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Chapter 1212: Reinforcing Defence

For the following days, Abel was fighting inside the Bloody Foothills whilst stealing as many catapults as possible. He didn’t have time to replicate them, so now, he was just collecting ones he could get his hands on.

He would be 21 after the new year. Yes, even now, no one knew that the same wizard from the Holy Continent was now a rank 25 law-defying wizard.

Abel’s power was already much more than a wizard, actually. In February of the new year, Frankenstein was promoted to become a rank 22 law-defying wizard while Mad Knight Bruce became a rank 23 knight during April.

Among the many contract creatures, only Knight Wale hadn’t received any promotion. For his rank, however, even if Abel had an endless supply of resources, he still couldn’t be promoted in the short term. Still, since Abel was staying so much time inside the dark world for the past few days, most of his contract creatures did receive a lot of benefit in terms of their promotion. It was only several months on the central continent, but here in the dark world, they did train for at least more than ten years already.

The two law-defying wizards, especially. They couldn’t share the lightstones around, but they never lacked a source for the “blue howling rabbit” crystal cores. Combined with the mana environment of the large-sized mana gathering circle and the dark-golden quality training potions, they did have an excellent source of training ingredients. Also, since they were contract creatures whose souls were fused from soul potions, they could also focus on their training much better than most class holders.

Abel was placing most of his contract creatures inside the dark world for good reasons. He realized that if he wasn’t putting them to boost their levels, they might just not be able to keep up with him. It was just like White Snow. While he was capturing White Snow, he did remember it putting up a very good fight. Things became very different when his growth far outpaced it. It was a major reason that he was giving it away to Lorraine.

For now, Knight Wale had been doing alright, and as behind as Knight Bruce was, his spiritual qi light ring could still do very much for the combat squad. If the two law-defying wizards weren’t doing much, however, there might just not be enough firepower overall.

Without the contract creatures beside them, the angelic body could still do quite some work. Abel’s main human body was actually in a much safer place now, as he could just allow the angelic body to appear or conceal itself at any given point. He was becoming a lot safer now, so it wouldn’t matter if the contract creature was not guarding him at all times..

Abel sat on the starlight defensive circle, “How much increase for the pentagonal circle, circle spirit?”

Beside him, his angelic body was just practicing the angelic heritage sword technique. No, it wouldn’t exhaust itself, and since he didn’t want to waste any time, he would just allow it to keep training like this.

The pentagonal circle was something that he collected from a few months back. He was passing it to allow the circle spirit to look into this. For a spirit that specialized in circles, the circle spirit should have much better knowledge than even the best circle master on the continent. Combined with some information that was open for Abel, the circle spirit might just use the training system of the Wizard Union to release information that was open to him. This made it so that the levels of the circle were now on a new level.

Abel didn’t have much confidence when he was letting the circle spirit take care of the pentagonal circle, however. The pentagonal circle belonged to the dark world and perhaps even from the underworld. Still, the circle spirit seemed to work regardless of that. It quickly allowed the research spirit to take out parts of the resources. In just ten days, the pentagonal circle functions were analyzed and put into a report.

There was still a problem, however. The main ingredient of the circle could only be forged by a grandmaster alchemist like Abel. Most couldn’t do this even if he learned about the pentagonal circle. They would need a grandmaster alchemist of their own, but quite literally, Abel was the only one in this world.

During this time, the circle spirit managed to boost almost every circle that was within the golden castle. As the pentagonal circle was appearing, the original circle just gained a boost, ever gaining energy supply.

For the circle that was on the central continent, apart from a few super-large ones, most circles did receive a huge amount of energy and updated information in a very short amount of time. Most of them were upgraded, essentially. This was so that the same thing wouldn’t happen with the barriers unable to block the enemy attacks.

Things have become quite different now. The circle spirit was expending a large number of main ingredients so the circle could continue to be updated. The energy inside was also split into two types. One was the energy that was underground, while the other was energy that was supplied by the pentagonal circle and formed into the golden castle. As slow as it was to charge up one portion every five minutes, being able to charge up every five minutes was actually a big plus.

Circles continued to be distributed within the golden castle. The number became astronomical, even, inside the pentagonal circle, so much so that it was even infinite. As long as more mana was left inside the central continent, the golden castle would just be filled with energy forever. It’d be much more difficult to break through the definition by then, once the entire transformation process was complete. It might just be impossible for a divine spirit like Thief God Milton to break through by then.

The circle spirit replied, “80% of the transformation has been completed, Master. Please wait one month for the procedure to be complete!”

The process was still ongoing, but the pentagonal circle remained off. To see if a merge could be done, a small-sized defensive circle was opened in advance.

Abel ordered, “80% sounds good enough to me. Circle spirit, open up all the pentagonal circles for me.”

The pentagonal circle replied, “Yes, Master!”

Following that, the entire golden castle made a light tremble so Abel could sense that man was being drained from the air. Above the golden castle, a wave of air that was absorbed started forming into a spiral.

One law-defying wizard shook his head, “What experiment are you doing this time, Grandmaster Bennett?”

Another seemed to have noticed something, “He probably used some mana gathering circle. I don’t know.”

This was very strange. Everyone knew that Grandmaster Bennett was a big druid. He wouldn’t have any use for mana, let alone an environment fueled with mana. These class holders seemed to notice very quickly, though. The circle on the wall was already much different prior to the transformation of the golden castle.

The pentagonal circle managed to do very well with the circle of this world. The defense of the golden castle was constituted with very small defensive circles. One circle would be attacked and passed to all the defensive circles, but if the limit was exceeded for the small-sized circle, the circle would just be broken through, and the defensive circle would also be penetrated at the same time.

Now, then. Inside the small-sized defensive circle, a lot of change was already taking place. A lot of energy was stored, actually, and it was just waiting to be activated now that it was within the pentagonal circle.

Abel spoke to himself, “Ready for a test run.”

Meanwhile, the angelic body stabbed the wall with his holy crystal sword. Once the sword stabbed towards the wall, the angelic body started showing up and allowed the disguise mode to deactivate on its own accord. Once the sword was stabbed towards the wall, a defensive barrier appeared on the top, and this was the last line of defense against anything done to the internal structure.

Followed by a “boom,” the hit did not penetrate through the barrier. Rather, the barrier only shook for a bit as the energy started laying flat across all the defensive circles nearby. The angelic body didn’t hold back. From Abel’s estimation, the hit it struck should be equal or better than that of a full strike from Thief God Milton with his divine power. With it, all the pentagonal circles were now connected.

As the defensive circle was just being depleted, the defensive circles nearby started to supply energy to this spot where the angelic body struck. The recovery occurred immediately after the hit. The angelic body didn’t stop there. Instead, it started unleashing multiple attacks right onto the barrier. The barrier continued to shake but was not broken through. The energy inside was just being drained at an extraordinarily fast pace. At the same time, on the other hand, inside the energy slot of the underground basement, some more energy was just being supplied. A part of the pentagonal circle was reactivated, more mana was starting to be absorbed.

The angelic body stopped after a while. Abel was starting to gain a new understanding of the golden castle that was in front of him. Apart from the starlight defensive circle and its physical defensive structure, its energy barrier was now technically impenetrable. Unless someone could use five minutes to clear through all the energy that was stored inside, breaking the barrier would just be an impossible job. Five minutes, however, in five minutes, all the energy that was drained by whatever attack sustained would always go back to the spot that was restored.

Abel didn’t think that anyone could break through the defense of the golden castle now. If the Moon Goddess was just trying to unleash a divine bestowment, he just didn’t think that anyone could break through the defensive barrier. No, he didn’t think that the pentagonal circle could be connected to the circle of this world so well such that now, the golden castle was truly the most indestructible fort of this world.

Due to the efforts he made over the past few months, actually, 225 catapults were now placed inside his starlight defensive circle. These catapults were placed inside the 40 battle forts and hidden regularly inside so they wouldn’t be found, but if a fight was started, they would appear from the inside and started attacking under the common dof the battle fort spirit.

Now, the reason that Abel was so keen on doing upgrades for his golden castle had really to do with the Nation of God and the Wizard Union. He’s been good with the Wizard Union so far, but he understood well enough that the Wizard Union possessed powers that even he had trouble encountering if there happened to be some major disagreements between them. This was especially if there was a major conflict of interest. He wouldn’t be sure if the Wizard Union would truly consider him a friend if they wanted something from him.

Abel remembered some bad experiences with the Wizard Union. He was never honest that he was Wizard Abel, even now, had to do with the fact that others tried to go after Johnson before. He didn’t think that the stone giant would attract the jealousy of so many inside the Wizard Union, and he had been much more careful ever since he knew.

As for the Nation of God, he did understand that there were five sacred knights that he would have very much of a problem fighting. He did manage to escape from them multiple times, but that only meant that he was faster than them. He never fought them directly. Maybe he could handle one or two with his angelic body, but it wouldn’t be possible to face five of them at once.

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