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"Alright, everyone. Take a rest."

Right after they walked out of the woods, Old Wilson let the large unit to take a break. Since there was a small river in front, they could replenish the water of the unit.

Old Wilson had merged his forces with Baron Parman's team, barely organizing a unit of one thousand and four hundred knights. The unit was led jointly by Old Wilson and Baron Parman. If the family members and servants were added, the whole unit consisted of approximately three thousand people.

Such a large unit could only advance slowly. However, the Church seemed to be busy with controlling the entire Kingdom of Light. Thus, they did not chase after Old Wilson and his group. Save for seeing some individual knights of the Church, they had not met any large group of Church Knights.

This had allowed the unit to carry on for ten days safely. Now, they were already close to the border of the Kingdom of Blackmoon.

In the carriage, Merlin also opened his eyes. There was only Merlin in this carriage. Macy and Big-breasted Madam had already moved to the carriage of the ladies in Baron Parman's team.

After ten days, Merlin's injuries had healed completely, and there was also an enhancement of his Mind Power. The Magic Power accumulated by his Frost was also enough to cast the spell for about seven times. As time passed by, the Magic Power in Frost would become richer.

However, the largest benefit Merlin had attained this time was not the Magic Power. It was the combination of spells.

From the battle with Wizard Jason, Merlin became greatly familiar with the combination of spells. If it was Fireball or Frost alone, it would not have brought about a big impact to the outcome.

However, once those spells were used in a combo, their power could be increased in multiple times directly. However, this was far from enough. Although he had gained a lot, at the same time, Merlin also realized his own weakness, which was his slow speed.

If his speed was fast enough, Merlin could have effectively dodged Wizard Jason's spells even if they were First-level spells. Since he was too slow, Merlin could only choose to take the hit directly. He was almost killed by Wizard Jason.

Thus, during these ten days of rest, Merlin had already confirmed the overall type of his third Spell Model. It was a Supportive spell. On top of that, it was also a Speed spell.

If he had such a spell, Merlin could cast the spell on himself and increase his speed greatly. Combined with Fireball and Frost, his power would elevate rapidly.

The Spell Manual of old man Etha once introduced that the spell would not be better simply because it was powerful. The best spell was one that was most suitable to the Spell Caster's condition.

However, Merlin did not have a Speed spell currently. He only had a Whirlwind now that was recorded in old man Etha's Spell Manual. This spell, however, is an attack type Spell, not the Speed spell Merlin was looking for.

For an Entrance-level Spell Caster like Merlin, it was enough to only have Fireball as the attack type Spell. He would not need to worry about his offensive force. If he added Whirlwind to that, it would only seem unnecessary, considering his overall power would not increase much.

Therefore, Merlin did not plan to use the Whirlwind recorded in the Spell Manual temporarily. Only until he found a more suitable spell in the future would Merlin consider constructing the Third Spell Model.

Merlin pulled the curtain open and jumped off the carriage. He came to the river, wanting to move around a little.

At the river, Merlin saw Macy chatting with a young girl. The young girl was tall and had a long, blonde hair that was pulled into a ponytail. Her hair softly swayed, giving off a youthful aura.

However, it was the girl's face that had attracted Merlin. Although he was looking from afar, Merlin could still have a clear view of her face. That was a sort of beauty beyond words. Or maybe, the word 'exquisite' would be suitable!

The young girl looked exquisite, much like a porcelain doll without a flaw. Even Gia, whom Merlin thought as the most beautiful girl, could not compare with this girl.

Merlin's gaze had gotten Macy and the young girl's attention as well. The young girl slightly nodded to Merlin from afar, then returned to the carriage with Macy.

"Avril? It doesn't seem bad to have such a fiancé…"

Merlin thought about it. He had guessed the girl's identity before. She should be Avril who was engaged with him since a long while ago. After such a long time, this was Merlin's first time seeing his supposed 'fiancée' in person.

At least, just from the looks, Avril seemed decent.

Right at this time, Old Wilson came to him from afar. He took a glance at Macy and Avril and flashed a smile as well. He said, "Merlin, Avril and you have reached the age to get married. After this, when we have settled down in the Kingdom of Blackmoon, Baron Parman and I will organize the wedding for you!"

Merlin smiled, "Father, you don't have to rush…"

However, Merlin's smile immediately stiffened. He looked behind Old Wilson suddenly and said, "Father, there's a large team of knights behind us!"

This time, it was not only Merlin who had noticed this. Everyone had noticed the team of knights as they caused too large of a commotion. The rumbling sound persisted for a while. Even a slightly experienced knight would know there were at least up to thousands of knights dashing behind him.

Unorganized sounds of horses came from the woods behind them. The sounds were becoming clearer and clearer, indicating that the team was about to approach Old Wilson and his unit.

"Formation! Prepare for battle!"

Old Wilson immediately unsheathed his sword and, together with Baron Parman, led thousands of knights to quickly protect the unit. Just like a barrier, the knights blocked in front of the others.

The women and servants who were resting all returned to the carriage in panic. They carefully stuck their heads out to watch from afar.

Merlin also came to the front. When he saw Old Wilson's grim expression, Merlin said in a low voice, "Father, let me go in front. I'll try to see who we're dealing with."

Old Wilson knew Merlin had recovered from his injuries and was a strong Spell Caster. He knew there would not be any problem. Yet, he still advised Merlin, "Merlin, you can go have a look. If it's the Church, don't do anything rash. After all, they outnumber us a lot. You can't defend against them alone."

Merlin nodded and strongly agreed to Old Wilson's words.

He was simply an Entrance-level Spell Caster now. He was far from the being able to destroy a military fortress as effortlessly as breathing. If it was to scare off thousands of knights, perhaps Merlin could still do it. However, if he was to defend against thousands of knights all by himself, Merlin had no way of doing it.

"Father, please be rest assured. I won't do anything rash."

Merlin said in a low voice. After promising Old Wilson, he carefully snuck into the thick woods.

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