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Chapter 12 - Hell

The entry point of the Valley of Wind.

The eight elders of the tomb of the gods along with over 2,000 of their disciples had surrounded the entire Valley of Wind. As time passed, one could notice that the wind within the valley was dying down ever so slowly. 

The eight elders had recognized Wang Xiong and had been mocking his father for a while now. 

In a hidden place in a nearby forest, Yu Sheng crouched along with ten others. 

"Your Highness, Wang Xiong really must be killed?" A subordinate asked. 

"Yes! He must be killed!" Yu Sheng sneered. 

"Your Highness, do we really not need to save the Qinghuan Province heir? I mean, just in case...!" Another subordinate questioned. 

Worry could be seen in some of the peoples eyes. 

Yu Sheng wrinkled his eyebrows. "As of now, Wang Xiong is our number one priority. If the Qinghuan heir was killed, only Yu Sheng would be punished, however if Wang Xiong gets away, our entire palace will pay the price! This time, we must make sure that Wang Xiong is dead, no matter the cost!"

The ten subordinates looked uneasy, but a flash of firmness appeared in their eyes. "Yes!"


Within the Valley of Wind.

Wang Xiong gripped the whip so hard that the veins on the back of his hand became visible. Rage was flowing through his heart. 

These people dared to insult someone he loved!

"Oh, you guys are really brave!" Wang Xiong smiled, fury present in his eyes. 

"Ha! So what if I insult you and your father? What are you going to do about it?" The red-robed elder sneered. "Listen up everyone! The wind has already decreased to the point where none of you will be injured unless you go too far in. Furthermore, the one who retrieves the red tiger cub will be given the Sun Sword and be accepted as a direct disciple of the sovereign!" 

"Yes!" More than two thousand disciples cried in hope, as they readied themselves. 

"You really dare to attack? Come then! This Ancestor will see just how powerful you elders are!" Wang Xiong sneered, lashing out with his whip. 

"Pa! Pa! Pa.........!"

The whip collided with a large number of rocks, causing the wind flow in the valley to change drastically. The rocks that had preciously been blocking the wind blades were now gone as they rushed forward. 

Wang Xiong twisted his whip toward the wind blades and flicked his wrist. The blades swirled around and condensed into a small tornado, blowing up waves of sand and dust.

"This...?" The elders froze at the sight. 

The two thousand disciples were also stunned. None of them knew why the winds had suddenly obeyed the command of the teen standing in front. 


The small tornado rushed forth, ripping up the ground and growing larger as it absorbed more and more wind. 

The green-robed elder's face turned ugly. "Could it be possible that he is using the array to control the winds?" 

"Not good! Quickly, we must kill him now!" The red-robed elder screamed. 

The dust blown up made the visibility extremely poor. If it was previously, no one would have believed that Wang Xiong was able to do this, however, before their very eyes, the wind bent to Wang Xiongs will, something that caused extreme panic within the ranks of disciples. 

In the forest, Yu Sheng's eyes widened. "Impossible, Wang Xiong is an idiot, how can he possibly know how to wield the array?"

Ju Que was also watching with an amazed look on his face. Wasn't it true that only the head members of the tiger family knew how to manipulate the array like this?

Everyone was horrified as they watched Wang Xiong's whip lash out once more. 

From within the depths of the valley, a powerful wind full of wild power roared out.


The tornado grew tenfold as nearly 3,000 large wind blades rushed into it and were absorbed, speeding up the rotation as well. 

"Three thousand wind blades? This...!" Ju Ques eyes widened even further as he unconsciously took a step back out of fear. 

The eight elders were also shaken. 

"Quick! Quick! Kill him! A black robed elder yelled. 

The elders quickly rushed forward and surrounded Wang Xiong, a cold, death like feeling seeping into their bones. 

"Kill!" All of the men took lunged forward with their blades. 

Wang Xiong's eyes were cold. "Too late! You have brought this on yourself!" 

Wang Xiong gripped his whip tightly as the tornado swelled instantly and spiraled toward the eight elders.

The elders faces went mad. 

At this moment, they no longer dared to treat Wang Xiong lightly. If the tornado hit any one of them, then they would surely be dead. 


The eight elders barely evaded the tornado as they swung their swords. 


The sword qi released by the eight elders' blades collided with the wind blades but more replaced the ones that were destroyed. 


In an instant, all eight of them were covered in blood and retreating. 

Although their appearance was poor, their injuries were not too bad. Only one black-robed elder had been harmed to the point where he could no longer attack.

"Hurry, kill him!" The red-robed elder ordered in pain. 

The disciples rushed forward in a wave of black. 

"Hrumph!" Wang Xiong grunted. 

The whip in his had turned as the wind seemed to change along with the path of the rope. The wind blades turned away from the elders and within the blink of an eye, reached the two thousand strong army. 

"Ah, no!"

"Elders help!"


The tornadoes did not move in a straight line, but instead swirled chaotically, wiping out a great number of disciples in the blink of an eye. 

"Don't stop! The number of wind blades are limited! It can not kill all of you at once! If you can kill Wang Xiong, the Sovereign will reward you greatly!" An elder cried before rushing forward. 

The other elders did not hesitate and followed. If Wang Xiong died, then the wind blades would cease. 


The eight elder leaped forward once again, their blades pointed at Wang Xiong. 


A few meters away, another tornado swirled into existence, three thousand wind blades spinning towards the elders. 

"What? Again!" The elders faces were filled with horror. 

"How can he make another one?!" The Green robed elder's face turned dark.

"Disperse, we must kill Wang Xiong!" The red-robed elder ordered.

The elders split and rushed in from different directions. 

Wang Xiong grinned coldly. "You can split, but that will not change your fate!"

Wang Xiong turned the whip once more.


The tornado shuddered then exploded, blasting wind blades in every direction. 

Wang Xiong had been the Emperor of the Tiger Clan in his past life. His mastery over the law of wind had reached its peak. Although his power was diminished because of his current body, he was still able to control a certain amount of wind with the help of his whip.

The elders' previous plan of splitting up had failed. Thanks to it, they were now more scattered and vulnerable then before.  

"No!" A black-robed elder panicked.


Due to the burst of wind blades, every single elders' injuries became even more tragic. A black-robbed elder suddenly collapsed to the ground, unmoving. 

"Wang Xiong, Wang Xiong!"

The elders began to shake in fear as yet another series of wind blades came out of the depths of the valley. 

"You truly did not recognize the might of this ancestor. Do not say that I did not warn you!" Wang Xiong growled.  


The wind blades continue to rush out in a near endless stream of wind. 

Everyone within the valley immediately began to shake uncontrollably. 

Within a few breaths time, everyone was covered in bloody cuts and most were already collapsed on the ground. However, it was just beginning. Waves after waves of wind blades flew out of the valley, each wave fiercer than that last. Those present only had one expression present on their face. Despair.


No one knew who called it first, but soon, everyone was stampeding out of the valley. 


The first person who stepped out was instantly cut to shreds. 

How could Wang Xiong have not thought of escape? Once of his first moves was to block the exit with a series of wind blades. 

Once you entered the Valley of Wing you will no longer be able to escape. If you wish to escape, then you must suffer!

"You all dared to try and kill this Ancestor, so this Ancestor will bestow it back upon you!" Wang Xiong said coldly.


The blades of wind slashed in every direction, causing blood and flesh to fly everywhere. Within seconds, the Valley of Wind had become a living hell.

The sheer number of wind blades made the exit comparable to a maze of knives. As the speed of the blades increased, so did the casualty rate. 

The valley was akin to purgatory.

The eight elders faced even harsher winds. Before soon, everyone from the tomb of the gods was lying in a pool of blood. 

Wang Xiong stood silently in the center of the valley of wind and recalled his whip. Who would have known that this rope would end up as an instrument of death and despair.

A weak body that was able to manipulate the heavens and the earth, as if it was an Asura from hell. The group of wolves and tigers watching were stunned. 

Outside the valley stood a group of disciples belonging to the tomb of the gods. They had heard screams, but no one dared to enter. 

The screams echoed out one after another, the smell of blood wafting out of the valley. As the wind blades slowed to a stop, one disciple peered into the valley and nearly threw up at the sight that he saw. 

"How could this have happened?"

"Quickly, inform the Lord and the other elders!"



From the forest, Yu Sheng crouched, his knees shaking uncontrollably. 

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