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The Little Phoenix’s First cry [11]

The person that had come over was Xiao Yun. Because the crown prince and Princess Ying Ye are here, she didn’t dare to be arrogant. She respectfully walked over and gave them a bow.

Princess Ying Ye coldly raised her head to look at her. Although Princess Ying Ye didn’t say anything, her eyes were silently inquiring why Xiao Yun is here.

Xiao Yun lowered her head, not daring to lift her head to look at them. She respectfully said: “Replying to the crown prince and princess, my grandfather had asked me to come here to invite Princess Bei Yue over to talk.”

The people from the Xiao family doesn’t have many achievements. Although Xiao Yuan Cheng is the emperor’s brother-in-law, he doesn’t hold much power in the royal court. But on the contrary, Xiao Qi Yuan has become an eight-star summoner and is highly regarded by the emperor.

People who are strong, are respected by the people. Zhan Ye slightly nodded his head and said: “Ask Princess Bei Yue if she wants to.”

“Thank you, your highness.” In front of the youngest genius of the Karte continent, Xiao Yun was just a mere three-star summoner. In front of him, she’s weak and insignificant.

The pressure emitted by the crown prince was strong to the point where she could hardly breathe. Xiao Yun was somewhat discouraged. If only she could raise one or two levels up, then she would be able to lift her head in front of the crown prince.

“Princess, would you like to come,” Xiao Yun said in a low voice. In Xiao Yun’s heart, she’s extremely angry that she has to address Huang Bei Yue with such respect!

So what if she’s strong? What is the use of that waste even if she has changed her fortune? She will die sooner or later!

Huang Bei Yue glanced at her and slowly stood up. She said: “Let’s go.” Just as she said that she gave the crown prince and Princess Ying Ye a bow and left.

Xiao Qi Yuan wasn’t seated in the audience seats, he was in the forest where the seventh tower is located. The forest was quiet, everyone had gone to see the competition so no one is here.

Huang Bei Yue walked behind Xiao Yun. As she walked, she observed their surroundings to make sure that no one was hiding in ambush.

It’s not that she’s overly suspicious. It’s because, after so many years, her heart has become completely cold towards the people from the Xiao family.

So what if they’re blood-related? Her father, Xiao Yuan Cheng couldn’t wait for her to die! That Xiao Qi Yuan has regarded her as a disgrace that has destroyed the Xiao family’s reputation the moment she was born!

It’s truly hilarious. Xiao Yuan Cheng had willingly married Princess Zhang. At that time, Huang Bei Yue wasn’t even born, so how does it concern her? Why does he hate her?

They were surrounded by lush green trees which were illuminated by the shining sun. The spots where sunlight couldn’t reach the scattered leaves on the ground gave off a cold feeling.

What is that Xiao Qi Yuan doing? Why does he want to meet his granddaughter here?

Just as Huang Bei Yue was thinking that, Xiao Yun’s hand flashed. The ice feather appeared in her hand and she turned around, aiming the ice feather at Huang Bei Yue.

The ice feather emitted cold air, freezing the already cold air in the forest.

A cold ray of light flashed by Huang Bei Yue’s eyes. Huang Bei Yue very naturally retreated, lightly and easily dodged Xiao Yun’s attack.

“Second sister, what are you doing?”

Xiao Yun coldly and hatefully glared at her. Because the first attack didn’t succeed, she immediately attacks her again. The second attack was faster and fiercer as she aimed once again at Huang Bei Yue. At the same time, she screamed: “Snow White Cat, come out!”

The surrounding temperature decreased once again. A large white cat appeared in the forest. The leaves on the tree started to fall. The cat’s eyes look very strange under the sunlight.

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