what?”

“Mom, I’m doing it for you.” As Chu YunRong was scolded by the old lady in front of her daughter, she felt wronged.

Grandma Shen slowly calmed down. “YunRong, I know that you are concerned for me. But mother is dying, if I’m staying at the hospital i would only feel regret later. I have lived in this house for so many years, and I’m used to it, so i want my last day to be here.”

Hearing her mother’s words made Chu YunRong’s cheek streaming in tears. She was used to treat Grandma Shen as her own mother. When she heard her words, she felt sharp pain in her heart.

“Mom, don’t say it like that, it’s not good for me.” Chu YunRong wiped the tears in her eyes. “Mom you love the fish ball I made right, I’ll make it for you tonight.”

Chu YunRong left the living room, and Grandma Shen looked at her granddaughter’s quiet face and sighed slightly.

“QingLan, your phone rang before.” Outside the bathroom, XiaoXuan’s voice could be heard.

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s a strange number.” Yu XiaoXuan said loudly, afraid that QingLan who was taking a bath inside the bathroom couldn’t hear it clearly.

Shen QingLan didn’t live at school dorm recently, because grandma hoped that she would stay at home. Although Shen QingLan didn’t like to live in Shen Family’s house but she couldn’t refuse her grandma’s hope.

She just took a shower at the dorm because she had a physical education class this the afternoon. She played badminton with Yu XiaoXuan and became sweaty because of it, as she didn’t like the feeling of being sticky so she had to take a shower here before came back home.

When Shen QingLan heard that it was a strange number, she didn’t take it seriously and she calmly continued her bath. When she came out of the bathroom, her phone was no longer ringing. She glanced at the missed calls, it really was a strange numbers, so she didn’t think much of it.

When she was about to put her phone down, the screen lit up again, it was still showing the number only.

“Hello, this is Shen QingLan.” QingLan’s voice answered.

“I’m Fu HengYi.”

Shen QingLan looked at the phone and wondered why he would call her himself.

“Where are you now?” Fu HengYi’s low-pitch voice sounded.

“In the school dormitory.” She answered truthfully.

“Are you free tonight? I want to invite you to have a dinner.” Fu HengYi looked besides him, at the Grandpa Fu’s face who was there to hear on him.

As Shen QingLan’s dinner hadn’t been agreed yet, so he couldn’t say if was good or not.

“It’s like a thank you gift.” Fu HengYi added on before Shen QingLan could answer, worried about the presence of his grandpa, so he couldn’t fully explain it but he hoped that Shen QingLan caught on it.

And so her original refusal was swallowed back again into her heart, and answered. “Ok.”

Hearing Shen QingLan’s positive answer, Grandpa Fu was beaming with joy. He went away with his hands clasped behind his back and started humming a popular ballad song. He didn’t pay any attention to the thank-you gift things that his grandson had said.

Shen QingLan didn’t like to owe to someone else. Although the restaurant things that day, even without Fu HengYi’s help, she could solve it herself. But after all this person had already help her, so if a meal could solve this problem Shen QingLan thought that she wouldn’t refuse his invitation.

Shen QingLan didn’t let Fu HengYi to pick her up himself, but instead she told him that she would take a taxi to the restaurant. The Shen Family had bought her a car, but she was used to be low-key so she didn’t like to drive it to school.

Fu HengYi arrived earlier than Shen QingLan, and looked at her when she walked leisurely into the restaurant. Although she was only wearing a casual outfit, and her face only powdered a little. But because of her exquisite face and also her indifferent air, it was all added up her mysterious and elegance charms. It was like those flowers in the high mountain, it could clearly be seen but couldn’t be touch.

Fu HengYi unconsciously frowned his brows, that even he didn’t notice it. Looking at this situation made him didn’t pay any attention towards Shen QingLan, but actually he unexpectedly felt somewhat different.

Shen QingLan originally thought that Fu HengYi was only invited her as a return of some favor. And from start to finish Fu HengYi was also hadn’t said a thing, made it to look like that It was really just a pure dinner.

And seeing that the dinner was going to end soon, Shen QingLan couldn’t help but to glance at Fu HengYi again.

Fu Heng Yi that had been sized up by Shen QingLan hadn’t even aware of it before, but now as he became aware of it he felt somewhat helpless.

He couldn’t tell Shen QingLan that today he asked her to have dinner with him was because he was forced by his own grandfather.

“I heard that Grandma Shen was discharged from the hospital?” Fu HengYi finally said as he didn’t know any other things to say.

Shen QingLan nodded, her grandma had been discharged from hospital since three days ago. With the relationship of the Shen and Fu family that was very close she doubted that the other person wouldn’t know about this.

So somehow Shen QingLan was back glancing at Fu HengYi’s calm and composed face to see a glimpse of awkwardness in it.

Fu HengYi’s existence in Grandpa Shen’s mouth was as “Other Family’s Child”. And when Shen QingLan was back home she never came across this person before, it wasn’t because of him but many other reasons. Even if she never met him, but she knew his deeds was quite a lot.

She knew that when he was 13 years old he was sent abroad to study. And at the age of 19, he entered a military camp. Then he was selected into a special force in that same year. He was also named as “The Major General” when he was only 30, made him to be the youngest major general in the country.

As the Shen Family was also a military and political Family, Shen QingLan naturally understood that if he was promoted to be a “Major General” only at the age of 30, he must not be in an ordinary special force, but in something more than that.

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