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Chapter 1021: Harvest

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The law-defying wizards that came to help weren’t all that weak. There were also enough of them, which meant that it was possible to form a barricade around the mad knights. The eight surviving mad barbarian warriors were also there to help. For vengeance, they did all they could do to pressure the remaining four mad knights back.

Church wanted to chase after the mad knight that took the totem pole, but all he could see was the “instantaneous movement” spell scroll that was taken away. He was too slow, so the other elven law-defying wizards went for him instead. They all stopped, though, when they saw Frankenstein and the Beamon giant beast going already. That saved them all the energy they had to deal with the four mad knights.

One of Wizard Hal’s “lightning blizzard” hit the mad knight straight on even as if he was trying to dodge all the spells coming to him. Even with the support of the “rescue” halo, the collected damage was just too much. He couldn’t move too much anymore. Soon, without lasting even half a second, he was immobilized on the spot, which gave the three law-defying wizards enough time to launch more attacks at him. Two advanced attack spells were cast at him, but another one of Wizard Hal’s lightning outpaced them and ended this poor knight. Blood gushed out of his mouth as Wizard Hal went to the max mode by casting with both of his hands. The two other law-defying wizards struck with both hands as well. Very quickly, a soul light rose and went towards the direction of the giant dragon.

When the other two law-defying wizards got their meteorites ready, the millennium-year-old dragon appeared. It clutched onto the mad knight’s corpse before the meteors fell.

The dragon spoke in a strangely loud but articulate voice, “I need this corpse. Wait for me. I’ll do ten light recovery potions for it.”

“Just take it, Master Bennett!” Wizard Hal laughed. Honestly, he had no idea what Master Bennett was going to do with the corpses. They didn’t seem to be that interested, actually. It wasn’t illegal to dissect corpses on the Holy Continent, so it wasn’t all that strange that a potion master would want something. If anything, they were more focused on the potions that he was willing to trade for the corpse.

Abel threw them a bag of potions in his dragon form. Yes, he was giving the portal bag away as well. He didn’t care how rich the mad knights were because they would not be as rich as him. He had an endless supply of magic gemstones, and he could brew any potions that he wanted. Now, Wizard Hal didn’t know all about that, but he got the gist of it. He was not going to back away from a free opportunity for a portal bag.

Abel floated in the sky as he spectated at the three fights that were taking place. He was not going to interfere with any of them because he could see that all of them were about to end. Given the advantage in number and spells, the mad knights had literally no chance to fight back. He wasn’t going to steal prizes away from the law-defying wizards. Perhaps the barbarian mad warriors weren’t going to bother with them as well. They just wanted to kill the mad knights, so they were probably not interested in gaining fighting experience.

Whatever. Abel was just happy that he had an entire corpse to himself. No, six of them in total, and he could still vitalize them with his “resurrection” spell. Given the relatively unscathed state they were in, he could build himself an entire squad of mad knights in just a few years. Still, it was not yet safe to do that. He was a potions master and a dragon druid, but turning corpses into minions could very well still make him the enemy of the Wizard Union. The tension between the Wizard Union and the nation of God was not going to take lightly.

Soon, once his angelic statue absorbed the five knight corpses, he stored the statue in his own private storage box. The combat wasn’t over yet. Apart from the one corpse decimated by both freezing and fire spells and two chopped pieces into pieces by the barbarian mad warriors, all the corpses remained in acceptable condition. The law-defying wizards were not happy with how the barbarian mad warriors were cutting the bodies up, not especially when they learned that they could earn ten potions for each one.

When the last soul light entered his angelic statue, Abel could feel the presence of each mad knight praying inside his statue. He could feel a heap of energy that was charging inside the statue, and he wasn’t sure if it had to do with the power of these mad followers or their faith. Still, he could clearly tell that the energy generated surpassed even a thousand ordinary followers.

Anyways, since the time was up for him to end his dragon transformation, he canceled his dragon form and returned to his elven form. He came to the pile of corpses that were collected and had them all inside his private storage box. He took out twenty bottles and passed them to the law-defying wizards that were around. They were gifts for thanking these wizards for not have done excessive damage to these bodies.

Warrior Church bowed to all the wizards, “Wizards! Please help my clan retrieve our sacred item!”

Wizard Hal shook his head and smiled, “Master Bennett’s summoned beings already went there, Church!”

Nevertheless, Church pleaded again, “The sacred item is very important to us.”

Wizard Hal said to Abel, “Can you return to your sky sparrow, Master Bennett? Do that as we go and have a scan.”

Abel’s done a dragon formation already today. Now, with two of his major supports gone, Wizard Hal was not confident in his safety. Abel was not going to say too much, so he just followed his instructions and called White Cloud back down.

Wizard Hal then turned to Church again, “Warrior Church, your attitude towards Master Bennett has been irritating. I will be straight with you. You have not shown him any gratitude, but he’s brought his summon creatures to slay five mad knights for you.”

Warrior Church was speechless. He thought that the giant dragon and the Beamon giant beast belonged to the Wizard Union. He thought that it was just the Wizard Union that he was relying on, but to hear this from Wizard Hal made him realize how wrong he was.

Warrior Church quickly apologized, “So sorry, Wizard Hal. Our clan will make sure to make enough payment for Master Bennett.”

“You think Master Bennett cares about your wealth?” Wizard Hal shook his head, ” Everyone, Let’s go! We’ll go see that last mad knight.”

Very quickly, the elven law-defying wizards disappeared where they were at and left Church standing by himself.


Frankenstein and Doff chased right towards Mad knight Mead. he ran for his life. Mad Knight Mead was not slowing down one bit. He was not saving any of the rare “instantaneous movement” spell scroll. He was passing through all the barbarians trying to block him as they went all over Battlecry City. At the same time, his “sacred freezing” dealt terrifying damage to all the barbarians that were in his attack range, which paved a road of death as he was moving there. The sacred freezing sort of stopped Doff from going after him, actually. The freezing would be cleared off as it was shocking its body, but that was wasting quite some time.

As for Frankenstein, he wasn’t afraid of the freezing spells, but his manual teleportation was just slower than the spell scrolls Knight Mead was using. In the short run, they had no way of catching up to him, so the most they could do was make sure that they didn’t fall too far behind.

Finally, once they were out of the Battlecry City, Knight Mead started running out of scrolls. The scroll was his only way of saving his life, and he’s had to go through all kinds of debt to borrow them from people. Every time he used one, his heart ached, knowing how much he would earn if he was just selling it to the other occupation holders on the central continent. He had no time to worry about that, though. As soon as he went out of Battlecry City, he activated his “charge” and activated his “vitality” light ring to boost his speed.

He was not that fast anymore, though. Luckily, since the city’s outskirts were mostly flat with no obstacles, he was confident in reaching the large-sized teleportation circle in time. It was just ten miles from him and the valley the circle was located. He reached for the portal bag that contained his legendary item. He grieved about the number of resources he had to waste this time, but as far as he was concerned, as long as he could bring the totem back, it was going to be worth it.

Very soon, Frankenstein and Doff appeared outside of Battlecry City.

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