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Chapter 145 - You Must Be Killed!

Bai Xiaochun felt as if he had been hit on the head. The person in front of him was indeed able to kill a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment. He was an unprecedented fierce person who would confront the heavens. In Bai Xiaochun’s thoughts, such a person should’ve already entered the world within the sword. Why would he still be in the abyss outside the sword, moreover, why would he come to this sort of this deep area?

Bai Xiaochun immediately felt a strong sense of peril as he sensed a wave of killing intent spreading out from Song Que as he stared at Bai Xiaochun. It was as if the moment he moved, it would immediately attract the killing intent and causing it to erupt instantly.

Song Que was also apprehensive. He never thought that there would actually be a second person that was also able come here. It should be known that the intensity of the cold air here far surpassed the limits of Qi Condensation, and even if it was a Heaven’s Chosen, it would also be very hard to come here. However, this Bai Xiaochun actually came here like it was nobody’s business, and he seemed as if he could move unrestrainedly.

At this moment, as he was gazed at Bai Xiaochun, Song Que’s gaze became increasingly serious. Recalling the sect's jade slip’s introduction of Bai Xiaochun, his gaze slightly sank.

The two were silent, not a single person moved. In Song Que’s awareness, the Bai Xiaochun was unfathomable. Although there was no killing intent shown, his intuition told him that, if he made a move, he feared that … between the two of them, undoubtedly one of them will die, and he didn’t have the complete confidence that the person who would live would be him.

After a long time, Song Que abruptly spoke.

“There’s a crevice twenty zhang below.”

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flashed. Supressing his quickening heartbeat, he slowly moved deeper. Unbeknownst to him, following his movement downwards as he increased proximity to Song Que, Song Que’s heartbeat also quickened as he watched Bai Xiaochun’s body, making his preparations for a counter attack if the other party made a move.

When the distance between him and Song Que was only several zhang, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes swept. Song Que suddenly shifted, having had the area of the sword blade behind him covered, a fierce look appeared in his eyes.

“Being so suspicious, he’s definitely up to no good!” Bai Xiaochun thought in his heart as he cautiously moved deeper. After moving down twenty zhangs, sure enough, he saw a crevice. He carefully examined it, and only after he confirmed that it had no problems did he relax and step into the crevice with one step.

Song Que also similarly relaxed. But whenever he thought about Bai Xiaochun’s introduction in the sect’s jade slip, he didn’t dare to lower his guard. Only after Bai Xiaochun stepped into the gap and disappeared, did he feel thoroughly relieved. A fierce look appeared in his eyes. Ever since his cultivation reached the sixth layer of Qi Condensation, he had never been as careful as he was today, and he actually told the other party the location of the crevice on his own accord.

“Although this Bai Xiaochun is impressive, once my plan is completed, killing him will be like crushing ants!” A hint of killing intent appeared within Song Que’s eyes; when he turned around and looked towards the sword body behind him, the killing intent in his eyes turned into ferventness, it even had a hint of madness within it.

“As expected, Senior Wu Ji’s analysis was not wrong. This is the location of a node!”

Within the Meteoric Sword Abyss, the moment Bai Xiaochun stepped into the crevice, it seemed like he had penetrated through a layer of water and appeared in a world of black and white.

The sky was white coloured while the earth was black coloured; it was as if the entire world was an ink painting...

He could see the mountain ranges undulating, the black coloured river silently flowing, and even further into the distance, there seemed to be many pairs of eyes in the sky, like stars that were slowly blinking.

The most astonishing thing was that the entire world was slanted. As Bai Xiaochun stood there, he felt like the entire world was like a hillside.

It took a long while for him to get accustomed to this kind of strange phenomenon.

“What is this sword?! It actually birthed a world inside it. Although it’s very small compared to the real world, it’s still inconceivable.” Bai Xiaochun sucked in a deep breath as he inspected his surroundings. There weren’t any people in this area. According to his judgement, although this place wasn’t the deepest area, it was already too deep for those disciples from the four sects that had entered earlier.

Bai Xiaochun pondered for a moment before running downwards whilst carrying a sense of vigilance, leaving the place that he entered from. After half an incense stick’s worth of time, he crossed a small hill, however, his expression changed dramatically. He immediately raised his right hand and using two fingers, revealed a dazzling silver light and suddenly pinched towards the side of his body.

An invisible being on the side of his body undulated, causing a black snake around the thickness of a finger to unexpectedly appeared out of thin air. It was if it had taken the initiative to deliver itself into Bai Xiaochun's hand, allowing him to grasp its head whilst its mouth was agape.

That small snake let out a shrill yell, breaking the silence within the area as it struggled. Its body instantly twisted around Bai Xiaochun’s arm, ruthlessly tightening itself onto Bai Xiaochun’s arm.

The powerful strength of the snake caused Bai Xiaochun to become shocked. Were it not for his corporeal body’s strength reaching the level of touching upon the first layer of the shackles of life, perhaps this small snake could struggle free.

At this moment, he forcefully pinched his two fingers, and with a snapping sound, he directly blasted the skull of the small snake into smithereens. The snake could no longer struggle. It could be seen with the naked eye that the body of the small snake had turned into a strand of grey qi in the black and white world. It was as thick as an incense stick, and it floated there without scattering.

“So this is the Earth Pulse Qi?” Bai Xiaochun immediately took out his Dao jar, and after opening it, he absorb the strand of Earth Pulse Qi. It flashed in his hand, causing Bai Xiaochun to discover that this strand of Earth Pulse Qi had turned into a drop of grey coloured water within the Dao jar.

“If I want to fill it up, I more or less need one thousand more drops…” Bai Xiaochun was somewhat speechless as he looked upwards. He estimated that if he stayed within this area, he would need to kill at least one thousand more evil beasts, however, in the areas above* [1], he feared that the number one needed to kill would be even greater. Perhaps it wasn't certain that killing ten thousand beasts would be enough.

“I need to do it as quickly as possible so I can immediately condense the Earth Pulse Qi.” Bai Xiaochun sprinted forward at a terrifying speed in order to look for Evil Beast. He sprinted throughout the entire journey, and three days later, Bai Xiaochun glanced into his Dao jar, he had accumulated approximately thirty drops of the grey coloured liquid, causing him to furrow his brows.

During these three days, he had killed several tens of evil beasts and had only obtained this much liquid. He felt that this speed was too slow.

“With this speed, I’ll need two or more months to be able to condense the Earth Pulse Qi.” Bai Xiaochun clenched his teeth and felt that he should go even deeper in order to obtain better gains. Thus, his body flashed as he moved forward at extreme speeds. After twelve hours, his footsteps suddenly paused. In front of him not too far away, unexpectedly, there were two corpses.

This was the first time that Bai Xiaochun saw an outsider during these three days. Clearly, the other party had rapidly rushed in after entering, or had a special opportunity to be able to be ahead of Bai Xiaochun.

One of the two corpses was wearing the clothes of the Spirit Creek Sect, and was an inner sect disciple of the South Bank. The other corpse was wearing the clothes of the Pill Creek Sect. The two people seemed to have mutually killed each other. The hand of that disciple from the Pill Creek Sect still held his Dao jar.

Bai Xiaochun looked at that dead disciple of the South Bank. He glanced at the dead disciple, recognising him as Zhou Youdao from the inner sect of the Purple Cauldron Mountain, he was also one of the last five people who entered the third crevice. He enthusiastically called him Senior Uncle Ba within the abyss outside the sword and on their journey, they had also fought together to crush the other sects. Bai Xiaochun never would’ve thought that he would die here.

This was a feeling that was very hard to describe. Several days ago, they were laughing together, however, when they met each other again, they were already separated forever by the line between life and death. It seemed as if death shrouded this world, turning into a constant pressure reminding Bai Xiaochun that this place was full of the dangers of death, and if he was even a little bit careless, he would definitely die. Even if he died, he would be used by others as a trap.

Anger filled Bai Xiaochun’s eyes as he tightly clenched his fist. Besides Feng Yan from that year, this was Bai Xiaochun’s first true meaning of seeing a fellow sect member die. He felt sad and sorrowful in his heart. He remembered that Zhou Youdao had once said that his dream was to become the patriarch of the Spirit Creek Sect.

“Cultivation is for an even better life, for your dreams… but why… is there fighting and killing… is this the price for a better life?” Bai Xiaochun became silent. He could obviously tell with a glance that this was a trap, however, he still chose… to walk over.

It was at this moment when he approached the two corpses that suddenly, bursts of explosions echoed out from the surrounding area. It was as if a pill had exploded, causing its content to spread out and form mist. This extremely poisonous mist spread directly towards Bai Xiaochun.

At the same time, a flying sword flew amidst this mist, it approached at an extremely terrifying speed which seemed to resemble the speed of lightning. An illusory scorpion twisted around the flying sword, letting out bursts of mournful cries, it was as the sword was crying out instead!

On the other side, several explosive pills which contained impressive power suddenly arrived, causing the sounds of spatial collapse to echo out.

On the left, there was a flying sword; on the right, there were explosive pills. There was also the poisonous mist formation array surrounding the area, turning it into a death arena. If an ordinary person stepped into it, he would undoubtedly die without question.

“Die!” When a cold snort resounded out from within the mist, Bai Xiaochun’s qi was submerged within his dantian. His complexion turned gloomy, and the supressed emotions in his heart exploded out like a volcanic eruption.

“It’s you who is going to die!” His voice sounded like booming thunder, it even caused an endless gale to rise. It turned to its surroundings, suddenly attacking like it was toppling the mountains and overturning the seas.

His hair flew upwards, his eyes held killing intent, and his aura seemed to shocked the heavens!

Bai Xiaochun’s thunderous voice which carried his sorrows but also carried his anger, echoed out towards the heavens and earth; the loud voice shook the heavens and his attack turned into a series of sonic booms instantly pushing away the poisonous mist that surrounded Bai Xiaochun, causing it to rapidly drift towards its surroundings.

Within the blink of an eye, the poisonous mist was pushed away ten zhang, causing the flying sword and explosive pills on both sides of Bai Xiaochun to instantly become exposed. There was a male and female, disciples of the Pill Creek Sect, whose faces were overwhelmed with shock.

That scorpion atop the flying sword let out a mournful screech, and as if it was ink, was instantoy wiped away by Bai Xiaochun’s hand. The sword blade let out cracking sounds and dimmed after losing its spirit power; it trembled as it was directly swept into the distance.

As for the numerous explosive pills, although they had exploded, the power that was contained inside seemed to have been deeply supressed, and unexpectedly, it was unable to detonate in Bai Xiaochun’s direction. Instead, they all exploded in a different direction.

At this moment, something indistinct seemed to have appeared in the heavens and earth, causing an even more astonishing aura to erupt around Bai Xiaochun’s body. His figure seemed to have grown larger and his voice resounded in all directions.

“Those who have killed the disciples of my Spirit Creek Sect must be killed!”

His words struck as if it was thunder! His words seemed if they could kill!

The surrounding attacks became even stronger, and beneath the explosions, the strength of the gale reached its pinnacle. Perhaps the gale wasn't merely wind, and it also contained Bai Xiaochun’s killing intent! On Bai Xiaochun’s body, the aura formed by the Spirit of Life after comprehending the Water Nation Technique suddenly appeared!

This aura seemed as if it was a huge hand which could topple mountains and overturned seas! So much so that bursts of water vapour formed in the surroundings; the Water Nation Technique… seemed to have descended upon the world as if it were a god!

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