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Chapter 79 - Xiaochun, We Believe You

Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes, the three thousand Spirit Stones floating in his mind… He looked at Hou Xiaomei as his eyes brightened. Right now, he really wanted to go hug Hou Xiaomei and give her three thousand thumbs up…

And tell her she’s a really good girl!

The people at the auction were in an uproar at the outrageous price that came with Hou Xiaomei’s voice. They turned to Hou Xiaomei and stared blankly. In front of their eyes was a cute young lady with a hand on her waist and her chest puffed up. Her skin was fair and she was dainty and delicate. Her expression showed that she was obviously pleased with herself and was a young lady that seemed to be as lively as a small chilli.

She raised her chin and looked at Zhou Xinqi as if she wanted to say that since she originated from a cultivator clan, she had no need to fear comparing their wealths. This, however, did not draw the crowd’s dislike. Instead, they found Hou Xiaomei rather cute.

Many of the people watching had a smile on their face, and even quite a few were amazed.

“Three thousand Spirit Stones…” Zhou Xinqi muttered, calming herself down.

“The Little Turtle is important to me. As long as they are the Little Turtle’s medicine pills, I, Hou Xiaomei, am willing to forgo all costs to buy it. Humph, I am ready to offer four thousand Spirit Stones. I’m part of a cultivator clan, Spirit Stones are not something I lack!” As she emphasized the last bit, Hou Yunfei lowered his head in embarrassment and was worried for his younger sister. He had been unaware that she had worshiped the Little Turtle so fanatically in the past few years...

Some Zhou Xinqi admirers couldn’t stand it anymore and many criticised Hou Xiaomei for her wastefulness as she had actually opened such a price for a Grade Two spiritual medicine.

“It’s this lady’s own fortune, jealous?” Hearing what the admirers were saying soured her mood. She puffed up her chest with her hand on her hip as her clear voice rebuked them.

As Bai Xiaochun was watching this scene from the balcony, the more he felt that he had truly done a right thing when he had guided Hou Xiaomei back on the right track.

Zhou Xinqi frowned, she didn’t have that many Spirit Stones herself. After staying silent for a while, she sighted as she had no choice but to give up.

Seeing Zhou Xinqi not bid anymore, Hou Xiaomei was pleasantly surprised. She had put on the appearance of a rich young lady, but of course, she didn’t actually have that many Spirit Stones. She did so because a bid placed in front of so many people was not something her clan’s patriarch would refuse to pay.

In the end, Hou Xiaomei took home the pill which had underwent three spirit refinements.

Satisfied, Bai Xiaochun looked at Hou Xiaomei’s fading figure appreciatively. Clearing his throat, he felt that with how much Hou Xiaomei worshiped the Little Turtle, it would be very inappropriate to not reveal to her his true identity.

Making up his mind, Bai Xiaochun decided to announce who he really was in front of everyone when the first day’s auction ended.

In the backstage were a few of the cultivator clans’ patriarchs, placed there in charge of the auction’s protective measures. A middle-aged man cleared his throat, forcing a smile towards his companions.

“Um… My granddaughter is quite a ridiculous one, isn’t she.” He said as he paid the Spirit Stones bidded by her with a wry smile.

“So pure and innocent.” The others laughed.

The first day of the auction had been concluded. Although such auctions would usually last several days, Bai Xiaochun didn’t plan to come again as his pills had already been sold out. Excited, he hastily made his way out and came out to face the great crowd leaving the auction grounds.

These people were disciples, and all of them were excitedly discussing the purple pill.

It didn’t take long for Bai Xiaochun to spot Zhou Xinqi. He looked at her with an appreciative look, as if to tell her to cheer up. Just as he was about to approach, startled by his gaze, Zhou Xinqi flew off in a rainbow before he got near.

As Bai Xiaochun felt depressed, a happy voice sounded from behind him.

“Big brother Xiaochun!” Hou Xiaomei had a joyful look in her face as she hopped out of the crowd, twisting around as she made her way to him. From behind her, Hou Yunfei also noticed Bai Xiaochun and smiled.

Bai Xiaochun turned away from the fading Zhou Xinqi, and threw an appreciative gaze at Hou Xiaomei and patted her head, acting like a big brother.

“Lil’ sis, not bad back there! When bidding on something, one ought to be domineering!”

Hou Xiaomei’s face immediately flushed, then as if she remembered something, she happily took out the pill and presented it to him.

“Big brother Xiaochun, look! This is the pill refined by the Little Turtle! Oh, do you want it? I will give it to you, you did say you respect the Little Turtle the most, right? I bought this precisely for you!” The excitement was clear in her eyes as she presented it to him with an expectant look. It was as if her entire world only held Bai Xiaochun inside at this moment.

Seeing this scene, Hou Yunfei simply smiled warmly and remained silent.

Bai Xiaochun was stunned, he hadn’t expected that the reason Hou Xiaomei bought the pill would turn out to be himself. He was deeply moved. Seeing the many people around them, he took a deep breath and put on a solemn look.

“Xiaomei, let me tell you a great secret.” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes burned with determination as he spoke seriously, like some lonesome expert.

He had already mastered the skill of putting on the airs of one at any time, at any place.

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