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Chapter 91 - The Crazed North Bank

With the end of the first stage, three incense sticks worth of resting time was given. Currently, all of the North Bank disciples were seething with anger; They were all glaring intently at the South Bank, staring right at…Bai Xiaochun!

Every single one of them were awaiting the beginning of the second stage where they would use every means possible to take down Bai Xiaochun. They didn’t even bother whether the North Bank won this time, all that mattered was whether they could wash away that humiliation with blood!

“Bai Xiaochun, for this second stage, we will definitely make you understand that for all the shame you have brought to our North Bank, you will pay a heavy price!”

“This kind of person deserves to be pounced upon by a herd of war beasts. To quench our hatred, in this second stage, we must cripple him for life!”

“Down with Bai Xiaochun, down with that despicable and shameless brat!”

Shouts resounded from the crowd of North Bank, their desire to take down Bai Xiaochun had, at this very moment, coalesced upon their eight representatives. Of those eight people who had obtained victory, other than Gui Ya who was sitting calmly with his eyes closed, the other seven people were all clenching their fists so hard that their knuckles had turned white.

They knew they were representing the will of all the North Bank disciples, and when they looked at Bai Xiaochun, their eyes filled with an intense light. Each of them was analysing deep in their hearts, contemplating the information from Bai Xiaochun’s previous fight. Gradually, their hearts filled with confidence as they thought of a way to counter him.

“All that this Bai Xiaochun have are medicine pills, as long as he does not get a chance to take out his medicine pills, everything else will be simple!”

“To rely on gaining victory with just medicine pills, when without them, destroying him would be as simple as lifting a finger. In this second stage, he will most definitely lose, and it will be a miserable defeat!”

“This is too much!” Bai Xiaochun’s heart was filled with indignation. He felt that the North Bank was too much of a bully; all he had done was win a single match, yet they were being so vicious… He wanted to say something, but was worried that the moment he did, the other side would explode.

Just as the North Bank were in high spirits, the South Bank also voiced out their indignation. The atmosphere gradually got more and more intense when Ou Yangjie’s voice suddenly echoed.

“Three incense sticks worth of time has passed, we shall now move onto the second stage of the Heaven’s Chosen War and decide the top six!”

“Out of those eleven people, one will advance straight into the top six. The remaining ten will draw lots and face each other as per their lot number!” Ou Yangjie’s words resounded throughout the arena and a beam of light suddenly appeared on the arena. The beam of light transformed into a round ball that was half a zhang big. As it floated in mid-air, the beads in the hands of the remaining participants were sucked in. Instantly, the beads left their hands and shot straight towards the ball of light and merged into it.

It could be clearly seen that when these beads merged into the ball of light, the numbers on top of them changed to the numbers between one and ten, and one of them remained blank.

The eleven beads spun around inside the ball of light, going faster and faster until no one could see them clearly anymore and the ball of light itself became a blur.

“By using the Mystic Technique secret art to hide them from everyone, the heavens could ensure impartial fairness; even this old man here is unable to interfere with the beads inside the ball of light, so you can rest assured. Now, please retrieve the beads and receive your lot.” As Ou Yangjie explained, North Bank’s Xu Song viciously stared at Bai Xiaochun and opened his mouth with a cold laugh.

“Bai Xiaochun, you better pray that you do not meet me this round, if not, you are doomed!” Once he finished, he lifted his hand and retrieved a bead with his hand.

“No matter whom you meet in this second round, you are bound to lose miserably!” One of the Heaven’s Chosen from the North Bank gritted his teeth as the rest raised their right hands and grabbed towards the distant ball. Bai Xiaochun too was among these people. Filled with indignation, he raised his hand to grab a bead.

Instantly, ten beads hurriedly flew out and landed in each of the ten people’s hands.

“I am number 3!”

“Mine’s number 7!”

“I am number 1!” Each and every North Bank disciple immediately announced their lot as soon as they received their beads. Their momentum quickly rose with every sentence and lot announced. After they announced their lots, they would always look toward Bai Xiaochun with a vicious gaze. Gui Ya lowered his head, looked at the bead inside his hand and blandly opened his mouth.

“Number 9!” Very soon, the North Bank disciples outside the arena were shocked to realise that of the eight Heaven’s Chosen from the North Bank, none had drawn the blank lot. Of the ten numbers, they were now only missing number 4 and number 10. All of them immediately grew anxious as they looked toward the South Bank.

“I am number 4!” Shangguan Tianyou lightly opened his mouth.

“Number 10!” Zhou Xinqi had an unsightly look on her face. As she announced her number, she threw a glance at North Bank’s Gui Ya.

Other than Bai Xiaochun, after everyone had announced their numbers, the expressions of the South Bank immediately turned weird. Especially the outer sect disciples from Scented Cloud Mountain who previously witnessed Bai Xiaochun in that small competition; all of them stared wide-eyed.

“This can’t be real……” Some were in disbelief.

But the ones who found it even harder to believe were those from the North Bank clenching their fists and preparing to teach Bai Xiaochun a lesson. One by one, their expressions grew stunned with disbelief. Almost immediately, countless of gazes gathered on Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun couldn’t hide the joy on his face, he had previously already seen that the little ball in his hand had no number on it. Initially, he even thought that he had seen wrong, but after a closer inspection, he was certain of it. At this moment, as the gazes of the surrounding people gathered on him, and as everyone’s attention focused on him, Bai Xiaochun felt detached from the world… and immediately flourished his sleeve, putting on the expression of a lonesome expert as he lifted his head to gaze towards the clouds in the sky. He opened his mouth indifferently and said with a melancholic tone.

“I’m sorry, I picked the blank lot. If you want to fight me, you’ll have to continue working hard.”

After his words spread out, a moment of silence filled the surroundings. After a couple breaths passed, countless outraged cries suddenly exploded from the North Bank.

“Impossible, damn it, he actually drew the blank lot! Why him, that shameless Bai Xiaochun, why him!”

“Just what kind of luck is that, out of eleven people, he actually drew the blank lot! That sort of person, to have that sort of luck, it doesn’t make sense at all!”

“I can’t take it anymore, he is showing off too much, I want to kill him!!”

The North Bank’s outer sect disciples were originally planning to use this chance to wash away their humiliation with blood. But when they found out that Bai Xiaochun had drawn a blank lot, they almost spit out a mouthful of blood. That scene immediately caused a sea of raging cries to erupt. As for the North Bank Heaven’s Chosen preparing for the battle, they all felt as though their punches had landed onto a ball of cotton. Such a feeling caused Xu Song and the others to feel frustrated and exasperated down to the depths of their hearts. When they looked towards Bai Xiaochun, they couldn’t help but wish their gazes could just rip his body to shreds.

Even the people from the South Bank had weird expressions, speechless. They had long since noticed that the hearts of the North Bank were brimming with boundless desire to fight Bai Xiaochun. But with the situation right now, one needn’t think much to realise that the exasperation the North Bank felt had reached the heavens by now.

“This is nothing, when Senior Uncle Bai participated in the small competition… he drew the blank twice!” Some of Scented Cloud Mountain’s outer sect disciples couldn’t help but open their mouths. Though they said that softly, when the people beside them heard it, their eyes widened with disbelief.

“He has drawn two blanks before? Senior Uncle Bai’s luck… just undescribable!”

Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat as he continued his pose as an unfathomable expert. He swept his gaze over the North Bank and lightly shook his head with an apologetic expression, this expression simply pushed the entire North Bank to the brink of insanity.

But no matter how hysterical they were, they had no choice but to watch in anger as the second stage of the Heaven’s Chosen War began.

However, it was as though without Bai Xiaochun, the entire Heaven’s Chosen War had become pointless; especially since among the ten competitors, only two were from the South Bank. That meant that three of the matches would simply be a fight among the North Bank itself.

The first match of the second stage was just as such. When North Bank’s Gongsun Wan-er and another of the North Bank’s competitors walked up to the arena, without putting much effort, the North Bank’s competitor was quickly defeated. Seeing this, the South Bank disciples had complicated expressions on their faces.

Fortunately, in the second match, it was Shangguan Tianyou’s turn. But he was fortunate to have his opponent not be one of the remaining four great Heaven’s Chosen from the North Bank, instead it was just another one of their representatives. This match didn’t take much of a toll on Shangguan Tianyou as he easily obtained another victory. This caused the South Bank disciples to heave a sigh of relief. At the very least… they had won a match.

But after that, the third match and the fourth match were all the North Bank representatives fighting among themselves. Even though it was intense, those Heaven’s Chosen battles had no connection to the South Bank, making the South Bank disciples lapse into bitter silence.

It wasn’t until the very last match, when Zhou Xinqi walked out with a solemn expression, that the cheers once again erupted from the South Bank. But even so, no one in the South Bank had much hope for this match.

That was simply because Zhou Xinqi’s opponent was… the most fearsome one from the North Bank, Gui Ya. The person who almost killed Lu Tianlei with a single finger.

“Between yourself and the guy who used lightning before, who’s stronger?” Up on the arena, Gui Ya gazed towards Zhou Xinqi and asked seriously.

“Senior Brother Lu is slightly stronger.” Zhou Xinqi didn’t feel as though the other party was trying to insult her, thus replied seriously.

“If that is the case… I previously used 70% of my strength, I shall use 40% this time around, so it shouldn’t kill you.” Gui Ya muttered. When his words reached the surrounding disciples, bitter expressions appeared on all of their faces. They believed Gui Ya was speaking the truth, but even though that was the truth, such honesty only made them despair.

Zhou xinqi sucked in a deep breath as she gesticulated with both her hands immediately. Instantly, countless of blue lights danced around her body, transforming into a myriad of blue damasks that coalesced into a blue-coloured flower. Once this flower had appeared, waves after waves of strong suction immediately appeared!

“Hundred Transformations Plant Technique!” Everyone from the South Bank immediately recognised the skill with shock. Although this Hundred Transformations Plant Technique couldn’t be compared to the Nightwalker Technique or the Water Nation Technique, it was similarly one of the ten great secret techniques.

The technique focused on using secret arts to use illusory plants against the enemies, it had various forms, making it strange and unpredictable. If it was in the hands of Li Qinghou, he could even conjure an illusory world of plants with a hundred li radius. And ultimately, it could even be upgraded to a genuine secret art… Plant Soldiers!

Zhou Xinqi’s face turned pale, executing this technique placed a considerable burden on her body. She knew that she wasn’t Gui Ya’s match, but in her world, there was no such thing as admitting defeat.

With a wave of her hand, the entire blue flower immediately trembled and stretched out endlessly, heading straight at Gui Ya with its petals open, as though it was preparing to devour him.

An imposing aura immediately burst forth, and the gaze in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes turned serious. He was very interested in Zhou Xinqi’s technique. But right at this moment, Gui Ya lifted up his head, his expression still as calm as ever, and raised his right hand just like before, and pointed out a single finger.

He wasn’t pointing towards the sky this time, but rather, he pointed at Zhou Xinqi herself. Following that, from beside him, a loud explosion echoed through the air as an enormous black-coloured ghost claw appeared and punched in Zhou Xinqi’s direction.

The claw was enormous and occupied almost half of the arena, blocking a good half of everyone’s view. The fist collided with the blue flower, causing the flower to shudder and instantly crumble to pieces. Yet the ghost claw showed no signs of stopping, like a hot knife cutting through butter, as it neared Zhou Xinqi and descended without hesitation.

A loud explosion resounded through the skies as Zhou Xinqi spat out a mouthful of blood. Her entire body was mercilessly knocked off the arena, and even when she landed back on the ground below, she still continued taking steps back, spitting out seven-eight more mouthfuls of blood before she finally managed to stabilise herself. With her face deathly pale, she lifted her head, gazing stubbornly at Gui Ya who had already turned his body around and was walking back toward the North Bank’s side.

Silence filled the surroundings, nothing but the sound of people taking in a deep breath remained…


Translated by: Xin

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