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Chapter 71 - The Living Honourable Scion

As for the spirit refinement, Bai Xiaochun paid closer attention to it because he had the Turtle-shell Pot. He had known for a long while that there was a Foundation Establishment Elder who was an expert in spirit refinement in the Purple Cauldron Mountain.

There were disciples from the sect that would go to that Foundation Establishment Elder, and after paying a certain amount of Contribution Points, they would request that Elder’s assistance. One or two refinements was alright, but after the second time, the success rate would plummet down.

It seemed that these two magic weapons had already contained three spiritual refinements in itself, saving Bai Xiaochun a three-coloured fire. Moreover, he did not need to conceal it and he could openly use it in front of anyone..

When he returned to the Scented Cloud Mountain, Bai Xiaochun quickly went to train with the Golden Crow Sword and the Divine Crane Shield. When Bai Xiaochun’s spiritual Qi fused with the Golden Crow Sword, it immediately emitted a very high temperature.

“This is a true treasure!” Bai Xiaochun inhaled deeply and made a hand seal. When he pointed forward, with a buzzing sound, the Golden Crow Sword turned into a golden ray of light, heading off into the distance in an instant. Along the way, even more heat spread out, forming a string of warped waves.

Bai Xiaochun formed a hand seal again and large amounts of his spiritual Qi surged into the Golden Crow Sword. The radiance from that Golden Crow Sword suddenly expanded several times and actually turned into an illusory Golden Crow.

This appearance of the bird was blurry. Even though it was only an outline, but in the instant that it appeared, a strong overbearing feeling suddenly spread out, causing the surrounding temperature to surge in an instant. Even Bai Xiaochun could feel his mind shudder under its imposing aura.

His breathing was rapid as he fixed his eyes on the Golden Crow Sword. The light in his eyes shone brighter and brighter until he finally bursted in a joyful laughter.

“This sword is definitely much better than my small wooden sword. It really is great having a Master.” Bai Xiaochun jumped up in a flash, stepping on top of that illusory Golden Crow.

Even though that Golden Crow was blurry, when Bai Xiaochun stepped on top of it, it was actually like stepping on even ground. Especially since the sword relied on his body’s spiritual energy to take form, it made him feel as though the sword was a part of his own body.

He stepped on the Golden Crow and with a hand seal, he immediately whistled through the air and circled the Scented Cloud Mountain speedily. He hastily slowed down where people crowded with his head held high as bursts of surprised cries sounded from below. Only then would Bai Xiaochun proudly increase his speed.

“I, Bai Xiaochun, can finally fly!” Bai Xiaochun was in high spirits, laughing excitedly from the bottom of his heart as he left the Ten Thousand Medicine Pavilion. As he was about to head to the other mountain peaks for a spin, the Golden Crow beneath his feet suddenly dimmed, disappearing in an instant. The Golden Crow Sword also unexpectedly began falling. Bai Xiaochun staggered and let out a frightened scream as his body plummeted down.

Fortunately, the area down below was not a chasm, but the sect’s road. His own speed was very fast, only after he landed did he manage to stop. He glanced to the side of the Scented Cloud Mountain. The distance from where he had fallen to the bottom of the mountain was quite large. If he had fallen all the way down, perhaps even his Impenetrable Skin wouldn’t save him from death… His face paled slightly.

“This was too dangerous!” Bai Xiaochun shivered and picked up the Golden Crow Sword. He realised that the spiritual Qi in his body was depleted and understood the reason as to why he had fallen down just now.

To a Qi Condensation cultivator, driving a sword to fly consumed too much spiritual energy. If it was any seventh level Qi Condensation disciple, the most that they could sustain it for was a dozen or so breaths before they would have no choice but to stop flying. Even Bai Xiaochun, who had a lot more spiritual energy in his body, could also not sustain it for more than a hundred breaths.

Bai Xiaochun did not dare continue trying out of fear from falling to his death. He quickly surveyed his surroundings, checking if there was anyone who had witnessed this embarrassing scene. He immediately discovered that not far away, there was a sturdy-looking man currently looking at him blankly with his mouth wide-open, shocked by the scene that he had just witnessed.

“Oh, isn’t that Nephew Wolf?” When Bai Xiaochun noticed the other party, he immediately glared at him and quickly ran over to him.

Only now did that sturdy-looking man come to his senses. When he heard those two words, ‘Nephew Wolf’, he shuddered and quickly payed his respects to Bai Xiaochun with a long face.

“Disciple Liu Ergou pays his respects to Senior Uncle Bai… I-I saw nothing just now.” This Liu Ergou was that fellow who had introduced himself as Mr.Wolf back when the Burning Stoves Kitchen was auctioning the positions of outer sect disciples.

Bai Xiaochun humphed a couple times, frightening him a bit. Not until he had confirmed that Liu Ergou would not speak of this matter to anyone did Bai Xiaochun pat him on the shoulder, promising him great benefits, and walk away.

Liu Ergou wiped the sweat from his forehead and quickly left.

Bai Xiaochun was glad that only Liu Ergou had seen him embarrass himself. If he had fallen down at the Ten Thousand Medicine Pavilion while in the limelight, then his reputation would be completely ruined...

“Alas, one really shouldn’t be too famous. Being famous is also troublesome.” Bai Xiaochun sighed emotionally, walking back to his courtyard with hands clasped behind.

After brief hesitation, decisiveness flashed in his eyes.

“This will not do. I still need to cultivate, if not, being unable to fly for long would be the least of my problems. If by any chance when I am running for my life in the future and I died not because I was killed by an enemy but because I had fallen to my death, I would feel wronged.” Bai Xiaochun thought to this point and then paused his eyes on the Golden Crow Sword and the Divine Crane Shield.

“Moreover, with considerations for the future, I better cover up these two treasures. This way, other people would only think that this is just my hobby, and when I take out other spiritually refined treasures in the future, they won’t pay too much attention to it.” Bai Xiaochun thought about it and took out those colourful saps that he had prepared long ago, smearing them on the Golden Crow Sword and the Divine Crane Shield.

Bai Xiaochun covered those couple faint spiritual lines and brandished the sword again, satisfied.

“In the future, when my herbal knowledge increases, I have to concoct a couple liquids to cover things up better.” Bai Xiaochun was a cautious person. Even now, with the status of the Sect Head’s Junior Brother, although he was running wild, he would still not cross the line in his heart.

“It is a shame that my cultivation is not enough. When I last saw Zhou Xinqi, she seemed to have reached the eighth level of Qi Condensation. Only by improving my cultivation will I be able to use the sword to fly for a longer time.” Bai Xiaochun was determined. Back then, from the incident with the Fallen Chen Clan, he had experienced the cruelness of the cultivation world and had realised how crucial it was to have the speed necessary to escape.

If he could’ve used a flying sword that time, even while carrying Du Lingfei and Hou Yunfei, it would’ve been no easy task for the Fallen Chen Clan to catch up to them.

“I still need to concoct pills!” There was resolution in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes. With his current status, even if the sect would not supply him with herbs for free, he could still concoct them in the Medicine Refinement Pavilion without spending Contribution Points. Thus, in the following days, the whole of Scented Cloud Mountain quietened down as Bai Xiaochun’s silhouette was seldomly seen.

He used a large amount of medicine recipes that he had acquired as well as the Spirit Stones and other goods gathered from the Fallen Chen clansmen to exchange for a lot of herbs in the market at the bottom of the mountain. After that, Bai Xiaochun headed for the Medicine Refinement Pavilion and began concocting medicines behind closed doors.

Time flew by and a couple months passed. Half a year had passed since Bai Xiaochun’s return. In this half a year, the whole South Bank had experienced a couple turbulences. Currently, things had quieted down, although there were still quite a lot of people who were still restless.

At the same time, with regards to Bai Xiaochun’s Honourable Disciple status, it also gradually spread from within the Sect to the whole of Eastern Forest continent in this half a year’s time.

There was a large amount of cultivator clans on the Eastern Forest continent. Many of which had connections with the Spirit River Sect, for example, the Hou Clan and Fallen Chen Clan.

To the Spirit River Sect’s disciples, even though Honourable Disciple was the highest title for a disciple, in reality, they believed in their hearts that it was not as great as being the Sect Head’s Junior Disciple.

However, it was just the opposite to those cultivator clans. The degree with which they regarded the title of Honourable Disciple far surpassed that of the Sect Head’s Junior Disciple. It could be said that they didn’t care for one being the Sect Head’s Junior Disciple, but were crazed with excitement over an Honourable Disciple.

Once they learned that Bai Xiaochun had become an Honourable Disciple, a large amount of the clan elders had suddenly gotten excited. In their eyes, Bai Xiaochun was clearly like a golden mountain, a living honourable scion.

Regardless of which cultivator clan it was, so long as Bai Xiaochun married into their family and produced descendants, those children’s futures would be limitless. And as they multiplied, the clan would also flourish under the Spirit River Sect’s support.

Therefore, as supportive cultivator clans, they would also rapidly climb up the social ladder like a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate.

There were only a total of nine Honourable Clans in the current Spirit River Sect. These nine Clans could even influence the decision-making of the sect in certain areas. Even if it wasn’t much, they were still considered important to a certain extent.

They were shockingly strong, making other cultivator clans extremely envious and fearful of them. In the past, they were powerless to change anything and could also do nothing to overturn the situation. They could only have their own clansmen establish a relationship with the Spirit River Sect and contribute to the Sect in order to obtain respectful statuses for the rest of their lives.

But now… Bai Xiaochun had appeared.

The most wonderful thing was that he came from a mundane background and was not a member of any one of the cultivator clans and… he did not have any companion yet. This was the sign of an available position as the tenth Honourable Clan, stirring up all of the cultivator clans in the Eastern Forest.

“Take along the most beautiful woman in my Zhou Clan and have them follow this old man to pay their respects to Fellow Bai!”

“Fei’er, you are my Zhao Clan’s pearl. This time, you must be sure to get on that Bai Xiaochun’s good side. If you can make him fancy you, then my Zhao Clan’s crisis will be immediately resolved!”

“Even though my Sun Clan’s daughter is not that outstanding, but we have resources. Let this old man prepare a rich gift and go pay our respects to Fellow Bai!”

A large amount of cultivator clans had sprung into action, each with their own methods. The clansmen inside the sect would try to get close to Bai Xiaochun whereas those on the North Bank were making their own moves. In a short period of time, Bai Xiaochun’s name spread throughout the whole of Eastern Forest continent.

It was the same with the Hou Clan.

“Yunfei, your relationship with Bai Xiaochun is special. For this matter… you must help the Clan. On your younger sister’s end, ah, I see that she has long since fixed her heart on Bai Xiaochun. Find a chance to bring them both together.” The Hou Clan’s patriarch was a middle-aged man. He had summoned Hou Yunfei and Hou Xiaomei, speaking to them sincerely.

Hou Xiaomei’s face flushed red and pouted, quickly running away.

Hou Yunfei felt anxious in his heart, but could only grudging agree with a nod of his head.

A few days later, people from these cultivator clans gradually began arriving and gathered outside of Bai Xiaochun’s residence on the Scented Cloud Mountain. Some well-informed one straightaway clustered outside of the Medicine Refinement Pavilion, eagerly awaiting Bai Xiaochun’s exit.


Translated by: Nat

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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