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Chapter 142 - The Heaven’s Chosen Of Each Sect!

Just from gazing at the entrance alone, Bai Xiaochun instinctively felt a feeling of trepidation from the Ancient Sword Abyss. He glanced at the jade slip as he frowned; portraits of three other sects disciples along with their description were detailed in the jade slip. Bai Xiaochun raised his head and inspected the area around him; under his scrutiny, he could identify the disciples of the Pill Creek Sect and the Mystic Creek Sect.

He paid special attention towards the disciples which the jade slip had put emphasis on during the introduction. Gradually, Bai Xiaochun became even more apprehensive and terrified.

“Pill Creek Sect’s Zhao Rou, an expert in the Illusory Body. Zhao Rou is suspected to have the Illusory Body. She once fought against three disciples of the same level, however, the three died from killing each other! Amazing! Her technique is like Gongsun Wan’er’s Illusory Technique!” Bai Xiaochun blinked for a short moment then stole a glance over at Pill Creek Sect’s area. Immediately, he saw one of Pill Creek Sect's disciples- a woman who was in her prime; a stunning beauty with skin so delicately tender and lovely, it was as if it would break with a single touch. She and Gongsun Wan'er were staring at each other at this very moment with a glint in their eyes. Even here, there was unexpectedly a secret contest.

“Mysterious Creek Sect’s Lei Shan. Lei Shan is a body refining cultivator who possesses the Thunder-Fire Mysterious Body. He possesses extraordinary strength and many exquisite techniques. A Foundation Establishment cultivator had once tried to kill him, however, he managed to escape for seven whole days without dying. It’s suspected that he possesses the Fire Spirit Body, and has a recovery speed which far exceeds ordinary people.” Bai Xiaochun glanced towards the Mysterious Creek Sect and almost immediately found Lei Shan.
Lei Shan was a bulky person who had a strong and burly body. Lightning-Fire seemed to curl around him as he sat cross legged; his aura was astonishing. He abruptly faced Bai Xiaochun and laughed maliciously as if he had sensed Bai Xiaochun’s gaze, a hint of killing intent glimmered in his eyes.

"His enemy ought to be Lu Tianlei as they both wield thunder." Bai Xiaochun hastily withdrew his gaze and looked to the jade slip once more.

“Pill Creek Sect’s Fang Lin. The number one Heaven’s Chosen from this generation of the Pill Creek Sect. Half a year ago, he didn’t have a prominent reputation, however, Fang Lin abruptly rose to prominence within this half a year. He’s an expert in the Dao of Poison and kills people decisively. Fang Lin cultivates the Cauldron Furnace of Heaven and Earth; allowing his strength to surpass the pinnacle of Qi Condensation. He is hard to evaluate. Only two of Fang Lin’s battles could be used to draw information from. He killed seven rebels of the full circle of Qi Condensation without being wounded at all. In another battle, he resisted the defensive treasure of one who was also in the Foundation Establishment, killing Spirit Creek Sect’s secret disciple who was away from the Sect.” Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes and hurriedly looked for the other party, and saw an emotionless youngster.

“Mysterious Creek Sect’s Jiu Dao. Within the three thousand years of the Mysterious Creek Sect, he is the first Heaven’s Chosen to master the Obliterating Life Technique. Rumour says that this technique can obliterate all life, and wherever it goes, it can make everything dissipate; it can even condense Lines of Obliteration. Previously, when he fought with an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, they were equally matched!” Bai Xiaochun’s scalp was numb as he hurriedly raised his head to look around. Soon, he saw a cold faced youth. He wasn’t sure whether it was a misconception, Bai Xiaochun unexpectedly saw on the other party's body, strips of tailmans wandering around, as if they linked to form iron chains.

It was merely a single glance, but Bai Xiaochun already felt his eyes hurt, as if the world in front of his eyes was about to turn black. He hurriedly withdrew his gaze, feeling that the other party was too frightening. Looking at the Jade slip, Bai Xiaochun suddenly discovered that the description of the disciples from the Pill Creek Sect was the most detailed, and the details of the Mysterious Creek Sect was also quite comprehensive, but there was unexpectedly only two pieces of information about the Blood Creek Sect.

“Blood Creek Sect’s Xu Xiaoshan, ordinary aptitude, the single descendant of the bloodline of the Blood Creek Sect’s first generation patriarch. He has an exceedingly high status with the temperament of a pampered young master, and he has countless magical weapons!”

“Blood Creek Sect’s Song Que, the number one Heaven’s Chosen, and has been named the little Unbounded. He has the aura of the Unbounded from eight hundred years ago, and his techniques are not clear. He has only a single battle that goes against the heavens. With a cultivation of Qi Condensation, he killed a Foundation Establishment cultivator. It was an uprecedented matter. For a disciple of Qi Condensation, he is extremely dangerous, and killing him will be a great merit!” The first piece of information on the Blood Creek Sect was still counted as normal, and Bai Xiaochun didn’t care about it. But this second piece of information, after he looked at it, actually made him take an immediate deep breath. His eyes went round.

“Killed... killed a Foundation Establishment cultivator?” Bai Xiaochun’s heart was trembling; he felt that it was inconceivable. He made up his mind. This kind of ferocious person should be Gui Ya’s opponent. His own small life could not be thrown away here.

He discovered that the people from the four sects this time were too scary. He took a good long while before he reluctantly accepted these inconcivable information, and suddenly, his heart shook.

“I wonder whether there is information about me in the jade slips of the other three sects, and how did they portray me?” Bai Xiaochun was immediately curious. As his curiousity got stronger and stronger- so much so that he was considering to look for a disciple with a kind face from the other two sects to have a talk, and to see whether they could exchange information- All of a sudden, a powerful pressure descended from the sky.

The entire dome of heaven turned blood red; the Blood Creek Sect… descended!

It was different from the great teleportation formation of the Spirit Creek Sect. The Blood Creek Sect impressively appeared on this Bi Fang Mountain on an enormous blood coloured palm. This palm was extremely massive, seemingly covering a small half of the heavens, blotting out the sun, and dying the clouds in the sky scarlet.

At this moment, an enormous eye formed in the center of the palm, gradually opening to reveal a blood-shot pupil; the eye exuded a bizarre and chilling aura. With just a single blink, the entire Bi Fang Mountain immediately shook. Within the empty area amidst the three sects, hundreds of figures mysteriously emerged, their fuzzy silhouettes quickily becoming more distinct.

Following this, the immense pressure in the sky dissipated, as though the enormous palm in the sky would have descended with an earth-shattering force that would obliterate all; had anyone dared to take advantage of this time to sneak an attack in.

The heavens and earth shook. The figures that appeared from the Blood Creek Sect unexpectedly surpassed the number of people from any of the other three sects, with a total of hundred and twenty one people. Excluding the Foundation Establishment expert at the front of the group, the disciples numbered exactly one hundred and twenty people.

Those disciples from the Blood Creek Sect were all wearing a red coloured changpao, and held ice-cold expressions. They faintly had a killing intent, exuding a fondness for killing. When they looked to the rest of the surrounding three sects, they were akin to wolves that spotted sheep.

That kind of feeling caused each and every one of the disciples from the Blood Creek Sect to feel extremely savage. A strong Baleful Qi was emitted from their bodies, and they seemed to not hold any trust in each other. After they appeared, they immediately dispersed slightly, and there was a slight distance between each person, as they meditated in a cross-legged position.

The disciples of the Pill Creek Sect were all shocked. Only the eyes of Zhao Rou and Fang Lin brightened, and they were even more vigilant.

The Mysterious Creek Sect was also like this. Except for the few Heaven’s Chosen who were famous, the minds of the other disciples trembled, as they were deterred by the Baleful Qi exuded by the disciples of the Blood Creek Sect.

Gasps coud be heard amongst the members of the Spirit Creek Sect. Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes as he recalled introduction of the Blood Creek Sect within the jade slip.

The sect rules of the Blood Creek Sect and the Spirit Creek Sect were completely different. What they paid attention to was, “The strong preys on the weak,” and the threat of death that they faced at any time, was caused by the mutual killings of fellow sect disciples, making it close to being a Demonic Sect. Therefore, the disciples that were matured in this type of environment were mostly ones that were vicious and ruthless.

“So this is a Demonic Sect… These fellow sect disciples are actually brazenly killing each other in the open, how terrifying! Our Spirit Creek Sect is much better!” Bai Xiaochun swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and was more mindful towards the Blood Creek Sect, as he looked for the two people that were introduced in the jade slip.

What he paid the most attention to, was the Heaven’s Chosen from the Blood Creek Sect that went against the heavens and killed a Foundation Establishment cultivator, Song Que. It doesn't matter what method he used, the fact that he achieved it proved how terrifying of a person he was.

Bai Xiaochun easily found Song Que. This was a youth that had an ordinary appearance, but his body was full of a chilly aura. His changpao was different from others. It wasn’t a simple red coloured changpao, but a purple-red coloured one. Song Que was meditating in a cross-legged position, but there seemed to be no one within the several zhangs radius of his position.

His baleful aura was close to turning into a physical substance, far surpassing those of the other disciples. A simple glance and the onlookers could see in his surrounding emptiness, everything seemed to undergo a minute change.

In the instant that Bai Xiaochun looked at Song Que, concurrently, Song Que was also unexpectedly looking at Bai Xiaochun, as if he was also looking for Bai Xiaochun. When the gazes of the two people met, an intense feeling of danger made Bai Xiaochun’s heart madly jump. That sort of feeling, seemed to have instantly made him return to the nameless forest from that year when he fought with Chen Heng.


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