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Chapter 140 - Sacred Lands of Foundation Establishment

Another month had passed and Tie Dan’s behaviour had completely turned for the worst. Regardless of who it was, each and every single male disciple who had previously provoked Bai Xiaochun seemed to be extremely agonised to the point of being insane, yet they weren't able do anything about it.

At the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation had finally reached the peak level of the tenth level of Qi Condensation, reaching the apex of the Qi Condensation stage. It was as if he had hit a barrier, causing him to become unable to forge onwards.

“The only thing left is Foundation Establishment!” Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, his eyes revealed a hint of anticipation. The Foundation Establishment was divided into 3 stages: Common Pulse, Earthen Pulse and the legendary Heavenly Pulse. The increase in lifespan was also varied, with levels being one hundred years, two hundred years and five hundred years respectively.

As for Heavenly Pulse Foundation Establishment, Bai Xiaochun did not think twice about it. That was too much of an unfathomable matter. In the entire Spirit Creek Sect, only aa small number of people had been able to reach the Heavenly Pulse Foundation Establishment level throughout the course of ten thousand years. All of them possessed great destiny which enabled them to possess the Heavenly Pulse Qi and using it to reach the Foundation Establishment level.

“Generally speaking, the more common one’s Pulsse is, the more Foundation Establishment Pills required. The Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment, on the other hand, requires the Earthen Pulse Qi… Moreover, the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment also has its strengths and weaknesses. It depends on how many times the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment can withstand the internal tides of the spirit sea during the Foundation Establishment! The minimum number of tides being one and maximum nine!”

“Furthermore, there is still the strength of my corporeal body which has already come into contact with the first Shackle of life. Regardless of whether I have broken through to the Golden Undying Skin or whether I draw the support from the success of the Dragon-Elephant Ocean Forming Foundation Establishment, both of them should be able to cause a breakthrough in the Shackles of life. If there is a dual breakthrough, perhaps the effect will be even more tremendous!” Bai Xiaochun was muttering irresolutely to himself.

He remembered that contribution points could be exchanged for the Foundation Establishment Pill in the sect. Even though a huge amount of Contribution Points was needed, with Bai Xiaochun’s status, he was still able to exchange for the Foundation Establishment Pill. However, Bai Xiaochun was unwilling to do so. After all, the Common Dao Foundation Establishment was only able to make increase one’s lifespan by a hundred years.

As he was at a loss, Bai Xiaochun took out the sound transmission jade slip, and after thinking for a moment, he transmitted a correspondence to Li Qinghou, enquiring about matters regarding the Earthen Pulse Qi.

Very quickly, the jade slip emitted gentle rays of light. Li Qinghou had replied. Bai Xiaochun immediately blended his spiritual energy into the jade slip and Li Qinghou’s voice immediately resounded in his mind with a low tone.

“I was originally planning to tell you something. Three months later, the North Bank will be choosing a hundred and fifty people whereas the South Bank will be choosing a hundred people. All of them will be inner sect disciples who are at the tenth level of Qi Condensation. Everyone will be assembling at Zhong Dao Mountain’s main hall.”

“The three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands are about to open. You should go to the Meteoric Sword Abyss and fight for the Earthen Pulse Qi with everyone else, borrowing the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment from the land. Once you succeed, you can increase your lifespan by two hundred years. It would be a huge step forward in your desire to achieve immortality!”

Bai Xiaochun’s body shook as he stared at the jade slip, revealing excitement in his breathing.

“Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment. If I succeed, I can increase my lifespan by two hundred years!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes revealed his longing for longevity, but very quickly, he hesitated for a moment.

“There is bound to be killing when competing with others…”

“However, that is two hundred years!” Bai Xiaochun struggled for a very long time. The thought of executing his plan to achieve immortality completely exploded as his eyes immediately reddened.

Very quickly, news that the three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands was going to open slowly spread throughout both the South Bank and the North Bank. Many Heaven’s Chosen were like Bai Xiaochun and had already known about this matter beforehand.

The three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands were the Meteoric Sword Abyss, Secluded Mystic Realm, and the Ancient Spirit Cave respectively. They would all simultaneously open once during the first year of the sixty-year cycle. The time for this opening was arriving soon.

These three areas were equipped with strategic natural resources.They really were not solely owned by the Spirit Creek Sect, rather, they were collectively owned by the all the forces in the Eastern Vein of the Cultivation World located downstream, inclusive of the four strongest sects along with the Spirit Creek Sect amongst them. Every time the three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands opened, the four great sects would deploy disciples to fight over the resources.

Amongst them, the Meteoric Sword Abyss was the head with the Secluded Mystic Realm and Spirit Cave following after. The reason being, there was a legend that a wisp of Heavenly Pulse Qi was possibly hidden within the Meteoric Sword Abyss.

This legend had been around for a very long time, but ever since the Meteoric Sword Abyss had been discovered until now, every time it had been opened, no one was seen obtaining the Heavenly Pulse Qi either. Even the Earthen Pulse, every time there would be hundreds of people from the four sects going in, yet the people who were able to succeed did not exceed ten people.

It could be said that the fight for the Earthen Pulse was filled with bloody events. It was the survival of the fittest!

“The interior would definitely be a world of terror as everyone would be fighting over the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment resources. A lot of people die each time… I have heard that this is a one-time contest between the four great sects. The more people who succeed in achieving the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment, the greater the amount of people entering the next three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands during the next opening.”

“I am not satisfied. The disparity between the Common Pulse and the Earthen Pulse is extremely large. The Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment can completely crush the Common Pulse. They are basically not on the same level.”

Discussions regarding the three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands spread very quickly in both the South Bank and the North Bank. All of the inner sect disciples who had cultivated to the tenth Qi Condensation level were all palpitating with eagerness with regards to this news.

However, there were also a few who were even more nervous about the rumours of bloody events. They would prefer to choose the meager Common Dao Foundation Establishment rather than that extra hundred years in their lifespan as well as the future glory that could completely crush the Common Dao.

Early morning three months later, following the sound of the chimes of the bell that resounded from Zhong Dao Mountain, which and echoed throughout the entirety of the sect, all of the Ancestors from the seven Mountain Peaks, located on both the South Bank and North Bank, soared through the air with serious expressions on their faces. Under the solemn chimes of the bell, tens of disciples followed behind them as they headed straight for Zhong Dao Mountain.

At this moment, all of the disciples in the sect raised their heads, looking at these silhouettes in the sky. Everyone could name every single disciple that was currently in the sky.

On the North Bank’s end, Beihan Lie, Xu Song, Gongsun Wan’er, Beihan Feng, Gongsun Yun as well as the person in front of all of them, completely enshrouded and coiled with black mist from top to bottom, Gui Ya…

The South Bank was the same. All of the disciples from the Green Peak Mountain, Scented Cloud Mountain and Purple Cauldron Mountain raised their heads. Xu Baocai was excited as he energetically recorded this scene that he had observed within the small booklet in his hands.

Shangguan Tianyou was even stronger than before. His whole being was like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed, emitting brilliant rays that dazzled everyone’s eyes. There was Zhou Xinqi as well. Her whole body was permeating with a blue colour, as though rich life vitality was spreading out from her body.

There was also Lu Tianlei who was like a flash of lightning that seemed as though it could split the heavens apart. There were also a few veteran inner sect disciples. At this moment, all of them had solemn and serious expressions on their faces as they followed the Sect Masters from the three Mountain Peaks, rapidly advancing forward.

“A hundred and fifty people from the North Bank. A hundred people from the South Bank. I do not know how many people amongst them can successfully emerge from close quarter combat between the other three sects, succeeding in achieving the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment! Also, how many of them would also be unable to return forever… The cultivation road is a cruel place where the strong prey on the weak.”

“I heard from the elders in my clan that the three great Sacred Foundation Establishment Lands would be a world of terror every time they opened. It would seem as though the main objective would no longer be the Foundation Establishment, but rather, the most crucial point would be exterminating people from other sects. This is the four great sect’s battle every first year of the sixty-year cycle!”

“Then why do we still let these Heaven’s Chosen see themselves off to death? Even though the Earthen Pulse Qi cannot be preserved, the Common Dao Foundation Establishment is much more stable, Although much weaker, then there would not be so many deaths…”

“Humph! If one generation is weak, every generation would be weak as well! If it really is so, then the Spirit Creek Sect would wane away and be exterminated sooner or later!”

“To any sect in the four great sects, unless they believe that not a single disciple amongst them are able to achieve the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment, then they cannot flee from battle. If not, not only would this generation of disciples be weak, the sect’s control over the regions under their influence as well as the deterrence they have towards outsiders would substantially decline and cause unnecessary trouble!”

“Take the Pill Creek Sect for example who have consecutively fled three battles before. The sect’s combat strength has declined substantially, and as for the regions under their influence, groups of wolves that are power-hungry have already appeared in great numbers. The Spirit Creek Sect alone has snatched twenty percent of the resources under the Pill Creek Sect’s territory. This could not be helped as only then would their status be preserved, albeit barely, with the Pill Creek Sect participating a few times again in order to exchange the death of their disciples for Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment disciples.”

The Elders from both the South Bank and North Bank as well as a few veteran disciples were currently in a discussion.

At the same time, following the flight of the disciples from both the South Bank and North Bank, very quickly, they had arrived at the main hall of Zhong Dao Mountain. Each and every single one of them stood there under the leadership of their respective Ancestors. All of them had serious and concentrated expressions on their faces as silent killing intent filled the air.

All of them knew that the place that they were going to go in the next following moments was a place where fate and bloodshed coexisted!

Every single person was sizing each other up, but very quickly, there were many people who were surprised as they realised that there was one person missing from the surrounding crowd.

“How come Bai Xiaochun did not come?”


Translated by: Nat

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