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Chapter 143 - They Must Be Doing It Intentionally!

Bai Xiaochun sucked in a deep breath as he slowly withdrew his gaze. As he glanced at the surrounding crowd, he found Xu Xiaoshan, who was introduced in the jade slip.

Xu Xiaoshan was the easiest to recognise. He possessed a handsome appearance and wore a complacent expression. Whenever he looked at people, he would always lift his chin, as if there was nothing that would make him look at someone or something directly. Both Xu Xiaoshan’s appearance and temperament was that of a pampered young master; it was especially conspicious.

Beside Xu Xiaoshan were two extremely beautiful female disciple.

One of which was massaging his shoulders while the other was peeling fresh fruit by his side and feeding him.

Bai Xiaochun felt slightly envious as he gazed at the scene. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun gradually discovered that the disciples of the Blood Creek Sect were acting almost identically to Song Que and were occasionally sneaking a few glances at him.

Their gazes were completely different from the defiant gaze of those in Pill Creek Sect and different from the contempt from the Mysterious Creek Sect. A large number of gazes from the Blood Creek Sect carried a sense of restrained fear whenever glanced at him; killing intent could also be seen within their gaze.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaochun felt his mouth went dry. The gazes from the disciples of the Blood Creek Sect caused him to have a feeling of trepidation. The information within the jade slips which belonged to the disciples of the Blood Creek Sect contained a large amount of information regarding the other sects. This information aroused a strong sense of curiosity within Bai Xiaochun.

The cultivator leading the Blood Creek Sect was an elder who wore a long crimson robe. Even his hair was a scarlet red, and his complexion was quite fair. He had a slight hunched back but his eyes seemed to be awe-inspiring. The elder stuck out his tongue and licked his lips as he inspected the surrounding crowd.

As for his tongue, it was unexpectedly different from that of a normal persons’, it seemed to have a snake-like fork at the tip of his tongue; the sight of this caused the scalps the surrounding disicples to feel numb.

Ouyang Jie, the Hai-surnamed cultivator, as well as the Lin-surnamed cultivator* stopped their conversation, and instead simultaneously looked at the Blood Creek Sect, and when they looked at the snake tongued old elder from the Blood Creek Sect, the expressions of the Hai and Lin surnamed cultivators greatly changed as they took a deep breath. Even Ouyang Jie wore a solemn expression.

“She Linzi, your Blood Creek Sect has arrived late.” Ouyang Jie spoke abruptly in an unfriendly tone.

“Hehe, it’s not this old man who came late, but it was you three sects that arrived early.” The snake tongued old man rolled his eyes and revealed a fake smile as he spoke; murderous intent appeared in his eyes as he gazed at Ouyang Jie.

The glares of the two seemed to contain some sort of eye related magical technique, immediately activating in the instant that they met each other’s eyes. It was as if a soundless explosion occurred between the two. In the end, Ouyang Jie humphed in a depressed manner; his complexion was sightly pale. He flourished his sleeve and retreated a few steps before returning to the front of the people from the Spirit Creek Sect.

As for the snake tongued old man, his eyes also f lashed; and with the internal Qi and blood boiling, he retreated half a step back. When he raised his head, an odd light appeared in his eyes.

“Old man Ouyang, we haven’t met in a number of years! Your cultivation has improved incredibly. Nevermind, we still have lots of time to talk about old times. Since my Blood Creek Sect has arrived, let’s open the Meteor Sword Abyss so that we can begin refining and cultivating earlier!” As the snake tongued old man raised his right hand, a remnant piece of a jade pendant immediately flew out and floated in midair.

The two people, Hai and Lin, glanced at each other and also took out their respective remnant pieces of the jade pendant. The pair threw the jade pendants in succession, followed by the fourth jade piece which had been tossed out from within Ouyang Jie’s sleeve; the four jade pieces immediately joined up in midair, forming a complete jade pendant.

Rays of light began to potrude from the protective barrier on the earth beside the Meteor Sword; the barrier slowly began ripping apart, forming cracks. Judging from its appearance, a gateway should open in almost half an incense stick’s worth of time.

This scene attracted the attention of all of the surrounding Qi Condensation cultivators. The moment Bai Xiaochun looked over, Ouyang Jie’s voice echoed throughout the ears of every disciple from Spirit Creek Sect.

“There are over forty entrances to the world within the sword. A maximum of ten people can pass through each entrance, and every time, the first battle would be the struggle for entrances. The issue of ambushes always happens each time, so you should join forces as much as possible, and hold your own in there!”

“Remember what I explained to you earlier. If you encounter disciples from the other sects, you cannot be softhearted. Under the circumstances of protecting your own life, if you can kill - kill. You should collect as much Earthern Pulse Qi into your Dao Jar as quickly as possible. By condensing it into the Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor, we would be able to shake the Earth Pulse Qi in the entire Meteoric Sword Abyss!”

When Ouyang Jie was quietly briefing the people from the Spirit Creek Sect, the Foundation Establishment group leaders from the other three sects were also currently briefing similar words to the disciples from their respective sects.

Ouyang Jie waved his right hand, and a hundred small blue bottles immediately flew straight towards the crowd, and everyone got one.

“Haha, you don’t need to worry, with me, the senior, here, who dares to give us any trouble!”

Everyone was happy, and crowded around Bai Xiaochun as he advanced, especially that inner sect disciple from the Purple Cauldron Mountain, Zhou Youdao, who had a face full of smiles.

Hou Yunfei was beside Bai Xiaochun. Looking at Bai Xiaochun’s equipment and looking at his expression that was like a senior’s, Hou Yunfei smiled. It was as if he had returned to the previous battle with the Fallen Chen Clan.

“Xiaochun, keep it up! You must succeed in getting an Earth Pulse Foundation Establishment!” Hou Yunfei spoke with a deep voice.

“I wish it too. Do you think that these people are doing it intentionally… I originally planned to follow behind them, how did it became them following behind me, now.” When no one was paying attention to him, Bai Xiaochun took advantage of that and sullenly spoke quickly to Hou Yunfei.

Hou Yunfei’s expression turned odd, and he let out a dry cough. He suddenly felt that with Bai Xiaochun around, no matter how serious and dangerous a region is, it would instantly become weird and joyful…..

“Nevermind. After all, I am the Honourable Disciple and the Sect Head’s Junior Brother. During that year in the South Bank, I made them suffer when I implicated them in my pill refining. I, Bai Xiaochun, am a reasonable person” Bai Xiaochun comforted himself and stuck out his chest, displaying the face of an expert. In actuality, he was very nervous as he advanced cautiously.

Within these cracks, there were also disciples from other sects. Some of them were alone and some of them were in groups of three to five. Seeing this group of over ten people, everyone immediately avoided them and did not provoke them. Even the ones that thought of themself as rather powerful only looked at the group with cold light flashing in their eyes and left rapidly without stopping.

Soon, a crack on a sword’s body appeared in front of everyone. Two rainbows beside the crack speeded towards them and the distance between it and the group was not far.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaochun immediately didn’t dare to proceed. The several tens of disciples from the Spirit Creek Sect who were surrounding him, each had a hostile expression as all of them made finger gestures, and within the blink of an eye, numerous magical techniques roared over.

The cultivators within the two long rainbows came from the Blood Creek Sect. The complexions of the two people changed, and they immediately turned around, hurriedly avoiding them. However, there were too many magical techniques in the surroundings, and though they avoided a few, there were still some that landed on their bodies. When they spat out fresh blood, they rapidly retreated; looking ferociously at the people from the Spirit Creek Sect.

Bai Xiaochun was pleasantly surprised. He discovered that there was truly strength in numbers, and it was so easy to obtain a gap. However, due to his status, he coughed and didn’t step inside, and instead let other people go in first.

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Translator: Sean

Editors: MantouInv, Cannibaloid, Ayu

Condensing the Earthen Qi Pulse Attractor: It is mention previously in 141: " Earthen Pulse Qi, which could be collected into the Dao Jar to accumulate and form an Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor. Like lock and key, the other Earthen Pulse Qi was the ninety-nine percent of the total Earthen Pulse Qi in the Meteoric Sword World, which was spread throughout the entire Meteoric Sword World, and out of one’s reach through normal means. However, it could only be gathered through the attractor."

Through condensing the Dao Jar with Earthern pulse qi, it will become an Earthen pulse qi attractor which can pull the earthern pulse qi unattainable through normal means from the Meteoric Sword World to whomever holds the Earthern Pulse Qi Attractor.

Hai and lin: Means Ocean and forest respectively (Hai and lin was translated to english directly in 141 as they greeted Ouyang Jie as Jackal Daoist, the Jackal word having no correlation to his name. It is now revealed that these might be their surname and has hence been reverted to chinese pinyin.)

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