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Chapter 147 A Strange Pill is Born!

Fresh blood was shed and they turned into bursts of Earthen Pulse Qi. When that fiendish beast’s blood-curdling screech echoed out, Bai Xiaochun seemed to feel that it was noisy and conveniently cut the fiendish beast’s neck with a flick of the knife. When the sound spontaneously came to an end, the eyes of the four Blood Creek Sect disciples in the surrounding immediately protruded out of their sockets. Their bodies were trembling as they simultaneously retreated. When they looked towards Bai Xiaochun, they actually revealed a revered expression on their faces.

Bai Xiaochun was not aware of that in the slightest. Very quickly, that whole fiendish beast’s corpse had been directly separated by Bai Xiaochun in half an incense’s worth of time, turning into neatly cut up pieces of meat. Even though they were all rapidly disappearing, these scenes made those four Blood Creek Sect disciples feel as though their scalps were about to explode open.

“He… Is it that he has a grudge with the fiendish beast or is it that he likes behaving this way every time he encounters an opponent? My goodness, he is more frightening than our Blood Creek Sect!”

“It must be a special hobby of his…”

“He is…Bai Xiaochun!” Amongst the four of them, after one of them quickly took out their jade slip and identified who Bai Xiaochun was, the complexion on his face gravely changed. Once the three words, Bai Xiaochun, left his mouth, the other three people also inhaled deeply. There was no longer any hesitation left between one another as they rapidly retreated. They fled in a flash, disregarding everything.

After a long time, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes revealed excitement. His inhaled deeply and stood up with enthusiasm, walking about here and there as he waved his hand in the air from time to time.

“I now understand. These fiendish beast and fearful beasts may look alike, but they are essentially different. To them, spiritual Qi is like a huge supplementing item, similarly just like how the Earthen Pulse Qi can help Foundation Establishment cultivators! Therefore, that disciple that had been swallowed had actually disappeared without a trace and been completely engulfed in a flash…”

“Haha, I will definitely be able to refine my medicine pill!” Bai Xiaochun raised his head and looked up at the sky, loudly laughed out. He looked around at his surroundings, bearing some astonishment at the bottom of his heart. He remembered that there seemed to be a few other people here just now, but in this moment, there actually was not a single person left.

It was under this intensity that Bai Xiaochun had also sensed that the whole world was filled with murderous auras. His silhouette did not appear often as he was researching and refining medicine most of the time. However, in these few times where he appeared, he had seen seventeen corpses that belonged to Spirit Creek Sect disciples.

Everytime he encountered such a corpse, he would collect the corpse without saying a word. He wanted to bring them back to the sect.

Even if he was going outside to search for fiendish beasts, he would also launch his full speed, frequently carrying out his objectives like lightning. After he immediately grabbed ahold of a fiendish beast, he would drag it away and leave, starting his research after which he would then refine medicine once more.

Under this unconscious state, the grey coloured Earthen Pulse liquid inside his Dao bottle had already accumulated to about three folds of the original. However, the matter that he paid more attention to was the refinement of his own spirit medicine.

Until now, he had already failed tens of times even to the point of failing five or six times in a day. However, the more he failed, the more Bai Xiaochun did not give up. He already understood the fiendish beast’s body like the back of his hand and was also well acquainted with the fiendish beast’s structure in his heart. So much so that he who had once sunk into a crazy state had personally experienced how the fiendish beast killed cultivators for a moment.

When he felt that that was not an attack on the flesh, rather it was a kind of opportunity to live by engulfing oneself, all of the experience that he had accumulated all these days exploded. He chose a remote cave and cultivated with reddened eyes.

This time, he had refined for as long as five days. In these five days, he did not take a single step outside. In these five days, he had failed tens of times. Finally, when dusk fell on the fifth day, when the sky was a dusky panorama while many regions in this world are fighting at close quarters, the pill furnace in front of Bai Xiaochun let out a tremendous explosive sound like the sudden clap of thunder. In the instance when this sound rang out, the explosive sound even spread to half of the Meteoric Sword World.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

This sound continuously echoed as if the heavenly thunder that split the heavens and earth apart had exploded. Even a field of black clouds had appeared in mid air outside of Bai Xiaochun’s cave dwelling and was currently intensely rolling about. Within the black clouds, wisps of white gas that were curled up could actually be faintly seen!

In this half Meteoric Sword World, all of the disciples from the four sects all paused for a moment and simultaneously looked in the direction that Bai Xiaochun was at.

Gui Ya was currently speeding along. After he heard this noise, both his eyes flashed.

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