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Chapter 688: Concealing One’s Strength and Biding Time

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Ten minutes!

When everyone was still stuck with seconds, Su Hao already used minutes as the unit of measurement. The scariest part was that the timer was still moving. This indicated that Su Hao was still cultivating!

“He is actually…”

“Still cultivating?”

Everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Could it be that he’s planning to cultivate non-stop?”

When some students had this thought, they suddenly heard a soft ring, only to find out that the timer had stopped moving.

“It stopped?”

“Ten minutes!”

“He’s too strong!”

Everyone showered him in praise but, without knowing why, their heart subconsciously felt relieved. Fortunately, it was only for ten minutes. If he kept cultivating…

That would really make them extremely mad.


The door opened, and everyone could see Su Hao walking out. However, he didn’t look happy. With his gaze sweeping around the crowd, they were so scared that they took a step back.

This isn’t something to joke about!

This is a madman who could stay in a level one room for ten minutes! No one dared to challenge him right now. As for the round-faced student who provoked Su Hao, he had run away long ago.

“Why?” Wan Cheng noticed Su Hao’s annoyed look and immediately tried to comfort him, “Don’t worry too much. Ten minutes, you’re already much stronger than us many times.”

“That’s not the problem.” Su Hao shook his head.

“Huh?” Wan Cheng couldn’t understand what he was trying to convey.

“I want to ask…”

Su Hao pointed at the level one room behind him, “How long has it been since the last time this room’s energy was replenished?”

“What?!” Wan Cheng’s first reaction was a shock before he immediately recovered, “Regarding your question, I guess a few months ago. After all, one would only occasionally come here to challenge himself. The actual consumption isn’t much. Thus, the time… Wait a second…”

Wan Cheng suddenly thought of something, “It can’t be…”

“Because the energy within the room was exhausted that you had to leave?”

“Yes.” Su Hao continued in an annoyed tone, “When I cultivated until a critical point, it suddenly depleted. This really made me triggered. This doesn’t match with the reputation of a level one room at all.”

Wan Cheng: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Everyone glanced at each other. They no longer knew what kind of expression they should show. When they’re still struggling within the seconds’ territory, this man is already talking about hours?

No, this isn’t right!

To be precise, he already officially cultivated inside that room!

In other words, Su Hao could bear cultivating in the level one rooms! Having this thought, everyone was so shocked that they were speechless.


This is totally from a different world!

“You’re truly…” Wan Cheng bitterly smiled.

Regarding this schoolmate, he felt that his understanding of Su Hao is getting blurrier as time goes on. He wasn’t afraid of Su Hao based on strength alone, but Su Hao always has some magical hidden cards and tricks up his sleeve which could turn things around. In short, he’s unbelievable.

He’s great in creating miracles!

Finishing off Ping Yang in Gaoyuan City already gave him quite a surprise. Now, in front of him, Su Hao once again created a new miracle.

Is it hard to be in level one cultivation room?

Recalling his words earlier, everyone felt the heat on their face. This was something left Su Hao said before he entered the room, but now it effectively slapped everyone on each side of their face.

“Senior, I will go over to this side.” Su Hao didn’t stay for long.

Just now, after heavily working to achieve a balance and tame the violent energy for everyone to cultivate, the energy was actually disconnected when he was ready to cultivate!

This was simply annoying!

Turning his head around, aiming the next cultivation room next to it, the student inside got thrown out in three seconds. After Su Hao bid farewell to Wan Cheng, he headed straight into the room and started cultivating.

Without any suspense, the timer for the room jumped and began the timer.

“He is actually able to withstand it.”

Everyone smiled bitterly.

A few students who thought that something was wrong with this cultivation room instantly shut their mouths. It’s fine for one room to have a problem but two rooms at once?

Plus, the student who got forcefully ejected out a moment ago was the best proof.

“This kid…” Wan Cheng sighed sorrowfully, “That day, it seems that my judgment of him was right.”

Shaking his head, Wan Cheng left the scene too.

The reason he came here was to bring Su Hao to cultivate. Although the ending was unexpected, Su Hao’s current state actually stimulated him even more.

Since Su Hao could achieve such a feat, why can’t he?

Level one rooms are a bit too far of a goal for him now but level two rooms, he should be able to give it a try now. Plus, it was about the time for him to breakthrough…


As Wan Cheng left, a sensation once again rose in the scene.

The news of Su Hao using level one rooms to cultivate quickly spread like wildfire. Once again, it caught Tian Long Court off guard, leaving many students and teachers in shock. One already lost count of how many people attempted to use level one cultivation rooms, but the result ended up with them being thrown out like usual.

Right now, everyone saluted Su Hao’s ability to withstand level one cultivation rooms.

The way they received this news was different from Zhanzheng College.

Tian Long Court has a limited number of people. Literally, in just a day, everyone already knew who Su Hao is. This wave of sensation would travel for long before gradually disappearing. At this time, the protagonist of this storm was still busy cultivating. Excluding the time for meals and sleep, he would stay in the cultivation rooms!




Su Hao soon entered the consolidation stage.

Right now, level one rooms seemed more like a home to Su Hao. To spend his days here every day, many students in Tian Long Court admired him and no longer caused trouble for him. To say that Su Hao had found his peaceful days compared to the times he was in the illusion department isn’t an exaggeration.

It’s all thanks to his own efforts and perseverance!

After enrolling in Zhanzheng College for half a year, Su Hao entered an unprecedented period of steady improvement. Besides cultivation, Su Hao didn’t forget to make up his lack of knowledge by visiting the library.

His model analysis had already been developed to the extreme limit.

The longer Su Hao needs to deduce his ability, the closer his model analysis was approaching its limit. Su Hao’s aura was also getting thicker and solid.

Without noticing it, Su Hao was changing.

Half a year easily passed and the turmoil caused by Su Hao in Tian Long Court had already died down. He didn’t have any interesting movements during this half year. Gradually, people seemed to have forgotten his existence.

Also during this period of time, Tian Long Court had also undergone some changes.

Two trials were carried out but each time, no more than three students managing to pass the trial. This was simply incomparable to the session in Gaoyuan City.

Besides that, some news created a commotion.

Chen Yifeng, this fourth-year student who was about to graduate, had been secretly cultivating. During the last moment, he squeezed out all of his potential as a peak professional esper and stepped into the domain realm, shaking the entire Tian Long Court. There was also this rumor that Chen Yifeng’s enemy attempted to attack him, this foe of his was killed on the spot.

And the person who attacked him was a level five domain esper.

Exhausting his potential and finally achieving a breakthrough, it was like a fish leaping into the dragon’s gate. To have such a major change, Chen Yifeng won the limelight.

In addition to that, numerous first-year students had stepped into the peak professional realm and will soon participate in Tian Long Court’s disciple trial.

Although one didn’t want to admit it, this batch of students has great potential!

This was just news related to Tian Long Court. For these students, cultivation is their top priority, and they showed a lack of interest regarding the news outside their circle. Even so, the world outside also had its own sensation. For example, one of the top ten families, Bai Family Group had a change.

The upper echelon was in chaos.

Countless people in the Bai family had fallen as a certain man from branch families obtained the power. A young man named Bai Lingfeng became CEO of the group. The first thing that this young CEO Bai did after taking over the office was announcing a piece of sensational news; their space research had achieved a major breakthrough!

Space research!

The moment when this news was announced, it shocked the entire Federation.

At this time, the public then had this thought that the turmoil within the Bai family was likely related to the breakthrough in space technology.

Only with this research that it was possible for Bai family, one of the top ten families to have such a drastic change. Only after being passed for a long time that this news gradually calmed down. However, everyone knew that this was the calm before the storm. After all, that is after all space technology!

Once space technology is able to be applied to other aspects, it would indicate that humanity will officially enter the interstellar era!

Berserk beasts?

Go to hell!

Imagine if one is able to use the space technology to transfer the entire human race into space, who cares about the beasts by then? They aren’t related to humans even the slightest!

Finding a planet suitable for mankind?

There is no need for that!

With many world espers joining hands, it would be sufficient to change the planet completely.

The emergence of this news indeed made the entire Federation excited, but as for what will happen in future specifically, nobody could predict. One thing confirmed is…

This is a game between top ten families.

No one dared to intervene, or they might end up caught in the middle as cannon fodder!

If it is able to be grasped properly, that would be a golden opportunity for mankind to get rid of the berserk beast once and for all.

However, is the matter really that simple?

Nobody knew.

There were countless of the same kind of news, but the students in Tiang Long Court did not pay attention to them. Or perhaps, they saw the news but didn’t bother with it.

This game within the higher-ups had nothing to do with them.

That night, in Tian Long Court…

In one of the level one rooms, Su Hao sat cross-legged. The aura surrounding his body was moving in an orbit. In fact, one could actually hear the echo coming from the vibrations in the air.

He was still a peak professional esper!

On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any improvement, but if one really thinks that Su Hao had no progress during these past few months, that would be one big mistake!

During this period of time, without anyone disturbing him, Su Hao’s strength literally increased at the fastest rate possible. It was also the period which he had the most improvement!


A crack formed in the air and boundless energy emerged from Su Hao’s back. It was coming from Kingdom of Heaven! Su Hao still couldn’t achieve materialization, but he could easily spread the aura to the real world via Circular World. After polishing Kingdom of Heaven for months, it was now currently incredibly strong!

In response, the aura became increasingly simple.

Conceal one’s strength and bide time.

What Su Hao obtained was far beyond anyone’s imagination.

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