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Chapter 133 - Little One, Don’t Try Anymore

Bai Xiaochun walked outside and took a look. Outside the formation array of the pavilion, a black dog was pompusly standing outside, and within its claws, it was exactly that extremely vigilant Blue-Eyed Black Cat. Only, this black cat was currently dispirited and depressed.

The moment the Nocturnal Beast saw Bai Xiaochun, it became even more pleased as it loudly cried out. Bai Xiaochun immediately opened the formation array. The moment the formation array opened, the Nocturnal Beast instantly charged inside, straight towards the Rearing Beast Flower.

Bai Xiaochun was stunned for a moment, and felt that this Nocturnal Beast’s illusory world was definitely different from ordinary ones.

“It really doesn’t want its life!” Bai Xiaochun sighed and appeared in front of the Blue-eyed Black Cat. Only after he saw that this combat beast had already collapsed from exhaustion, with only a meager amount of energy and had no ability to resist, did he carry it and return to the back courtyard.

He waited for half a day… All the way until the Nocturnal Beast had jumped into the Rearing Beast Flower ten times. Then, Bai Xiaochun grabbed it and threw it out. He was currently extremely worried and scared that if this Nocturnal Beast kept on giving its Hereditary Blood, the result of his plan to make the strongest combat beast, would finally result in a… small Nocturnal Beast.

The moment he thought about this possibility, Bai Xiaochun turned nervous and decided to make sure that this Nocturnal Beast absolutely couldn’t dedicate itself anymore. He then quickly threw the Blue-eyed Black Cat into the Rearing Beast Flower.

During the following half a month, the Nocturnal Beast seemed to have understood the rules, and thus, it brought a very depressed combat beast with it every time it came. After it cried out a few times and waited for Bai Xiaochun to open the door, it would skilfully charge inside immediately.

And every time, Bai Xiaochun would always be thinking of rejecting the Nocturnal Beast. However, every time he saw the spirit beasts that the Nocturnal Beast brought along, his mind would give in.

“This Nocturnal Beast must be omniscient. How does it know that these beasts are the ones that I want to catch? If only their owners weren’t so strict, them being placed in Rearing Beast Pouches or their owners’ inner sect caves...” Bai Xiaochun was simply unable to refuse it. This Nocturnal Beast seemed to have accurately caught Bai Xiaochun’s heart. The beasts that it brought along every time were all beasts that had previously made Bai Xiaochun’s heart moved. And one time, it actually dragged a combat beast that belonged to an elder of the Setting Sun Mountain.

“Damn it, if it’s like this, how can I persuade it to stop? How long has this Nocturnal Beast been stalking me to know me so well?"

Bai Xiaochun lamented and turned his head to look at the Nocturnal Beast inside the Rearing Beast Flower that wasn’t moving at all. He felt that this Nocturnal Beast was not only extremely smart, it even had a valiant strength, especially its speed. Otherwise, it would not be able to defeat those beasts and drag them over here.

“It’s fine. This is also a pitiful fellow. After all, I have previously caused trouble for it. If it brings over these types of combat beasts every time, then letting it dedicate itself for a few more times would be fine. Only, me not letting it continue would also be for its own good.” Bai Xiaochun shook his head and stopped paying attention to the Nocturnal Beast. Rather, he just turned his gaze and looked towards the four great mountains.

“I require even stronger combat beasts… the guardian beasts of the four great mountains should be the best.” Bai Xiaochun licked his lips and immediately left the pavilion; he went to the stone cave in the Ancient Beast Abyss to refine pills.

At the same time, many disciples of the North Bank felt that something was wrong during this period of time. They felt that their combat beasts were acting strangely. They were often crying out at night, as if they were calling for someone.

Especially that Blue-eyed Black Cat, which now had a higher pitch when it meowed; it would occasionally look like it was recalling something, as if it had become the supreme king of all beasts inside that illusory world. Even a domineering tone had appeared in its voice, which echoed out in all directions, making people have no peace of mind when they were resting. The owner of this black cat was even more nervous and didn’t know what had happened to her own combat beast.

And these kinds of incidents were increasing in the sect…

Gradually, most of the disciples of the North Bank started to look for the cause…

Several days later, Bai Xiaochun walked out from the medicine refining stone cave, satisfied as he held many pills that could attract spirit beasts. He waited until night descended and quickly went outside. The first place that he went to was the Iricdaceae Mountain. After he reached the mountaintop, he had had some nervousness in his heart. He headed towards the cave where the Seven-Coloured Phoenix was in, and thought to first curry favour with it. And so, he threw a Grade 3 spirit medicine into the cave.

But the moment he threw the pill, it immediately bounced back and struck Bai Xiaochun’s stomach. The force in that rebound was extremely great. Fortunately, Bai Xiaochun’s skin was rough and his meat was thick. While his face slightly changed as he retreated a few steps back, the head of the Seven-Coloured Phoenix slowly extended out from the pitch-black cave. It proudly glanced at Bai Xiaochun, disdain appearing in its eyes.

It wasn’t disdainful towards Bai Xiaochun as a person, and was instead disdainful towards his action of throwing out the pill.

That appearance seemed to be obviously telling Bai Xiaochun that it absolutely would not eat a stranger’s pill.

Bai Xiaochun widened his eyes and let out a dry cough.

“Senior Phoenix, this pill is very nice to eat… But if you don’t like it, it also doesn’t matter, just follow me, I’ll take you to a nice place. All of your dreams can become reality there.” When Bai Xiaochun put on a cute look while explaining, that phoenix suddenly waved its wings, and a gale swept over. Bai Xiaochun who got hit by the wind had to continuously retreat, and he almost fell off a cliff, causing his heart to tremble as he desparately stopped his body.

That Seven-Coloured Phoenix coldly glared at Bai Xiaochun, as if it was warning him. Only after it did that, did it slowly return to its cave.

“Fine, fine, this Seven-Coloured Phoenix’s temper is too bad. I’ll just go to the Setting Sun Mountain to look around; that Three-Eyed Black Crow shouldn’t have such a bad temper.” Bai Xiaochun had a slight headache, but he was still determined. That very night, he went to the Setting Sun Mountain and stood in front of that Three Eyed Crow’s cave, planning to try again.

But after half an incense stick’s worth of time, Bai Xiaochun’s scalp turned numb as he rapidly escaped. There were flashes of black light behind him; that Three-Eyed Black Crow actually chased after him, as if it was trying to chase Bai Xiaochun off the mountain. Only then did a proud look surface in its eyes, as it turned around and flew back.

“I hate birds the most, humph, the temper of birds are the worst. Elder Zhou’s bird will also falsely accuse people.” Bai Xiaochun deeply felt wronged. He felt that he had sent the pills with good intentions, but these birds kept bullying him like this.

But for the sake of breeding out the strongest combat beast, Bai Xiaochun was not willing to give up. And so, his gaze fell on the Sky Mountain with a look of expectation.

“With one look, I can see that the big lizard is quite honest and its stomach is so big, it should prefer to eat a lot…I can’t say for sure whether I need to use some tricks.” Bai Xiaochun was immediately excited and quickly went to the Sky Mountain. But quickly, he sullenly returned; his clothes were already torn apart.

That big lizard simply did not care about the pill that Bai Xiaochun threw over. And when Bai Xiaochun got worried and threw a few more pills, unexpectedly, the thing that directly charged towards Bai Xiaochun was a claw.

The frightened Bai Xiaochun hurriedly escaped, and his clothes had been scraped by the claws of the big lizard. Although he had not suffered any injuries on his body, he was still in a sorry state.

As for the last mountain guarding beast, the Mountain Ghost of the Ghost Tooth Mountain, Bai Xiaochun hesitated for a long time, before resolutely stamping his feet. He flew over to the Ghost Tooth Mountain on the following night. On the contrary, the Mountain Ghost’s temper was the best, and looked at Bai Xiaochun, yet at the same, he just directly ignored his existence, as well as the pills that he threw out.

Bai Xiaochun waited for a whole night and failed to see any results. The second day passed, and the three days had successively passed. Bai Xiaochun could only sullenly give up.

“These four great mountain guarding beasts, each and every one of them look down on people!” Bai Xiaochun sighed deeply. Now he had a miserable appearance outside of the pavilion. In the entire North Bank, except for some people that Bai Xiaochun was unable to provoke or some beasts that were kept inside the Rearing Beast Pouch the whole time and was simply not taken out by the owner, almost every single combat beast that had some value had already been dedicated. As for the elder’s beasts, they had also been successively dragged over by the Nocturnal Beast.

But regarding the four great mountain guarding beasts, Bai Xiaochun had failed all of his attempts, making him extremely dispirited. Especially now that over half of the Rearing Beast Flower’s blossoming period had passed, Bai Xiaochun became increasingly worried,

“The combat beast that I wish to nurture is an unprecedented combat beast. Since the four great guardian mountain beasts do not agree to help me, I’ll just have to find a combat beast that is even better than them. Within the entire sect, a combat beast that is stronger…en?” Bai Xiaochun was currently muttering in a low voice, when his body suddenly shook. His eyes lit up as he slowly raised his head. At this moment, he was looking towards the Ancient Beast Abyss.

“Even stronger than the four great mountain guarding beast, it is obviously…the sect guarding god beast!”

“Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon…if I can make it dedicate itself, then it will be enough!” His breathing sped up as he began to carefully consider it in his mind.

“If I put it this way, the sect guarding god beast and I can be counted to have some friendly relations. Ever since I’ve arrived here, every time I went to that area to refine medicine, I would always throw some pills into the abyss… Furthermore, the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon is an old person. Although I’ve never seen it before, it has never stopped me from refining pills in that place. This means that… it acknowledges me!” The more Bai Xiaochun thought to himself, the more he felt that his thoughts were reasonable. He got even more excited, and after he tidied up his Storage Pouch, he took a deep breath, flourished his sleeve, and directly went to the Ancient Abyss.

It was easy to drive a car on a familiar road, and to nurture the strongest combat beast, Bai Xiaochun also staked it all. He flew over with an incredible speed. In front of the opening of the mountain stream on the Ancient Beast Abyss, he saw that everything underneath was pitch-black, as if there was a black fog shrouding it. Standing here made him feel that his arms and legs were ice-cold, as if there were bursts of cold air unceasingly rising from the Ancient Beast Abyss.

Bai Xiaochun’s body was slightly shivering. He was nervous that he would fall inside, and so he quickly retreated a few steps. After looking at the abyss, he clenched his teeth and took out a pill, throwing it down.

“Senior Heaven’s Edge, it’s Junior Bai Xiaochun. Does senior remember that I’ve been giving senior pills throughout all these years? That, can senior try this pill’s flavour and see how it tastes like.” Bai Xiaochun nervously spoke. After he waited for half a day and didn’t get a reply, he wondered whether the Heaven’s Edge Ink Dragon had a different preference, and so, he threw out another Grade 3 spirit medicine.

Quickly, he had thrown out seven or eight different pills, and he also felt some dejection in the bottom of his heart. At the end, he decided to might as well throw the few Aphrodisiac Pills in his storage pouch down there, but he still failed to receive any reply.

“Could it be that the heavens have destined me, Bai Xiaochun, to never be able to breed the strongest combat beast…” Bai Xiaochun took a long sigh and was about to leave with disappointment. But just at this moment, suddenly, the black fog in the abyss below suddenly rolled. At the same time, a voice that brought vissicitudes suddenly echoed out from the abyss below.

“Little one, don’t try anymore…your good intentions have been appreciated by me…but I was already on the verge of dying three thousand years ago… If you can let my withered Hereditary Blood seethe with excitement, even if it’s just for an instant, I can fulfill any condition that you give me!”

“Ah?” Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes widely. His breathing suddenly turned erratic as he turned around.

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