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Chapter 786: 786
Chapter 786: The Right to Form an Army!

Hearing the two words “sow goodwill”, the silhouette of the Federation Head Senator’s daughter appeared in his mind . So he swept his gaze up and down Fairy Ling You unwittingly…

I, Wang Baole, am not that kind of person! Wang Baole found it unbelievable . A pure man like himself must have been corrupted by some strange consciousness .

So he took a deep breath and quickly deliberated about how to reply to Fairy Ling You about the good bond . Truly, before Fairy Ling You came, Wang Baole had already started pondering about his Divine Justice Shield when he returned to his cave abode .

He was very clear that although his Divine Justice Shield seemed powerful, its effectiveness would decrease by a lot against Spirit Immortals . Even though it could still reflect their attacks, it was probably impossible for the reflection strength to reach 170% . As the external force became more powerful, one couldn’t rule out the possibility of it falling apart .

So… although it was valuable, it was far from heaven-shaking . That made it obvious why it caught the patriarch’s fancy . Other than this Divine Justice Shield catching everyone off guard during the battle, there must have been other factors that caught the attention of the patriarch .

If I analyze it this way, everything becomes simple . What really caught the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect patriarch’s attention should be the stacking method contained within the Divine Justice Shield’s creation process! Wang Baole narrowed his eyes and weighed its value in his heart .

He didn’t mind giving away the stacking method because he had already hit the limit by using the stacking method up to level seventeen . Besides, he already had a more refined thought process that would allow him to break through the previous limit during production . It would allow the Divine Justice Shield to reach a higher level, and it would also pose quite a threat to Spirit Immortals in theory .

So using the previous method to trade for something aligned with Wang Baole’s judgment . After thinking, Wang Baole raised his head to look at Fairy Ling You, who was looking at him and didn’t display even a tinge of impatience .

“What do you suggest, Commander?”

Hearing Wang Baole’s words, there was a slight disturbance within Fairy Ling You’s eyes . Although her voice was still icy, the speed at which she spoke remained slow . She softly said, “The right to form an army!”

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When Wang Baole heard that, his heart beat faster, and he felt as though he had been read like a book . That was because forming his own army was indeed his original plan . He was just very clear that it was extremely difficult to get this right within the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect .

After all, the right given by the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect, compared to forming an army in one of its affiliated sects, was completely different in terms of meaning and purpose . For example, if an army from one of the affiliated sects wished to initiate a challenge match, they needed to pay a huge price and go through layers of bureaucratic red tape before their request would be accepted .

But if the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect gave the right, his army would be considered an upper sect army . If he wanted to challenge another upper sect army, all he needed to do was apply . Although he would still have to pay a certain price, there was a huge difference .

So, in Wang Baole’s judgment, if he wanted to get the right to form an army in the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect, it was pretty hard to do so with just the stacking method of his Divine Justice Shield . However, since Fairy Ling You offered her help and wanted to sow goodwill, with Wang Baole’s intelligence, he could naturally see that… she must have been really confident of success before giving that suggestion .

Thinking to that point, Wang Baole took a deep breath, took two steps back, faced Fairy Ling You with cupped fists, and bowed deeply!

“Thank you, Commander!”

“Fellow Daoist Long Nanzi, I will try my best to make that happen . But I also have a request . I hope that after you succeed, you will make a hundred Divine Justice Shields of such a level for the Ice Phoenix Legion . In return… How about I help you find a way to achieve a small breakthrough in your cultivation?” Fairy Ling You looked at Wang Baole attentively . She was very clear that someone who was able to create a Divine Justice Shield of such a level would definitely be sought-after by every army in the future .

However, this man wasn’t the kind of person who would be willing to work under someone . Helping him obtain the right to form an army meant creating another competitor for herself, but that was a future threat . Right now, everything was unknown . At the same time, she had sown this seed of goodwill . It might come in handy if they needed to fight in the future .

Meanwhile, if she didn’t help him get that right, then if he were to be recruited by another army, he would pose a threat to her in only a short period of time . So after making her request, Fairy Ling You spoke again .

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“If I can help you achieve all of this successfully, I hope you can serve the Ice Phoenix Legion as a vassal . I also hope that your army and the Ice Phoenix Legion can become steadfast allies . Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist, the position of a vassal is different from normal positions . You won’t be restrained unreasonably!”

Taking a deep look at Fairy Ling You, Wang Baole had no reason to reject her . So he nodded solemnly and thanked her again . At this point, the conversation between the two of them could be said to have ended . Fairy Ling You wasn’t used to communicating with people anyway, so she left .

Seeing Fairy Ling You leave and gazing at her graceful figure, many thoughts appeared in Wang Baole’s mind . Although the Divine Eye civilization wasn’t that great and most of its cultivators were selfish, there were still sincere and genuine ones after all .

If things could really turn out the way Fairy Ling You said they would, that would be a perfect ending for him . Therefore, Wang Baole, who couldn’t help but be excited, sat cross-legged in his cave abode and meditated while waiting for dawn .

One night passed . The next morning, Wang Baole opened his eyes . After calculating the time, he adjusted his clothes before walking out . Outside his cave abode, two female cultivators from the Ice Phoenix Legion had received their tasks long ago and were there waiting for him . The two female cultivators were both early-stage Soul Conduits . Although Wang Baole hadn’t really seen them around, they looked pretty familiar . As he looked, although the two female cultivators couldn’t help but look at him weirdly, they still had respectful expressions .

Wang Baole laughed . After greeting them, he stepped onto the battleship prepared for him by the Ice Phoenix Legion while being accompanied by the two female cultivators . They left the satellite the Ice Phoenix Legion was on and headed straight for the Sovereign Planet .

The battleship sped for the entire journey and didn’t stop when they reached the Sovereign Planet . Instead, it headed straight for the mountain gate of the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect . It was only after they entered the mountain gate that the two beautiful female cultivators sent Wang Baole off with 90-degree bows .

“Fellow Daoist Long Nanzi, the two of us can only accompany you to this point . Please return here after you’ve met the patriarch . We will be waiting here for you . ”

Such treatment made Wang Baole very happy . After thanking them courteously, he turned his head to look at the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect . Although it wasn’t his first time there, he was still awed by the shocking sect .

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After a while, once Wang Baole calmed down, the cultivator who the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect assigned to go meet him arrived . But this wasn’t the lady that Wang Baole gave a special gift to previously . Instead, it was an elder with a face full of wrinkles and spots, whose eyes seemed to be unable to open .

The elder looked weak, but after Wang Baole saw him, he was shocked . Truly, other than the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect patriarch, this man was the most unfathomable person he had seen in the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect . This person also exuded a sinister aura, making people feel as though they had seen a poisonous snake after they saw him .

Perfected stage Spirit Immortal? Or a half-step Planet realm expert? Wang Baole had a solemn expression . As he cupped his fists and bowed respectfully towards the elder, the two Ice Phoenix Legion female cultivators beside him were visibly nervous as they did the same .

“Greetings, Senior Xu!”

The elder gave a faint smile . However, not only did the smile not convey a sense of warmth, it made the sinister aura from before even more pronounced .

“So it’s you two . I’ve not seen you for many years, and you’ve both grown up . ” Speaking, he looked towards Wang Baole . His dark gaze showed no expression, but Wang Baole’s heart trembled . He felt like he had been read like a book once again .

“You’re not bad either young lad . Follow me, the patriarch is waiting in the Sovereign Palace . ” The elder retracted his gaze, turned around, and walked towards the distance . Wang Baole couldn’t determine his identity in his heart . Although he had some guesses, he wasn’t sure whether he was correct . So he turned his head and looked at the two female cultivators who brought him there .

“The overall manager of the Sovereign Planet!” After the two ladies blinked, one of them quickly sent a voice transmission .

Wang Baole didn’t try to conceal the fact that he cupped his fists in thanks . Then, he followed the elder and flew towards the Sovereign Palace, where the patriarch was .

He didn’t try to hide it, because he knew that there was no point in hiding in front of such a mighty figure and that there was no need to do so . It would be much better if he simplified everything . This was true in reality . Wang Baole’s small action made the Sovereign Planet’s overall manager walking in front of him nod his head slightly .

Just like that, as Wang Baole proceeded extremely carefully, and under the silence of the elder, the two of them gradually approached the center of the Divine Sovereign Justice Sect . Comparing this place to the surroundings, it was quieter . There was a lake, and on that lake, there was… a navy blue palace!

Outside the palace were two statues exuding auras similar to that of a Spirit Immortal . When Wang Baole and the elder arrived, the two statues immediately lowered their heads to show respect .

“Come in, don’t be scared . ” When they reached the gate of the palace, the elder turned his head to look at Wang Baole . Although he had a smile on his face, the sinister aura he gave off still made Wang Baole breathe slightly faster .

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