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Chapter 57

Chapter 57 . 1

Shen Li hasn’t recovered her vision for three days in a row . She was in prison before, and both her arms and legs were locked . It didn’t matter whether she could see or hear, but now she was outside .

In a strange place, she urgently needs to understand the surrounding environment, where is it, is it safe, how far is it from the devil, and how far is it from where she escaped?

The most important thing is that she wants to know who the one who rescued her was…

She has no magic power and can’t detect the depth of the other party’s power . She can only understand some scattered and shallow information through the occasional smooth facial features, such as the other party is a man .

He should be a fisherman . He doesn’t like to talk . In these three days, even when her hearing was restored, she didn’t hear anything from him . Judging from her intuition, this person should be harmless, but for people who have not yet meet, Shen Li still has some caution in her heart, and what makes Shen Li most puzzled is why he wants to save her?

Not looking for money or showing off, and taking care of everything without asking for anything is the most suspicious thing in Shen Li’s eyes now .

There were footsteps outside, and Shen Li opened her eyes, but she was still blind for now . The black iron on her hands and feet made her unable to move . At this time, she was a useless person and could only lie on the bed to be served by someone . This made her feel extremely decayed even considered killing this fisherman and never let anyone else know about it .

There was a faint sound . This man moved very softly, unlike those rude wild men . Shen Li smelled the food and was about to eat: “I don’t know whether it is noon or night…” She muttered unconsciously .

She didn’t intend to be answered, but there was a sound of putting down the bowl of food
and a slightly hoarse male voice said: “Noon . ”

This voice was strange and tight, and Shen Li froze for a moment . He responded to her so she
continued to ask: “Where is this?”

“The beach . ” He paused and added a few more words, “On the Eastern Sea . ”

Mo Fang actually sent her to the Eastern Sea . Could it be that he was expecting someone to pick her back…

The demon lord’s behavior and style are both clear to Mo Fang, and he will never hold back once he has confirmed that she died .

The demon Lord never had any unrealistic illusions, she has been missing for such a long time, all the demons must have confirmed that she is dead by now .

So It is impossible that he would send someone to find her, as for the heaven… no one will come to find her . Shen Li couldn’t help but think of Xing Zhi .

Although after she met Xing Zhi, she seemed to be injured all the time, every time he would show up to save her… but now…

A spoonful of rice soup was placed next to Shen Li’s mouth, and the taste was delicate and fragrant . Shen Li felt extremely hungry and felt that although this soup was not the best she ever had, it was pretty good for a mortal . She moved her fingers and said, “I’ll do it myself . ”

But when she moved her shoulders and was about to get up, her body was already cramping, and her limbs pulled her back to the slate bed like rocks, making her unable to move . She felt no pain today, only a feeling of weakness and decadence rose from the bottom of her heart .

Azure King, Shen Li…when has she been so embarrassed?

With a soft sigh, the fisherman fed the rice soup into her mouth without saying anything else .

Shen Li quietly drank the rice soup fed by the fisherman and finished a bowl . The other side said, “You want more?”

Shen Li was silent for a long time before saying:

“These four profound irons are formed by the combination of the inside and the outside chains . The inner iron core was wrapped inside my body . At that time, they used the inner iron core to pass through the bones and flesh, and then attached the outer profound iron together, tightening the two, one iron chain at each end, so that I could not break free . ”

Her tone was indifferent, and her tone hardly fluctuated, saying as if the person who had been pierced through was not herself,

“Fleeing for the past few days, the link between the chains has been loosened, and I want you to help me separate them, so I can free myself . It may be a little ugly, but if you help me with this, this king is willing to accept your wish and repay you . ”

The other party did not respond for a long time . Shen Li couldn’t see the other party’s expression and didn’t know how the other party would answer, so she felt the time she waited a long time .

“Okay . ” He responded with just one word, but it seemed as if he had made greater determination than her .

“If so, you can help me, before my sense of touch returns . ”

The fisherman tidied up other things, put a pot of hot water next to Shen Li’s bed, and then put his hand on her wrist .

Shen Li smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so meticulous in your work . Do you have any notion of ​​cultivation? If you want to become an immortal, after we treat my wounds, I can help you . ”
The other party chuckled, “I think, being an immortal It’s not so good these days . ”

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Shen Li seemed to feel something: “The immortals are extremely at ease, the most uncomfortable in the heavenly realm … I’m afraid it’s just one person…”

The fingertips on Shen Li’s wrist trembled slightly, but he didn’t speak anymore .

He grasped the protruding profound iron on both ends of Shen Li’s wrist and tried to untangle it . The twist was indeed loosened .
If she could apply a little more force, the mortal should also easily twist it .

The fisherman’s two twists have caused a thin sweat on Shen Li’s forehead . She closed her eyes and adjusted her breath: “As soon as possible . ” She won’t give up, but her body has a limit .

The other party worked hard and unscrewed the profound iron and the iron core in it . Shen Li had a few drops of blood leaking out of her blue and white wrists as if the blood was about to dry up . If she took this thing any later, she probably wouldn’t be able to use her hands and feet anymore .

The profound iron from one wrist was pulled out and hit the ground heavily . It seemed to be extremely hot . When it fell on the ground, only a soft sound of “chi” sounded, the white air rose, and then quickly cooled down .

The man seemed to feel nothing and continued to unscrew the profound iron in Shen Li’s other wrist with his bare hands . However, Shen Li was convulsing at this time, there was no time to pay attention to these details .

She only felt that the blood in her body was flowing extremely fast, the heartbeat seemed to explode, it was extremely difficult to breathe, and the brain gradually became chaotic, adding many messy pictures to her already dark mind .


Chapter 57 . 2

She seemed to see that when she was very young, the Demon Lord taught her spear skills and spells, and there was a gloomy eye next to them watching them, Shen Li was inexplicably flustered, she stepped back two steps, turned around, and ran .

But when she turned her head, she saw that Mo Fang was already standing behind her, looking at her coldly .

Behind Mo Fang, that one-eyed ghost floated there, chilling, just like
Mo Fan, he was looking coldly at her .

Mo Fang’s eyes gradually became a little different from the original, the light from those eyes became colder and colder .

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Shen Li’s heart tightened . She turned and ran in the other direction .

The road ahead seemed to have no end, just endless darkness . Behind her, strange laughter kept coming, as if to push her into a desperate situation .

Shen Li was almost out of breath . She simply stopped and waved her hand, trying to grab the silver spear and fight the incoming person, but only heard two “clicks”, and the two pieces of her spear fall in front of her .

She froze for a moment, and the laughter behind her became closer . Shen Li gritted her teeth and turned her head, waiting to see who the evildoer was .

But the laughter stopped abruptly, and the surrounding air was silent as if nothing was there, but that only lasted for a moment, soon she saw that there was a small slit in front of her, and the wind blew out gently .

Shen Li slowly looked up, only to find that this was actually the gate of Xu Tianyuan . [TL/note: House of Xing Zhi in the heavens] It was the same as the one she saw when she searched for Xu Tianyuan by herself that night . There was no miasma oozing out, only a slit .

Suddenly, the one eyed-ghost floated over, staring at Shen Li with cold eyes . Shen Li gasped with horror .

“I will kill the gods…”

He said grimly: “I will kill the gods! I will kill the gods!” The sound became louder and louder, and Shen Li was shocked: “Shut up . ” She squeezed uncomfortably .

She said only these two words, but black miasma came out from the gap in the gate of Xu Tianyuan . Shen Li was forced to retreat by the miasma, the voice grew louder and Shen Li shouted, “Shut up!” Her eyes flashed, and crimson flames rose from her body as if she was about to burn out everything .

“Shen Li . ” A soft and cold call came from the other side . She looked to the side with red eyes, still in the small courtyard under the vine frame . The man in white clothes was lying on the bamboo rocking chair . He stretched out her hand, “Come and get some sun . ” He said it lightly as if he hadn’t seen the chaos on her side .

Shen Li stared at him blankly, and then looked sideways at the raging fire all over her body . She shook her head: “If I don’t go there, I will harm you . ”

The smile on the face of the person over there did not diminish, but he took his hands back .

Shen Li dropped her head quietly .

As Shen Li burned her body, she suddenly felt a hint of coolness covering her whole body . She looked up in a daze, the man had walked to her, then smiled and hugged her into his arms .

Patting her back gently, comforting her like a child: “I’m safe, it’s okay . ”

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The crimson in Shen Li’s eyes slowly faded . She knew that she should leave this embrace, and her responsibilities and his responsibilities were compelling .

The two should drift away, but…May God be kind and forgive her for being unable to break free and ignore him at this moment .

Just let her… finish this dream .

She relaxed her body, allowing him to support her body . In the emptiness of darkness, she seemed to melt into him .

Opening her eyes, the sunlight was a little dazzling, and Shen Li saw someone sitting on a chair by the table . He was falling asleep deeply with his head supported by one hand, the wide white robe dragged the ground, the green jade hairpin was loosely holding a few strands of black silk hair that covered half of his cheek . In the backlight, he was too beautiful…

Which fisherman could look so tragically nice ……

Shen Li’s heart moved, and she didn’t know what expression she should make for a while, but after a long period of daze, she grinned silently:

“I can’t believe it! I was really picked up by you again, fate is so unkind, how could we two be so fateful!”

All the profound iron on her limbs had been taken out, and the wound was wrapped in white cloth strips, which were not human fabrics . It seemed that the cloth had been torn from his body . The wounds on the limbs all felt cold, and they had been treated by him .

Shen Li turned her head, closed her eyes, and stopped looking at Xing Zhi .
How could she not know what Xing Zhi was thinking?
He knew that if Shen Li knew that the person taking care of her was him, she would definitely ask to leave immediately . It was as decisive as when he said goodbye that day .

They are all so aware of each other’s responsibilities, and they know each other so well that they could guess what choices the other party will make .

But…Xing Zhi never thought that Shen Li would also be weak and want to indulge in warmth sometimes .

Shen Li didn’t open her eyes, she didn’t want to see what would be his behavior right now, the memory of her was still there, vivid .
She would be kind to Xing Zhi for now, forgiving him for letting go of responsibility . Just this once .

Until her wound was healed, she would no longer be the Azure King, she is willing to be just Shen Li, picked up from the beach by a fisherman with a hoarse voice, and then spend some time peacefully .

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