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Descending from the sky.

His body exploded once more.


The roar of a dragon shook the surroundings until it split open.

The instant Long Fei landed on the ground, a wave of extremely strong energy blasted out. All of the so-called Strongest Emperor Swordsman s could not even stand steadily, and their hearts were crushed by the dragon's might with incomparable discomfort.

His face was pale.

His body trembled.

"What kind of power?"

"What kind of power is this?"

"Dragon Roar?"

"Is he from the dragon clan?"

"Dragon clan?"

"ancient family? Wasn't it destroyed? "

"Why is there a dragon race in this world?"

… ….

At first, they thought that Long Fei did not have any background, but now it seems that Long Fei was actually of the dragon race?

It shocked them to the core.

Although this was a mortal world, the news of Spirit Vein Mountain being destroyed had spread like wildfire. This was something that the Xuans had ordered people to spread.

Just warning those ancient family s to go against him, would be the end for the dragon race.

Right now, the dragon cry had erupted from Long Fei's body.

At the same time.

On the Sword Sky Sect's seat, song gucheng's eyes turned sinister, seeing his son killed, his fists clenched tightly into fists.

Seeing the Dragon Spirit Shadow on Long Fei's body, his pupils tightened, "No wonder Xuan Ming abyss wanted to deal with him. So it turns out that he already knew this brat's identity."

"He should be Long Fei!"

"The person whom the Xuans Ancestor wanted to kill."

No one knew of Long Fei's name within the mortal family, but he was extremely famous among the ancient family s in the divine space.

A man who could fight against the emperor Xuan.

A man whom emperor Xuan couldn't kill several times.

A man who could make the emperor Xuan place its bounty!

He is Long Fei!

song gucheng's heart tensed up, "Even if emperor Xuan can't kill you, but... "If you kill my son, I'll definitely kill you!"

song gucheng stood up.

The power of an Empyrean God surged.

He was not anxious to go down the stage, his gaze locked onto Long Fei.

… ….

Xuan Ming abyss also laughed with interest, looking at Long Fei who was standing in the center of the training grounds, he said indifferently: "Dragon clan's power?"

"Heh heh …"

"Kid, is that all you have?"

"Didn't your father impart to you the true power of a dragon?" Xuan Ming abyss laughed and said loudly, "Aiya, I forgot."

"Your father seems to have been captured by my Xuans's ancestor."

"I don't know if he's dead or not."

"Don't worry, after I kill you, I will send your father off to meet you." Xuan Ming abyss laughed coldly, and then his eyes darkened, "What are you all looking at?"

"Kill them all!"

"Whoever kills him, I can reward him with ten holy godhead!"

As soon as he finished.

The eyes of the sect leaders all shone with greed.

"Ten holy godhead?"

"Is this the kind of holy godhead that can become a god's powerhouse after fusing with one another?"

"Hahaha …"

"Then what are we waiting for? Kill him."

"Kill him."

… ….

All of them felt as if they were on stimulants.

To them, the most they could do was to cultivate in the Emperor Swordsman. To break through and become a god's powerhouse, fusing with the heavenly god lattice was the only way.

This was their only path.

Now, as long as they killed Long Fei they would be able to obtain ten holy godhead, which was too much of a shock to them. Long Fei stood in the middle of the martial grounds with his fists clenched tightly, the anger in his heart was raging to the extreme, thinking that his father's life and death was unknown, thinking that he had not killed emperor Xuan, he felt extremely dissatisfied, his eyes sweeping around and looking at the various sects that were rushing towards them unceasingly.

The corners of the Sect Leader's mouth curled up, "A bunch of reckless fools."

With a loud clang, the ten thousand swords angrily said, "Brat, the one who doesn't know life from death is you."

"Give me your life!"

"Ahh …"

A roar.

With a flash, the ten thousand swords flew into the air.

In an instant.

A large violet sword appeared above his body.

Emperor Sword!

The Emperor Sword that he had comprehended with his Emperor Swordsman Rank.

Everyone looked up.

The purple-coloured greatsword flew out fiercely and crushed the entire god's matrial ground's sword intent. The entire sky seemed to have turned into a sharp sword tip as it smashed down.

Many Strongest Emperor Swordsman s kneeled on the ground as they could not take it anymore.

Wan Jian's cultivation was much higher than the average Emperor Swordsman powerhouse.

Once he released the Emperor Sword, it would become even sharper. Ordinary powerhouse would not be able to withstand this kind of pressure.

The Evil Annihilation in between the eyebrows of the ten thousand swords, the Holy Source came out from the depths of the Pubes, like a dam releasing the power of the Holy Source, it crazily surged and spread outwards.

The violet sword in his hand trembled slightly as well.


Weng, weng, weng, weng, weng … *

The sword chime exploded in the sky like a thunderclap.

In the blink of an eye.

Tens of thousands of purple emperor swords were floating in the sky!

"What is this?"

"Damn, this is the main Enlargement Stroke of the Myriad Sword Sect."

"That's not right!"

"Is he trying to kill us all?"

"It can't be, no matter how powerful he ten thousand swords are, they wouldn't dare to do such a thing."

… ….

The ten thousand swords hung in the air.

The purple sword covered the sky.

This scene was exceptionally terrifying.

The ten thousand swords coldly looked down at Long Fei, and said: "Brat, die!"

A loud roar rang out.

Ten thousand purple Emperor Swords condensed in the sky and pierced heavily towards Long Fei's head.

"Hualala …"

"Hualala …"

In midair, countless cracks appeared from the edges of the sword.

"Boss, be careful!" Zhao Dahan was so anxious that he wanted to rush down.

Baili Tianhai held him tightly.

Everyone was extremely anxious.

They had never seen a battle like this before.

If he went down there, he would probably die.


Long Fei was still at the ninth stage of the King Swordsman, and had not stepped into the Emperor Swordsman Rank yet.

He could feel the power of the Infinite Sword Intent.

However …

Who is he?

He is Long Fei!

He never knew how to write the word 'coward'.

He stood on the spot.

Long Fei opened his right hand and stretched it out.

Inwardly, he roared.

"Level seven ancient dragon body!"

"Open for me!"


Long Fei's body shook, and that image of Holy Dragon Emperor appeared as if it was real, as his right hand became a dragon claw.

He opened up his five fingers.

A dragon's might burst out.


The first purple colored Emperor Sword pierced through, landing on Long Fei's palm, and was still half a meter away from Long Fei's palm.

It was difficult for the violet Emperor Sword to advance even a little bit.

At the same moment.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The violet emperor's sword came crashing down like a torrential downpour.

Long Fei's right hand endured the endless bombardment of power as the Emperor Sword in every step smashed down like a heavy bolt of lightning.


Ten thousand Emperor Swords smashed down, but Long Fei did not retreat even half a step, and those Emperor Swords did not pierce into his palm.

It couldn't hurt him at all.

Long Fei was holding a gigantic sword autumn, which looked like a hedgehog.

Long Fei smirked, "The power of the Emperor Sword?"

"Ha ha!"

"It's nothing much!"

"Are there any stronger ones?"

Long Fei laughed coldly in disdain.

Suddenly. Long Kuang suddenly said, "Master, be careful!"

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