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Chapter 76 - Eighth Level of Qi Condensation

Meanwhile, the Foundation Establishment cultivators of the three mountains were enjoying the scene of Bai Xiaochun desperately escaping from Elder Zhou. They knew Elder Zhou only meant to scare Bai Xiaochun. When they saw Bai Xiaochun engage the lightning, however, the smiles disappeared from their faces. They rushed to help only to find Bai Xiaochun compeletely unscathed.

Their eyes were filled with surprise.

“This kid is good!”

“For him to survive the whole Fallen Chen Clan’s attempts to kill him, he really must have a few tricks up his sleeve.”

“Although he’s merely a little upstart at the moment, he might even have more talents than Shangguan Tianyou! Lu Tianlei and Zhou Xinqi can’t even compare with him anymore!.”

As those in the crowd silently nodded their heads, on the Zhong Dao mountain, Sect Head Zheng Yuandong’s face also flickered with surprise. He had witnessed this scene, in fact, he had used his spirit sense to observe everything since the very moment Bai Xiaochun began screaming.

Bai Xiaochun’s performance was, without a doubt, surprising. He had decided to refrain from interrupting the pursuit and observe how much potential Bai Xiaochun would show. His eyes shone with praise as his body flashed before appearing right in front of Bai Xiaochun in an instant.

“Senior Brother Sect Head, save me! Elder Zhou’s trying to kill me! My little life was almost lost!” Bai Xioachun immediately went behind Zheng Yuandong to hide behind his back after noticing him, looking pitifully.

Zheng Yuandong coughed dryly, when he saw Bai Xiaochun’s expression, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He raised his head to see Elder Zhou catch up to them with a ferocious gaze fixed on Bai Xiaochun before turning to Zheng Yuandong to cup his fist.

As their gazes met, the two old fogies immediately understood each other’s thoughts. The phoenix didn’t really matter that much, the bigger problem now was letting Bai Xiaochun’s mischievous actions.

After all, the only thing they really had against the kid was Li Qinghou. In his absence, there was no one to control Bai Xiaochun with his contributions, status as Honourable Disciple, and the Sect Head’s Junior Brother.

Even if Zhen Yuandong was to punish him, Bai Xiaochun would probably turn to the portrait of his dead master to cry about it.

“Sect head, please don’t interfere any further and let me deal with Bai Xiaochun!” Elder Zhou stared at Bai Xiaochun with a vicious gaze, laughing evilly in the process.

“Your damned bird…” Bai Xiaochun was shaking as he started explaining.

When Elder Zhou heard these words, his face turned green, prompting Bai Xiaochun to shut up immediately and desperately turn to Zheng Yuandong, looking aggrieved.

“Senior brother, I’ve bled for the sect… I’ve made contributions…”

Zheng Yuandong’s face twitched and he cleared his throat.

“Elder Zhou, why don’t we put this behind him? Xiaochun is an unruly kid, but he is not ill-hearted. How about this, the next time he does something like that again, this old man will deal with him immediately.”

Elder Zhou seemed reluctant to agree, but in the end, he nodded his head unwillingly. As he was leaving, he threw Bai Xiaochun a ferocious glare.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaochun stood up, a suspicious look was written on his face. He was a clever kid, everything happened so quickly, he didn’t even have time to react. He realised that something was amiss… however, he wasn’t sure what it was. He looked at the Sect Head just as the older man opened his mouth.

“The phoenixes once belonged to Elder Zhou’s partner. They had fallen in battle to save him. To barely escape the grasp of death and to lose a lover, it wasn’t something to shrug at. He sometimes goes a bit crazy because of that.

Outsiders knew him only as an old man obsessed with herbs, oblivious to the fact that the herbs were a way for him to suppress his craziness and ease his mind.

So, Bai Xiaochun, don’t provoke him any further. I fear that I might not be able to reach you by the time he does go insane.” Zheng Yuandong said, his eyes fixated on Bai Xiaochun.

Hearing his words, Bai Xiaochun felt sympathy for Elder Zhou. Feeling a chill ran down his spine, he nodded quickly and spoke aggrievedly.

“I really didn’t drug it, his damned bird… his damned bird was really trying to frame me.”

“Everything has its cause and effect. Regardless of the circumstances, you are now embroiled in this and the truth is irrelevant.” Zheng Yuandong patted Bai Xiaochun’s shoulder as he turned away indifferently.

Bai Xiaochun sighed at his bad luck. The only thing for him to do from now on was to avoid the elder. He carefully went back to Scented Cloud Mountain, hastily going back to the dormitory, deciding to shut himself in.

As for the bird that framed him, he feared that what he was originally planning to do to him would only provoke the elder. He gritted his teeth as he forced himself to forget about it.

“Good people don’t trifle with birds!” Bai Xiaochun comforted himself as he sat in the wooden house, taking out the Purple Rising Qi Pills that he refined himself, smiling with pride as he thought about how he dealt with the elder’s attacks.

“Foundation Establishment cultivators sure are tough, that guy would have smacked the blood out of me if I didn’t have this impenetrable skin.” Bai Xiaochun felt a bit of regret as he looked at the pills. He checked his surroundings and made sure it was safe before taking out the turtle-shell pot, once again beginning his refinement.

It wasn’t long before all the pills were refined thrice. Looking at the dimming lines of silver on the pills, Bai Xiaochun sighed.

“If only I had a fourth colored flame.” He had heard about the fourth colored flame, but the sect didn’t have much of it, the contribution points required for getting them were just too much. There were special medicine pills for fire cultivation, but after all, they were extremely uncommon.

As for the market square under the mountain, one couldn’t just walk down there and buy one. Even in the annual auctions, fourth colored flame was very rare.

“I’m running out of spirit tails as well.” Bai Xiaochun checked the remaining spirit tails before swallowing a Purple Rising Qi Pill and started cultivating.

Days passed as Bai Xioachun cultivated, finishing up the pills one by one, making his cultivation speed rapidly increase. It was night several days after when he had swallowed the last pill. The clouds were blocking the moonlight as Bai Xiaochun’s body trembled violently inside the wooden house. At this moment, explosions were reverberating within his body. But in his surroundings, not even a single noise could be heard.

His body trembled as the qi within him escaped from each and every part of his body, forming a great river that resembled a flood dragon, opening up the meridians throughout his body as it spread in his body.

As the entire cycle ended, the qi within his body expanded much bigger than its original amount, letting the filth of his body escape through his pores. A sense of weightlessness and tranquility made Bai Xiaochun open his eyes as a brilliant light shone in his eyes, shining like a great flame in the dark room.

“Eight level of Qi Condensation” Bai Xiaochun laughed as he got up to clean his body. It had been a long time since he entered the sect, and his body was much more toned and leaned. He didn’t gain much height, however, and it troubled him a bit.

He did like how nothing much changed about him, however - he was still white, pure, and small.

“I should be a lot more stronger now that I’m at the eight level.” Bai Xiaochun raised his right hand and pointed at a boulder some distance away, flinging it up with his mind. He controlled the speed, increasing and slowing it, switching between lifting the heavy as though it was light and lifting the light as though it was heavy.

“The thing I’m most interested about, though… has to be those fights I had with the Fallen Chen Clansmen - when I had accidentally broken through. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shined brightly. After practicing a few more times, he eventually stopped as he fell into deep thought.

“The Purple Qi Cauldron Manipulation Technique did state that at the eighth level of Qi Condensation, the strength of the Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique would increase by a wide margin.” Bai Xiaochun stood silently in the courtyard as he pinched his fingers together, pointing forward.

Silks of purple immediately appeared and formed a great purple cauldron before him in the span of two breaths.

It was twice as fast as the last time he did it.

The cauldron was, at the same time, evidently different. It was no longer blurry and looked very clear and detailed, with runes even etched on it.

The power the cauldron emitted was astoundingly strong. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shined at how extraordinary it was.

“This is much stronger than before!”

Bai Xiaochun probed the remaining qi within his body. Previously, it took half of his entire qi to form the cauldron, and a bit of time was needed to restore it before he could form another cauldron.

However, with his latest attempt, he discovered that the remaining qi inside his body was still about 70 percent of his maximum capacity.

“I can use it three times!” Bai Xiaochun was pleasantly surprised as he dissipated the cauldron and took out his Golden Crow Sword, turning it into a golden light. He got on it and left the Scented Cloud Mountain.

Upon arriving at the forest outside, Bai Xiaochun heard a faint thundering in the sky, heralding the imminent storm. Bai Xiaochun thought that it wasn’t very safe, so he hastily pinched his fingers, attempting to form the cauldron, not wanting to stay for too long. He sent it flying to a boulder some distance away, trembling as it violently crashed against it.

The crash was loud and the ground vibrated, waking many of the beasts as a huge trench with cracks spread from the boulder was. The affected area had a radius of ten zhang.

“This strong?” Bai Xiaochun gasped as he sized himself up. As he was now, with his impenetrable skin and his Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique, a fight with Chen Heng wouldn’t be too much trouble for him. In fact, he felt that he could wipe him out in an instant.

“Oh well…” Bai Xiaochun hesitated as he thought about it. It simply wasn’t wise for him to take the risk. The last time he took on an opponent close to him in strength, he almost paid for it with his life. He felt that the best way was to have enemies under the seventh level, for absolute safety.

“A flick of my finger obliterates any opponent from the first to the seventh level.” Bai Xiaochun tossed his sleeve to his side, not pleased that there weren’t any fences around for him to stand on, forcing him to resort to standing on his blade. He raised his head and stared into the clouds, putting on the pose of a master. He kept this pose as he flew back to the sect.

At this moment, the lightning in the clouds were suddenly attracted to the Golden Crow Blade, coming together to form many silvery snakes that dived straight at Bai Xiaochun

His eyes widened in shock.

A while later, Bai Xiaochun could be heard screaming in the distance...


Translated by: Marcus

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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