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Speechless was presently feeling speechless. He woke up to realize that for some baffling reason, an unfellable and unburnable strange tree had grown in his house. Not even a single leaf could be plucked from it.

Most fucked up of all was that the strange tree was constantly growing at a discernible pace. In just a few hours' time, it had grown from an ordinary tree several meters tall to a hundred-meter-tall tree with a diameter of ten meters.

And the pace at which it was growing was not slowing down with the passage of time. Instead, it grew at an accelerated pace. In less than half a day, the strange tree was already as tall as a mountain, towering and grandiose. Lush green vines occupied Crown Prince Manor and many of them were growing towards the sky as though they were bent on poking a hole through the firmaments.

Speechless felt extremely depressed and helpless seeing his house being seized and occupied by the strange tree.

What left him even more depressed was the mysterious disappearance of Shi Xiaobai who was occupying the west wing.

Speechless's heart skipped a beat the moment he realized Shi Xiaobai's disappearance. After all, Shi Xiaobai had just entered an irreconcilable conflict with China's most powerful politician, Tyger Li, as well as the Psionic Imperial Realm monk, Reverend Misery Sea.

Speechless could not help but worry if Shi Xiaobai's disappearance had anything to do with Tyger Li's machinations.

But on careful thought, he believed that it was highly improbable.

The reason why he made such a judgment was that Shi Xiaobai was under the protection of One-Pun's Superpower, God's Guardian. When the person earmarked to be protected encountered an undefendable threat, One-Pun would be able to sense it from far away and instantly teleport to the person's side to protect him.

Rumor had it that after Shi Xiaobai joined Gaia, he offended the eccentric Underworld King, Hisith. Back then, One-Pun had used God's Guardian to protect Shi Xiaobai. Therefore, Shi Xiaobai was one of the members under the protection of the S Class Superpower, God's Guardian. He was definitely a junior that One-Pun thought extremely highly of.

This matter was something Gaia wanted to keep secret but after Shi Xiaobai repeatedly broke the historical records of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, eventually ranking first on the search rankings, he was immediately thrust into the country's limelight. Stories that dozens of Gaia rookies witnessed ended up spreading.

No matter how powerful Tyger Li was or how strong Reverend Misery Sea was, it was absolutely impossible for them to silently kill or abduct Shi Xiaobai under the nose of One-Pun and his God's Guardian. After all, One-Pun was one of the few S Class heroes in China. Reverend Misery Sea was probably not even his match.

As such, the sudden disappearance of Shi Xiaobai last night without so much as a stir likely had little to do with Tyger Li.

The most probable reason was that the rascal had left without a word.

However, where did he go?

The first thing Speechless thought of was to contact Gaia and Yama Minamiya. However, he received answers indicating that they had no idea where Shi Xiaobai was.

"Brother, do you have news of Brother Xiaobai?"

Mu Lengxi walked over with a writing board raised up. Her brows were slightly knitted and there was worry plastered all over her face.

Speechless was rendered even more speechless upon seeing his sister looking so worried that her mind appeared unhinged.

It was clear that his sister had fallen head over heels in love!

What was so good about that youth with eighth-grade syndrome?

Even the sword fanatic, Sunless, who only had her eyes on swords, risked her life for him.

Mu Lengxi, who appeared frail and gentle but was extremely proud deep down, was now completely smitten by Shi Xiaobai.

Even Speechless, who had made thousands of girls fall for him, could not help but be impressed by him.

"There's nothing for now."

Speechless shook his head before consoling her, "But don't you worry. Even the three Level Lords were no match for Shi Xiaobai. What danger could he encounter? He probably left without a word and went somewhere to engage in his naughty games!"

Mu Lengxi rolled her eyes and wrote: "Brother Xiaobai is no such person!"

Speechless rolled his shoulders and said in a speechless manner, "He's such a person! Lengxi, you don't know him well enough. Shi Xiaobai is extremely naughty. He's the kind of person that's extremely stubborn and obstinate!"

Speechless had a serious look, just short of plastering the words 'believe me' on his face. He had to save his sister that had fallen astray. Although he admired and respected Shi Xiaobai as a good friend, it did not mean that he thought of him as a suitable brother-in-law.

However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The untamed side of Shi Xiaobai that Speechless saw was something Mu Lengxi ignored completely. To her, Shi Xiaobai was an extremely cute hero.

His eighth-grade syndrome and naughtiness only enhanced his cuteness.

"Eh? What's that?"

Suddenly, Speechless exclaimed as though he had seen something unbelievable.

Mu Lengxi, who was still immersing herself in her memories of encountering that youth in the Transcendental Tower, looked up curiously at Speechless when she heard him.

"Am I seeing things?"

Speechless had a flabbergasted look as he pointed to the eastern sky. He said with a trembling voice, "There's a tree growing in the sky?"

Mu Lengxi turned to look at where Speechless was pointing too. Instantly, her pupils constricted.

Amid the endless azure-blue sky, there was a gigantic emerald green tree growing in an inverted manner!

The gigantic tree seemed to use the sky as its soils, its roots entrenched amid the clouds. The lush green leaves hung down like curtains towards the ground.

The gigantic tree was growing at a discernible pace as its crown that covered half the sky was approaching the ground rapidly!


With a sudden rumble, the ground began quaking violently.

"An earthquake?"

Speechless looked astonished before he exclaimed, "No! It's not an earthquake!"

The violent quakes were not a result of an earthquake but that of the strange tree that had occupied Crown Prince Manor!

This tree that rooted itself into the ground suddenly grew rapidly towards the strange tree that grew in the sky!

The two strange trees, one rooted in the ground and the other in the sky, grew towards each other. It appeared as though they sped up their growth at the same time.

They appeared like long-lost relatives that wished to meet early.

Yet, they also appeared like ferocious beasts that appeared like each other's nemesis, eager to eat up the other party as soon as possible!

On the other end of the gigantic tree that grew in the sky was another world.

It was a bleak, desolate world of filth that permeated an air of death. Compared to the bustling world of humanity, it resembled an abandoned wasteland.

In this 'wasteland,' a race that had been forgotten by people struggled to live.

At that moment, there were dense hordes of strange biological creatures gathered under the gigantic tree. They were extremely short and appeared like dwarves. They had green skin and looked extremely ugly.

"My liege, the sacred tree has already torn through the horizons. The door to returning to that world has finally opened!"

A green-skinned dwarf let out a shout of excitement when the gigantic tree's crown appeared in the human world.

There was a unique existence that was surrounded by all the green-skinned dwarves. Its height was not that of a dwarf but more like a human youth. Although its skin was green, it was not as wrinkled like the other dwarves.

The green-skinned youth wore a crown and sat on an old and worn-out throne. It looked up towards the grayish-black sky and peered at the gigantic tree's crown that connected to another world.

"I heard that the color of that world's sky is a clean blue."

The green-skinned youth's eyes turned bright as it sat up from the throne. It cast its eyes on the dwarves and said aloud, "Rejoice! Have your hearts stir! We will be returning to our homeworld. We will return to the beautiful world that we once ruled! We will kill all the contemptible races that seized our lands. We will slaughter the evil enemies that chased us out of our homeworld! This King shall swear as Transcendent King that he will lead all of you, the mighty Transcendents, back to your homeworld! There will be no more struggling for ten thousand years in this ice-cold world!"

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