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Chapter 122 - This Challenge... I Accept!

In the North Bank, challenging Bai Xiaochun was now a magnificent feat, and because of the excessive commotion, the South Bank had also heard of it. The disciples of the South Bank looked at each other with sympathy as they gazed towards the distant North Bank. These disciple weren’t pitying Bai Xiaochun, but were instead, pitying the disciples of the North Bank.

“You guys don’t understand him…”

“Just wait... it won’t be much longer until you guys realise how terrifying Bai Xiaochun is.”

Time passed, and on the tenth day, the total number of inner sect disciples challenging Bai Xiaochun exceeded 2000; it had reached 2300! Furthermore, the number was still increasing by the day!

It was suggested that, if you were an inner sect disciple of the North Bank and had not gone to the Testing Stage to release a paper crane in order to challenge Bai Xiaochun, you would lose face and others would look down on you with disdain in their eyes.

After the appearance of this atmosphere, the number of people challenging Bai Xiaochun… increased even more!

“Haha! Today, I, Xu Dabao, have used ten contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!”

“Humph! I, Zhou Yuncong, have already challenged that number one enemy of the North Bank three days ago! What a pity... That fragile chicken doesn’t dare come to fight!”

During the thirteenth day, the number of inner sect disciples who had challenged Bai Xiaochun had already broken through 3000! The entire North Bank caused a sensation and everyone began discussing about the issue of challenging Bai Xiaochun; it didn’t matter where they were in the North Bank.

This sort of domino effect which was caused by a single person was unprecedented! Every day, the Testing Stage would be filled with several tens of thousands of people. Most of these people were outer sect disciples, they were watching the inner sect disciples proudly step onto the Testing Stage and issue challenges. After it formed into a paper crane, they would all start cheering; even the number of contribution points wasted was already ignored by everyone!

The person who first issued a challenge, Beihan Lie, had never imagined that the matter would have developed into this. His current reputation had already exceeded his former reputation. Even his identity as a victim from the Heaven’s Chosen War caused him to bask in the limelight!

On the seventeenth day, the number of inner sect disciples who had challenged Bai Xiaochun had already exceeded 4000! The storm of events which had been caused by the North Bank swept across the entire Spirit Creek Sect.

It was as if this wasn’t a challenge anymore, and instead, became a symbol. The number of contribution points that was taken out didn’t even matter… although many only took out a small amount of contribution points which were in the single digits. However, in this sort of lively event, it was a must to participate in.

“Bai Xiaochun is too scared, he doesn’t dare to fight against our North Bank!”

“Haha! Even if he has grown stronger, he will still kneel under the unity of our North Bank!”

“The willpower of our North Bank is supreme!”

Not only were the Ancestors of the four mountains speechless, even Zheng Yuandong was also dumbstruck. This situation even made the Grand Elder pay attention to it, because, after all, this type of incident had never occured before.

As the excitement of the North Bank had reached the pinnacle, almost all of the inner sect disciples had issued a challenge. There were even many people that went to the Hundred Beasts Courtyard every single day, watching the paper cranes that were unceasingly flying as they let out several cheers.

On the twentieth day, basically all of the inner sect disciples had issued a challenge and the matter had finally died down a little. However, early in morning, a large man from the outer sect inside the crowd near the Testing Stage was palpitating with excitement. He noticed that there were so many inner sect disciples that were being cheered on because they had challenged Bai Xiaochun; this caused excitement to bloom within his heart. There were already four thousand people who had challenged him, and even if Bai Xiaochun wanted to choose someone to fight, he would not lower himself to take a low amount contribution points. After all, he was the number one in the Heaven’s Chosen War.

Being able to challenge the number one... and the other party would even escape from the fight! As the large man thought of this, he felt extremely excited. In the future, he would have the qualifications to boast about challenging Bai Xiaochun who didn’t fight and cowardly ran away.

Thinking about this, that large man from the outer sect became elated. With his cultivation at the fourth stage of Qi Condensation, and thinking about his identity as the first outer sect disciple to challenge Bai Xiaochun, he proudly rushed out from the crowd, being the first person to climb onto the Testing Stage on this day. He then faced the sky and began to laugh.

“I, Liu Dabiao, would like to use a hundred contribution points to challenge Bai Xiaochun!” The sound of Liu Dabiao’s laugh echoed throughout the stage as he clasped his hands behind his back and proudly looked towards the Hundred Beasts Courtyard.

“Bai Xiaochun, receive this grandfather’s challenge! You are an inner sect disciple, do you dare to have a fight with this Liu Dabiao?!”


Translated by: Sean

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