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Chapter 774.2: 774.2
Chapter 774: Hitler was a man, but the Deviant is God (Part Two)

Xu Cheng was still sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, and Matsushima Raiko knew that he was still preparing his next move .

Every time he looked at someone’s photo for more than a minute, she knew that the person was already a dead man in his eyes .

Matsushima Raiko suddenly spoke quietly, “If I jump down from here, will you pull me up?”

Xu Cheng did not answer her .

Matsushima Raiko turned her head at the indifferent man . She gritted her teeth and said, “Aren’t you afraid that I will expose you? You know that this is my country you’re harming!”

Xu Cheng remained silent and ignored her .

After taking a breath, Matsushima Raiko sighed, “I’m tired . ”

Then she walked past Xu Cheng and went straight down the stairs as she then drove to the Police station .

She was going to report!

She was fed up with this man’s coldness towards her, so why not go down together!

When Raiko Matsushima arrived at the police headquarters, all the police officers were busy . Some were taking statements from the three mafias, and some were holding down the students who were marching in protest . None of the police officers were paying attention to her at the window .

Matsushima Raiko directly approached a policeman who was walking towards her and said, “I want to report . I know who the murderer of Kazuo Mitsui, Okami Mitsui, and the Sumitomo leader is!”

The police officer glanced at her and said impatiently, “Don’t cause more trouble, we have people coming in every day to report about the murderer . You’re all just here for the $50 million reward, eh? Alright lady, stop your daydreaming and go to work . Do you think there’s not enough chaos?”

Then the policeman walked away .

Matsushima Raiko took off her high heels and smashed it against the window glass of the chief’s office .

Everyone at the scene looked at her in shock after the glass shattered .

“What are you doing? Are you going to attack the police?” A police officer scolded .

The members of the mafia could not help but give a thumbs up to Matsushima Raiko . “This b*tch has more balls than us!”

The director who was busy on the phone inside the office looked at broken glass in confusion, as he then put down the phone and asked Matsushima Raiko, “What are you doing?”

“I’m here to report . I know who killed those three!” Matsushima Raiko gritted her teeth and threw over her car keys, “You can investigate my background . My car is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I don’t give a g—–n about that bounty . I came here to let you know who the killer is! I’ve seen him!”

After the police found out that Matsushima Raiko was a billionaire, they knew that she wasn’t joking and that was when they took her to the interrogation room .

Matsushima Raiko confessed everything directly, “I know more than anyone about the Shanling Family murder case two years ago . I can be sure that both of these incidents were, in fact, the work of one person . ”

Then she revealed how she was involved in the case two years ago .

The police felt that what she knew was too much to take on because only the police knew that the fingerprints left behind the two scenes were from the same person . When Matsushima Raiko mentioned that point, the director already knew that she was a key person to the case .

He immediately called the chief over, who rushed there overnight to meet with Matsushima Raiko .

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Meanwhile, in a secret area of one of the most high-class nightclubs in Tokyo, top-tier Wei Nation tycoons gathered for a meeting .

There people were all members of the Capital Society who represented the Wei Nation, and there were thirty of them in total, all in the first-tier worth more than five billion dollars each .

The topic of discussion for them was whether to jointly withdraw from the Capital Society or not!

When Okami, Mitsui, and the old Sumitomo family head were assassinated and died in such a cruel and absurd way, it would be a lie for them to say that they were not afraid, and that video stated that their goal was to kill all the members .

They felt innocent, and there was no need to sacrifice themselves because of the battle between the two organizations . Although they may have missed out on the sharing of global resources, that was better than not having a life to spend their money, right?

The Lord of Europe was also in the meeting .

He had two knights behind him because the headquarters wouldn’t like to lose members, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked him to come out .

“Everyone, you have to believe that even Hitler couldn’t destroy us back then, who else can destroy us today?”

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Someone said, “Hitler was a man, but the Deviant Corps seem like God!”

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