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"Despicability is the passport for the despicable, while dignity is the epitaph for the dignified. I do not mix with the despicable but have never wanted to suffer alongside the dignified. Therefore, I want to be a vagrant that isn't despicable but neither dignified, someone that doesn't treat others sincerely but not deal with matters hypocritically while living in his own world. It's a little lonely but not solitary. That would be fine."

Speechless said in a deep voice, "To not doubt anyone but also not trust anyone. That is the meaning to my survival. There is no fault to it but it's also a mental demon. I have to defeat it. Since the boy's world was a stage that revolved around him and unveiled itself, the other actors would naturally disperse once the boy who is the main character dies. The ones left behind are the honest ones. Basically, with such a thought, I chose to fake my death. I wanted to see the actors looking exasperated and also to know if I'm Tyger Li's son or if I'm just the main character of a script he penned. I wanted to know the truth."

Shi Xiaobai stared at Speechless intently and asked, "What's the outcome? Do you know the truth? Have you defeated your mental demon?"

Speechless gave a faint smile and said, "The mental demon has naturally been defeated. At least my mother, younger sister, and you… Shi Xiaobai, are all real. I can trust all of you without reservation. I am already content with this and have no other wishes."

"However, the truth is still unknown. I still lack the strength needed to overturn Tyger Li's game of chess, much less have the confidence to see through his ploy. Tyger Li's machinations are a lot deeper than you can imagine. He has seven Psionic Imperial Realm bodyguards that he brings around him all the time but he deliberately endured three of your slaps. He clearly could use Reverend Misery Sea to kill you but he tolerated it. It might even be possible that your arrival at the most critical moment was within his calculations. The more you understand his character, the harder it is to see through his actions. Tyger Li is truly an old wily fox.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly alarmed. Indeed, he never expected Tyger Li's machinations to run so deep. All his actions were appalling. He never expected that the fellow that only appeared to be sinister but wielded power was such a fierce and ambitious person.

Shi Xiaobai said softly, "This King nearly made a wrong read of character."

"Anybody would."

Speechless sighed. He suddenly looked straight into Shi Xiaobai's eyes and said seriously, "Alright, what I should say has been said. This is the real Speechless Li. On the surface, he may be warm and sincere but in fact, he has never truly been sincere to anyone. The reason for faking my death does not have any grand elements to it. Shi Xiaobai, are you still willing to treat such a person like me as a friend? Is such a reason enough for you to let you remain tolerant of me?"

Shi Xiaobai looked Speechless in the eye and said seriously, "This King does not think that you have done anything wrong. In the same situation as yours, This King might not be able to do things better than you. Moreover, you mentioned that you have never truly been sincere to others, but This King does not agree. Think carefully, isn't the reason why you were determined to defeat your mental demons because of your companions? In the Silent Desolate Lands, against the three Level Lords’ assault, you came forward. You led your companions out of danger. At that time, what was the driving force that made you do it? It's definitely not because of your life. At that moment, you were thinking… to let everyone live together. You shouldered the responsibilities of their lives! Why did you want to shoulder such an important mission? It's because you deem them as your companions. You value their lives so importantly, so how can you say that you have never truly been sincere? If saving the lives of others isn't giving one's heart, then what heroes are there in this world? Speechless Li, you saved us. That is the most valuable sincerity!"

Speechless was taken aback as he gradually widened his eyes…

Shi Xiaobai patted Speechless's shoulder and said gently, "Despite being harmed countless times, you have managed to maintain your conscious and kindness. Speechless Li, you are already very impressive! As for you faking your death, although it may render others speechless and needs further discussion, This King will not blame you…"

You might not believe it if This King said it. If not for you faking your death, This King would not have completed the Absolute Choice's mission simply by lying down.

Shi Xiaobai thought to himself.

Speechless was left in a dazed silence when he suddenly turned, leaving his back facing Shi Xiaobai. The wind that night had been quite clamorous. It had blown sand into his eyes. His eyes felt sore and reddened as though something was about to flow out.

Shi Xiaobai sensed that the mood wasn't right and immediately coughed. He said, "Although This King doesn't blame you, it might not be the same for the others! Yuesheng and Lengxi believed that you were truly dead and cried for several days. Feng Yuanlin and Pulp Farmer were not any better. Liu Yu's cooperation with you in the act was definitely difficult for him. Sunless… Ahem. Anyway, This King cannot guarantee it, so think of a way to explain and apologize to them!"


Speechless repressed his voice and nodded firmly.

After a long while, Speechless turned back, his expression having returned to normal. He said, "It's already late. Stay here tonight. I have nothing in this manor of mine except empty rooms."


Shi Xiaobai nodded. It was almost midnight and he had no intention of sleeping in the open.

In the west wing, in a very clean and tidy room.

Speechless closed the door and left. Shi Xiaobai lay straight down in bed and sprawled his limbs while closing his eyes.

The experiences he had experienced made a youth like him that did not know exhaustion feel somewhat tired. The exhaustion was not physical but mental.

The experience in every level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower was still fresh on his mind.

On the first level, he had cleared at the fastest speed possible, shocking all the rookies.

On the second level, he destroyed the cities alone, led everyone to attack the Demon City, and traversed through the demonic beasts that were everywhere alone. He felled the Demonic Tree in one strike and he could still feel the ardor coursing through his veins.

On the third level, he taught Kevin and Mozzie and watched his own companions grow stronger. He felt a sense of satisfaction but was suddenly attacked by the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign. He came up with a plan to lead it away and began escaping. The perilous scenes flashed across his mind.

On the fourth level, he fought Heartless Ye, and gained insight into Excalibur. The final clash of the swords seemed like exchanging toasts between swordsmen. The battle had no losers; only him and his own victories.

On the fifth level, in order to protect Sunless, he fought and sent Sen Senyuan retreating. He enervated himself and fell unconscious, facing the greatest danger of being eliminated. At that moment, the rookies he helped at the second level protected him. Liu Yu, Pulp Farmer, Kevin, Mozzie, and Mu Yuesheng had done their best to protect him!

On the sixth level, he still wasn't sure what had happened but it was something he would never forget. The pixie girl that disguised herself as Ka Xiaozi degenerated into a fallen pixie in order to save him. The purple-haired girl who for some baffling reason became his girlfriend made him understand what was selfless love that could ignore everything else.

On the seventh level, he defeated King Leonis and won the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament's championship. He was designated as Infernal King by the assessment program and during the battle of the three kings, he met Dawn Li. He was trapped with that cherishable blond in the God Slaughtering Formation and was saved by her, eventually falling for her. He began liking a girl that came from another world line that he might never get to meet again…

The eighth and ninth level…

Too many scenes flashed across his mind. Too many emotions in him left him finding it impossible to forget…


Suddenly, a gentle and alluring voice sounded in his ear. A pair of snow-white arms wrapped around Shi Xiaobai's waist, hugging him gently from behind.

That was the world's most tender hug.


Shi Xiaobai lightly answered. He did not need to turn back for simply listening to her voice and catching a whiff of her fragrance was enough for him to know that the person that suddenly appeared in his bedroom and hugged him was the girl with the most beautiful purple hair.

She stepped out of the darkness but she filled the room with light.

She gently hugged him and did not say another word. He too remained silent.

At that moment, silence was better than any sound.

In the quiet night, moonlight shone in through the windows. It was bright and clear with a hint of bashfulness.

Shi Xiaobai slowly turned around.

Kali gently raised her head and bit her lower lip. She muttered, "You said before that I can come to you even when sleeping…"

Shi Xiaobai acknowledged it as he looked at the face that was inches from him.

That was definitely the most perfect work the creator made. Phrases like a ‘woman's beauty that puts the flower to shame and outshines the moon’, or’ dazzling beauty that makes fish sink and geese fall from flight’, were not sufficient to describe a thousandth of the face's beauty.

Looking at her at such a close distance was damaging. Just like light and darkness were antithesis to each other, this absolutely beautiful face was extremely innocent but also very coquettish.

Seeing how her teeth was biting down on her lower lip, the most flawless whiteness and the most alluring pinkness were intermixed together, creating the world's most stirring scene.

Shi Xiaobai stared at it in a daze and suddenly felt a baffling urge.

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