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Chapter 99 - Revenge at the Door

Zhou Xinqi’s face turned ugly. Never would she have thought that the immortal cave Bai Xiaochun picked would be the one neighboring hers! Back in the outer sect, she had heard that he liked making people call him Senior Uncle Bai. The very thought made her uncomfortable, and so she avoided him ever since.

But right now, she had nowhere to run; she had been caught at her own doorway.

“...Senior Uncle Bai!” Sucking in a deep breath, she forced the words out softly, without even looking at Bai Xiaochun. She swiftly flew away on her blue damask as her long dress fluttered behind in the wind, almost like a fairy. This was also how she dealt with all those admirers in her daily life, and it had always been effective as such attitude distanced her from other people, making her unapproachable.

Bai Xiaochun, on the other hand, was very delighted. With his hands behind his back, he put on an expert’s appearance as he gazed at the disappearing Zhou Xinqi with with great satisfaction, seemingly unconcerned by her attitude. All he wanted was a simple ‘Senior Uncle Bai’ after all.

Not until Zhou Xinqi disappeared in the distance did Bai Xiaochun proceed to his immortal cave, completely satisfied. He felt that he had passed a milestone today. Inside the cave, he took out the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture and carefully inspected it once again. As he thought about that magical ability Gui Ya had used in the Heaven Chosen’s War that day, his expression turned solemn.

“That Gui Ya, what’s up with his cultivation to be so formidable… And those ghosts, he controlled them as though he was controlling beasts. If only I had a monstrous beast of my own.” As he went through that battle in his mind, a sudden idea flashed through his mind. He retrieved a wooden case from his storage pouch.

“Raising a beast … If I get an opportunity to visit the North Bank in the future, perhaps… obtaining a beast for myself isn't impossible, especially if I raise this beast on my own!” Thinking of the wonders that could be brought by raising a beast, Bai Xiaochun’s heart thumped loudly with excitement. Only a long while later did he manage to suppress his emotions and put the case back into the pouch.

After thinking for a while, he shook his head.

“Fighting and killing... I’m fed up with all that. I'd rather reach the peak of Qi Condensation so I can make my way into the Foundation Establishment faster!” With that thought in mind, Bai Xiaochun began cultivating in accordance with the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture.

Although the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture could perfectly be linked with the Purple Qi Cauldron Manipulation Technique, the cultivation method was still different. It wasn’t based on taking various poses, but on three specific images instead. The first one was an incomparably majestic and massive Ancient Elephant that seemed strong enough to split mountains and shake Heaven and Earth. The absolute physical strength caused Bai Xiaochun’s body to involuntarily shudder from a single glance. As though his body had some special connection to the image…

The second image depicted a Jade Dragon, most of its body hidden as it rolled within the misty clouds. As Bai Xiaochun looked at it, the image burnt itself into his mind, leaving a mark in his head. After which, not even one breath later, Bai Xiaochun’s mind rumbled. All of the Qi inside his body surged uncontrollably throughout his body and waves of piercing pain jolted Bai Xiaochun awake, drenching him in cold sweat.

“What the hell is this cultivation method!” Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaochun didn’t continue onto the third image, deciding instead to carefully study the incantations and details of the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture.

A moment later, Bai Xiaochun raised his head up, a thoughtful expression on his face, as though he had realised something.

“Visionary Thought Cultivation!” Bai Xiaochun mumbled to himself.

This type of cultivation is exceptionally mysterious. Visualising different images for the different stages as one used the method to cultivate oneself. One could imagine the mysterious power of Heaven and Earth contained in the three images, strong enough that a single look could affect the viewer’s body!

For a disciple that had just joined the sect, such cultivation method would be completely unsuitable; if one tried forcibly, they may even harm themselves. Only upon reaching the eighth level of Qi Condensation did one have sufficient spiritual strength to cultivate such a method.

Bai Xiaochun was deep in thought, he didn’t want to bite off more than what he could chew. When he glanced at the first image, it caused his body to shudder and blood began rushing through his blood vessels. A silver glow enveloped his body seemingly resonating with his Impenetrable Skin. Bai Xiaochun had the feeling that… this Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture could complement his Impenetrable Skin, increasing its power.

Time quickly flew by and half a month had passed. During this time, Bai Xiaochun occasionally lit the furnace in order to refine medicine. As he trained according to the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture and refined medicine, his cultivation gradually increased. As a result, his Impenetrable Skin’s colour gradually deepened, evidently improving.

At the same time, as he cultivated with the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture, he noticed his Purple Qi Cauldron Manipulation Technique had improved by leaps and bounds, despite not using it at all.

This phenomenon took Bai Xiaochun by surprise. However, after pondering about it, he finally grasped the answer.

“Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture, a support technique created to strengthen other techniques. Just like the introduction mentioning the shackles…” Deep in thought for a while, Bai Xiaochun raised his right hand and pointed in front of him. The empty space in front of him instantly distorted, and a huge purple cauldron materialised.

It was extremely realistic. Not only was it larger than before, the pressure it emitted too had increased considerably. Bai Xiaochun felt that the cauldron could dissipate with just a thought and revert back into Qi before flowing back to his body.

Making a mental command, the massive cauldron suddenly vanished and a swarm of Qi lunged at him, burrowing into his body and replenishing the Qi lost in using the magical ability.

Bai Xiaochun was instantly delighted. That ease of which the cauldron dissipated and the Qi returned marked the pinnacle of the Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique.

“With the help of this Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture, controlling people I once thought of might actually have some hope!” As Bai Xiaochun basked in delight, his expression suddenly flickered; he raised his head towards the immortal cave’s entrance, pointing a hand seal, the door blurred before it began rapidly turning transparent, exposing the world outside.

It was currently dusk, yet there were over a hundred silhouettes swarming towards him from the distance, the fastest group already was before his cave.

Among that group was a handsome youth, but his skin was pale and had bloodshot eyes. He seemed to be overtaken by insanity, to the point where a single touch could cause him to explode.

Bai Xiaochun recognized that youth, he was the North Bank’s disciple… Beihan Lie!

And the dozens of people around Beihan Lie actually all had cultivations higher than the ninth level, over ten of them even at the peak level of Qi Condensation! As for the hundred or so following behind them, all of them shockingly was at the ninth level of Qi Condensation!

The large man beside Beihan Lie was particularly intimidating. He was burly, as though he was a small mountain, and his face slightly resembled Beihan Lie’s. His long hair flurried in the wind as he stood there in an imposing silence. Bai Xiaochun was shocked!

The atmosphere around him wasn’t something a Qi Condensation cultivator could have! Although faint, there seemed to be an invisible vortex surrounding him, drawing the energy of Heaven and Earth and throughout his surroundings.

“Over a hundred… ninth and tenth level Qi Condensation inner sect disciples!” Bai Xiaochun stared wide-eyed, his scalp numb. Forming a hand seal, he instantly activated the immortal cave’s formation array.

These over a hundred people were all inner sect disciples of the North Bank, more precisely, the Setting Sun Peak’s. Today, they had come to take revenge for their junior disciple, Beihan Lie.

The gathering of all these people naturally attracted the attention of the Scented Cloud Mountain’s inner sect disciples immediately. Zhou Xinqi was the first to exit her residence and many of the other inner sect disciples hastily came out as well, surrounding the intruders. As that happened, someone immediately recognized the big man beside Beihan Lie and cried out in shock.

“A Qi Vortex, that’s… that’s beyond Qi Condensation, he’s extremely close to Foundation Establishment, it’s a sign that he is half-step into Foundation Establishment!”

“Setting Sun Peak’s top; the inner sect’s Heaven’s Chosen, Beihan Feng!”

Everyone rose into an uproar, their voices reaching Bai Xiaochun who was still inside his immortal cave thanks to the formation arrays. Upon hearing the commotion outside, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes widened even further.

“Fellow sect cultivators, the Heaven’s Chosen War has been won by the South Bank. We have no qualms about that, the North Bank even congratulates you for that. Today, we have come here for a matter which does not concern our North Bank and South Bank, but a personal matter concerning my Beihan Clan. This shameless and despicable Bai Xiaochun has humiliated my younger brother for his whole life, and I, as his elder brother, will not tolerate that insult!”

“Today’s visit is for my brother’s sake, I seek to have him answer for his actions!” As Beihan Feng’s words resounded out, he didn’t wait for any of the Scented Cloud Mountain disciples to react before he shot a death glare at Bai Xiaochun’s cave.

“Bai Xiaochun, get out here!”

Beihan Lie was beside his elder brother, with red eyes and a trace of tears within them. In his madness, he let out a hysterical scream directed at Bai Xiaochun’s residence.

“Bai Xiaochun, get out!”

Just after the two Beihan siblings yelled out, the deeply aggrieved voice of Bai Xiaochun arrived from within the immortal cave.

“Ah... you guys are being unreasonable. I told you at that time to concede, you can’t blame me for that. When that huge dog pounced on you, I even considered helping set you two apart…”

“Shut up! Bai Xiaochun, get out of here right now! The Beihan Clan will forever be your enemy!” Beihan Lie roared furiously, thinking that Bai Xiaochun intentionally rubbed salt on his wounds. In a crazed outburst, he charged and struck against Bai Xiaochun’s immortal cave’s formation array, as though he wanted to vent his grievances on it.

Bai Xiaochun panicked for a moment, but when he realised that the formation array merely had a ripple appear on it and there was no sign of breaking apart, he calmed down and made a decision to definitely not go out. Looking at the enraged Beihan Lie, Bai Xiaochun sighed and tried to calm him down.

“Beihan Lie, it’s not a big deal. Think about it this way, now that you and that dog have such a close relationship, it may actually be a blessing in disguise! Perhaps your beast-taming techniques will improve because of that…” Bai Xiaochun genuinely wanted to console him, however, his words had the complete opposite effect as a roar exploded out of Beihan Lie’s throat.

Even Beihan Feng’s expression darkened. He stepped closer to Bai Xiaochun’s immortal cave and struck it with his palm. Boom! The formation array shook, making Bai Xiaochun’s heart skip a beat.

“Stop!” At this moment, the surrounding Scented Cloud Mountain inner sect disciples couldn’t tolerate it any longer. Although they weren’t close to Bai Xiaochun, now that the Setting Sun Peak had launched an attack, they couldn’t just sit back and watch, or the Scented Cloud Mountain inner sect disciples would lose their face.

As the Scented Cloud Mountain inner sect disciples charged out, they were immediately intercepted by the hundred or so disciples the Beihan siblings had brought. They spread out, creating a blockade. There wasn’t any fighting, they just stopped the others from interrupting Beihan Feng.

Such a thing was already considered a dispute between two mountains and violated the sect rules. However, Beihan Feng didn’t care much for that at the moment. The Beihan Clan was an Honour clan, and as long as no one died, the punishment wouldn’t be too severe.

Clang! Bai Xiaochun’s immortal cave formation array immediately distorted as the ripples grew larger, however, this immortal cave wasn’t ordinary. Bai Xiaochun calmed down from his initial panic, letting out a breath of relief after seeing nothing more happened.

But he was a kind-hearted person, feeling embarrassed, he attempted to calm them down once again.

“You can’t blame me for this… How about you cook that dog up and eat it. Eat it, and everyone will know that Beihan Lie is a fearsome man; anyone who dares pounce at him will end up as a meal instead... “ As he spoke, Bai Xiaochun felt that he had strayed from the topic… Just as he was about to go back on track, Beihan Lie spat out a mouthful of blood. With his hair in a disheveled mess, he let out an anguished cry as he furiously threw his head at the formation array.

The scene caused fear to spread in Bai Xiaochun’s heart.

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