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Chapter 1267: Chapter 1267, Ren Jie!

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The blood-red youth who had possessed Chen Qingzi’s body had a cultivation that far surpassed Wang Baole and the others. He was also much stronger than Wei Yangzi.

After all… the other party’s body came from Chen Qingzi. Chen Qingzi’s peak cultivation was infinitely close to the fourth step. Now, he had a portion of the emperor’s soul. Overall, what he could show.., even if he couldn’t truly step into the fourth step, he was already at the pinnacle of his cultivation.

Therefore… Wang Baole understood that the Seven Spirit Dao patriarchs and the Xie family patriarch knew very well that they wouldn’t be able to defeat such an enemy.

Perhaps, if they were given more time, there might be a slight chance. But at the same time… if they continued to wait, it wouldn’t be long before the opponent devoured all the civilizations in the DAO domain. The few of them.., would not be able to escape destruction.

As such, this battle… had to be fought.

However, how it was fought, how it was fought, this was a crucial point that needed to be weighed and controlled.

As such, the Battle of Kismet that the Xie clan progenitor had planned… was about to begin!

Kismet was illusory, but it was precisely because it was illusory that it was mysterious. Because it was illusory, it was rarely guarded against.

Once the blood-colored young man’s fate was severed, even though it didn’t harm his body or spirit in the slightest, to a certain extent, it would be difficult for him to move within the stone stele world.

After all… Even a peerless expert would suffer endless damage if he didn’t have his own fate. As for his opponent, everything would be extremely smooth.

Another point was that once the blood-colored youth’s fate was severed, the laws and regulations within the stone stele world would repel him even more.

After all, the reason why he was not repelled was because he had borrowed Chen Qingzi’s body to hide inside. However, if his fate dissipated, there was a high chance that the opponent’s layer of protection would lose its effect.

All of these combined together led to the four of them attacking one after another!

Amidst the rumbling, even though the blood-colored youth’s cultivation was shocking, he was still careless. As Wang Baole’s ancient bronze sword fell, the blood-colored youth’s fire of luck expanded instantly and burned even wider, it was even more thorough and explosive.

In a short span of a breath, about ten percent of his luck had been extinguished. The repelling force from the laws and rules of the stone stele world also began to appear.

However, his cultivation was too high. A red glow flashed in his eyes. Even though his Kismet had been burned, and it had been greatly depleted, he was still confident. He raised his right hand and ignored the Xie family patriarch, who was being possessed by him, instead, he grabbed at Wang Baole.

“I didn’t look for you, but you delivered yourself to my doorstep. That’s good too!”As he spoke, the blood-red youth who had possessed Chen Qingzi’s body extended his right hand with a blood-red glow. He was about to land in front of Wang Baole.

A complicated look appeared in Wang Baole’s eyes. He used to be extremely familiar with the person in front of him, but now… he was a different person.

“Senior brother…”Wang Baole muttered to himself. He buried the complicated look in his eyes deep in his heart and was about to make his move.

However, at that moment… Suddenly, the blood-red youth’s expression changed. A huge crack suddenly appeared on his chest. The crack seemed to be in his physical body, but it was actually in his soul.

As the Gash appeared, a sense of struggle seemed to erupt from Chen Qingzi’s body, causing the blood-red youth, who had possessed him, to tremble.

“Chen Qingzi, you still have your divine perception? That’s impossible!”

Wang Baole’s heart trembled when he saw this scene. Shock appeared in his eyes, and a divine perception spread out from Chen Qingzi, who had been possessed by the blood-red youth.

I’ve already fallen. There’s no need to hold back. This is the last resort I have left in my body. I, Chen Qingzi… even if I die, how can I be possessed by someone else

That’s why, before I set off for battle, I had already left a mark in my body. If I win, then so be it. If I lose… If the other party doesn’t possess me, then so be it. Once I possess someone else… There will be no return! Chen Qingzi’s thought, it was obvious that he had left it behind before he left. As it reverberated, countless marks appeared on his body. These marks were all gray in color, and as they exuded a decaying aura, it caused his body to.., irreversibly show signs of dissipating.

As it dissipated, the blood-red youth revealed a look of fear for the first time. He wanted to struggle, to free his soul. However, at that moment, Chen Qingzi’s body was like a shackle, tightly binding him. It was like a cage, preventing him from escaping at all, he could only rot along with his body.

Seeing this, grief filled Wang Baole’s eyes. However, he gritted his teeth and leaped up. He raised his right hand, and madness appeared in his eyes. At that moment, the ancient bronze sword unleashed its full power, he unleashed all of his cultivation at that moment. Although the Earth Dao seed had yet to be fully formed, it was no longer necessary at that moment.

Combined with the natural law of the ancient bronze sword, the Four Elements Dao converged to form a sword that slashed down toward the blood-colored young man.

“Chen Qingzi! ! !”A shrill, venomous roar could be heard, the blood-colored young man couldn’t move. His divine soul struggled, revealing itself as a blood-colored centipede. However, no matter how it struggled.., half of his body was still unable to escape Chen Qingzi’s rapidly decaying body.

Chains could be seen locking him down. In the next instant… Wang Baole’s ancient green-bronze sword slashed down.

With a loud boom, the blood-red youth who had possessed Chen Qingzi’s body disintegrated. His physical body was torn to shreds, and his soul was torn to shreds. Each piece of his physical body was tightly wrapped around a strand of his soul, preventing him from escaping, he could only decay rapidly as his physical body shattered. Eventually, he turned into dust and dissipated.

As he dissipated, a red glow flashed between the foreheads of the Seven Spirit Dao Patriarchs and the Xie family patriarch. Two streaks of red light flew out and gathered in the starry sky, forming the figure of the blood-red youth.

However, the figure was extremely illusory. The instant it appeared, the repulsive force of the laws and laws from the stone stele world descended with a loud boom. The illusory figure became even more blurry, and it looked as if it was about to dissipate completely, however, at that moment, a stern and solemn look appeared in his eyes. He looked carefully at Wang Baole, the Xie family patriarch, and the others.

He admitted that he had been careless this time. He had not expected the Xie family patriarch to have reached a high level in the Dao of fate. He had even reached a height that was infinitely close to the fourth step.

He had not expected that the incense stick that the other party had taken out would be able to produce such a fire of fate at the final moment when it was burnt out. He had also not expected the seven Spirit Dao Patriarch to restrict him and Wang Baole’s final attack!

The combat strength that the latter had displayed had given him a shock. He had set his kismet ablaze rapidly, but that wasn’t the main point. Even so, he was still confident that he could turn things around.

He hadn’t expected that Chen Qingzi, who he had killed and possessed, would actually… leave behind a plan in his body that he wouldn’t be able to detect!

And to be able to not detect it, this plan had to be extremely profound. At the thought of this, the blood-colored young man’s face turned even more grim, and all of the contempt in his heart vanished into thin air. In its place was a grave expression.

“This time, I was too careless, but… It won’t be long before I return. When that time comes… I won’t underestimate my enemy. I’ll go all out!”

As his words reverberated in the air, the blood-colored figure became increasingly blurry. It was completely wiped out and disappeared into the starry sky.

Only when his figure had completely disappeared did the Xie family patriarch and the Seven Spirit Dao Patriarch finally heave a sigh of relief. The two of them looked at Wang Baole. They noticed the complicated and sorrowful look on Wang Baole’s face, and they fell silent.

“Chen Qingzi, a talent!”The Xie family patriarch said softly after a long while.

In reality, after Chen Qingzi’s failure, they were still somewhat resentful. After all, Chen Qingzi’s failure had caused all of this to happen ahead of time.

However, Chen Qingzi’s methods eventually rendered them speechless.

“My Senior Brother is an outstanding talent to begin with!”Wang Baole closed his eyes and buried his sorrow. After a long while, he opened his eyes and said in a deep voice.

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