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Chapter 69 - My Young Master Wants To Meet You, Bai Xiaochun

A month later, the outer sect disciples of Purple Cauldron Mountain were going crazy. During the past month, Bai Xiaochun’s presence had taught them the horrifying meaning of one living like a Senior Uncle as a duty.

They discovered that wherever you are, so long as it is on Purple Cauldron Mountain, you are not exempt from chancing upon a small swaggering youth failing to mask the glee on his face. And when you do, the youth would cough dryly upon seeing you and even give you an unwanted self-introduction if you haven’t met...

’Senior Uncle Bai’, these three words made their jaws hurt from the uncountable times they had uttered them. However, they didn’t have much of a choice... he was the Sect Head’s Junior Brother, after all. He was senior to all sect disciples, and if a disciple dared disrespect him, they would be violating of the sect rules.

Only after managing to find Zhang Fatso One did the tormented people find peace after Bai Xiaochun’s old friend persuaded him to leave Purple Cauldron Mountain alone. And so Bai Xiaochun went to… Green Peak Mountain.

A month in Green Peak Mountain drove the outer sect disciples there to insanity as well.

Chen Fei’s group of three, in particular, were tormented. Bai Xiaochun’s stay in Green Peak Mountain yielded daily visits to their homes, and nothing short of saying ‘Senior Uncle Bai’ a hundred times before the trio could send him off.

It was to the point where Bai Xiaochun would find even the slightest fault and had the look that said as long as the Chen Fei trio were in the least bit disrespectful, he would report them to the Law Enforcement Agency, making the Chen Fei trio tremble in fear. They were careful the whole day until finally it seemed as though they were wailing and begging as they named Qian Dajin as the instigator of everything and had been tormented until they lost their human form. Only then did Bai Xiaochun let them go and sighed as he left the Green Peak Mountain. He also felt some remorse in what he did.

”Right, the outer sect disciples know who I am now… All that’s left are the inner sect ones. That Qian Dajin, does he really think I’ve forgotten about him?” Bai Xiaochun pondered for a moment before nodding deeply. He felt his current life was quite enjoyable and quickly went off to search for the inner sect disciples.

After that, although his figure still appeared from time time on the three mountains, he mostly dwelled where the inner sect disciples were. With his identity, Bai Xiaochun could enter just about anywhere.

Very quickly Bai Xiaochun got bored. The inner sect disciples were in their cave dwellings, cultivating behind closed doors. He decided to camp outside the cave dwellings for a couple months, waiting for any of them to come out, especially Qian Dajin. Despite Bai Xiaochun standing in front of his cave dwelling for a whole month, Qian Dajin was too afraid to exit and therefore never met with Bai Xiaochun. No matter how much Bai Xiaochun shouted, he never responded.

”I refuse to believe this!” Bai Xiaochun stood before Qian Dajin’s door, attempting to use a formation array to break in. Inner sect disciples’ cave dwellings had very strong protections. Unable to do it alone, he was forced forced to gather a few other disciples for the job.

At this moment, two figures sped to them from the distance, both inner sect disciples, one tall and one short. Without greeting Bai Xiaochun, they calmly said.

”Senior Uncle Bai, regarding Qian Dajin, could you give our Young Master face and drop this matter?”

”Our Young Master holds the title of Shangguan Tianyou” The tall disciple emphasized.

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Translated by XianXiaWorld

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