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Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68 . 1

On the south gate, the atmosphere was tense as the immortals knelt down uniformly . Xing Zhi didn’t even open his mouths to help them get up . He only held Shen Li and smiled .
“I know the sufferings of the three worlds, and I know life isn’t easy for the common people, but until now, I never actually harmed the public . It is really wrong for the immortals to talk about crimes that have never happened . “

An impatient immortal raised his head and said with anger:

“The gods have frozen the Eastern Sea using the water-stop technique for ten days and ten nights, violating the way of heaven, resulting in damage to the divine body . The outer sky became unstable, the tiles and stones passed through the heavens and fell into the lower realm . It destroyed thousands of mountains and forests, and the continuous fire burned for half a month! Hundreds of mountain gods had to cast spells for days to put out the fire, dare to ask the gods, can’t this matter be considered a crime!? “

He Froze the Eastern Sea for ten days and ten nights! Shen Li was stunned, he really lost his mind at the time!

Xing Zhi was silent for a while: “This matter is my fault, and I acknowledge my sin . ”

The immortal added, “I understand that High God can’t always control his emotions . So we can let it pass this time . At least this matter we manage by persuading the mountain gods, but what if there is another accident next time? Today, the High God found Azure King and took her away . This is a disaster hanging on the top of the three worlds, dare to ask the High God, how can we feel safe!? “

Xing Zhi’s eyes were slightly cold, and the Heavenly emperor saw that, so he said hurriedly:

“High God is not strange to Yuan Jun Su Ri’s hot temperament, he spoke too aggressively, hope God’s anger will be calmed down, it’s just that… what Yuan Xian Jun said wasn’t unreasonable, so I hope that the High Gog thinks twice . ” The Emperor said .

The kneeling hundred officials also followed: “We ask the High God to think twice . ”

Shen Li look at Xing Zhi and then looked at the people present .

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Xing Zhi with a bleak expression and a cold voice said: “This matter is my fault . Shen Li has nothing to do with it . I hope that the immortals will not make random accusations . Besides, my mistake was moving divine power and violating the way of heaven, being with someone isn’t a mistake . ”

As soon as these words came out, the immortals immediately became noisy, after all, what he said means that he was planning to do things in his own way!

Sure enough, he acted as if he hadn’t heard their discussion, his eyes were fixed on the emperor, his tone was determined, and he said,

“This time the outer sky is unstable, I will have to deal with it on my own later . The forest of the human world was burned, and I am willing to take responsibility . But about Shen Li, I won’t retreat . ”

He lowered his eyes and looked at Shen Li who was staring at him in his arms . For a moment, he involuntarily softened his eyes,

“Never mind you, even if it’s her, I won’t let her say no to this . ”

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He was so overbearing and unreasonable!

“If there is anyone who is dissatisfied…” Xing Zhi raised his head and curled his lips with a smile, “… Let me borrow the words of Azure King and say: I’ll not hesitate to fight with you . ”
The noise disappeared, and there was silence .

In the stunned eyes of everyone, Xing Zhi took Shen Li back to the Outer sky and no one dared to stop them .

In the outer sky, the stars were in the sky, and the place where the High God lived was filled with eternal awe and peace .

Xing Zhi put Shen Li on his own bed, and after covering her with the quilt, Xing Zhi looked at Shen Li with a wry smile and complained: “I am always forced by the three realms, who in the world can be said to be shackled like me?”

Shen Li stared straight at him, knowing what to do, he moved her fingertips a little, and Shen Li’s throat loosened, she said: “You stand on the highest place, are loved by the people, and have the strength of heaven . Who is worshipped like you in these three worlds?” Shen Li said, “There is nothing free in this world . ” Shen Li said, “Nothing is cheap . You can’t take advantage of it . ”
Xing Zhi smiled: “I’m just complaining about a sentence or two, this can also teach you a lesson . ”

Shen Li looked at him for a while and said seriously, “In the demon world, I have never done heavy work . The food I eat and the clothes I wear are all provided by others . I have no other skills . I only have my strength . Fighting is the only thing I can do to protect the peace of the demon world . So I can let the people who have done heavy work and are willing to provide for me live peacefully . ” Shen Li paused then said, “God Xing Zhi, perhaps everyone has something to do in life, a responsibility, but also a mission . ”

Xing Zhi looked at her, the curvature of his lips was the same, but the brilliance in his eyes dimmed slightly: “The way you’re telling me this, it makes me believe you think I don’t know this truth . ”

Shen Li closed her eyes and cleared all emotions in her eyes: “I like you, and I want to be with you more than anyone else, like sitting in that small courtyard under the vines, basking in the sun and blowing in the wind . I like you so much, I wish I could melt all my flesh and blood into your body, I wish I could breathe with you all the time . It’s impossible for you to know but sometimes, I like you so much that I can’t even recognize myself . ” She said every word so seriously, but every word was deliberately stripped of emotions: “I know that in my whole life, I could never love someone so deeply as I love you, but, I also understand that these feelings are not the only reason for me to live . ”

“I still have things to do, and you have to bear your responsibilities . So, Xing Zhi…”

“Even if I am not the only thing in your life worth living for, I’m one of the reasons . ” When Xing Zhi interrupted Shen Li, he smiled and touched Shen Li’s head, “It’s enough for me . ”

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