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Chapter 818 Without Me, How Could You Get Pregnant?

Xu Youning had accepted this task and had planned to put on a show.

She hadn’t known, however, that Mu Sijue would set a huge trap for her.

What was even more annoying was that Mu Sijue had been sure that she would jump into the trap and even had prepared clothes and daily necessities for her!

Sure enough, she hadn’t let Mu Sijue down. Not only had she jumped into his trap, but she’d also been taken away to the wilderness.

Yesterday, Xu Youning had been more or less unwilling. Her rebellious had nature caused her to cross Mu Sijue, but by the time she woke up, she’d already given in.

Since Mu Sijue wanted to talk to her, they would talk.

However, she still wouldn’t be able to be frank with him.

She sat on the sofa opposite Mu Sijue and stared at him. “What do you want to talk to me about?”

Mu Sijue fidgeted with the teacup in his hand and said deliberately, “Tell me first, why were you in hospital? Xu Youning, I want to know the truth!”

Sure enough, he still remembered this!

Xu Youning’s hand unconsciously recoiled behind the sofa. She felt like her heart was being stabbed and she felt weak.

Fortunately, her professional instinct helped Xu Youning calm down and recover herself quickly. As if nothing had happened she said, “I was feeling a little poorly, so I went to see a doctor.” She tried to change the subject and continued, “Why are you so curious about this?”

Mu Sijue’s attention was not diverted at all. He stared at Xu Youning and asked her, “What’s wrong with you?”

His eyes were like daggers, cold and sharp, as if nothing could be hidden from him.

Xu Youning avoided Mu Sijue’s gaze and said, “I’d rather not discuss it.”

She didn’t even notice that her voice was extremely soft, and that her guilty conscience was being completely exposed to Mu Sijue.

Mu Sijue was surer than ever that this problem wasn’t simple.

He got up and walked over to Xu Youning. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to tell me the truth. The doctor will be willing to tell me. Get up and come with me!”

“So Mu Sijue wants to take me to the hospital?!”

Xu Youning’s palms were sweaty.

If she went to the hospital, not only her pregnancy but also the blood clot in her brain would be outed.

If that happened, it would be even more impossible for Mu Sijue to let her go.

Xu Youning clenched her fists and sat frozen on the sofa for a long time. Mu Sijue soon grew impatient. He reached out and pulled her up.

“Mu Sijue!” Xu Youning blurted out, “I’m pregnant!”

In order to hide the fact that she had a blood clot, she had to tell Mu Sijue something, and then she would wait and see what happened next.


For a moment, Mu Sijue’s world shook violently.

Xu Youning was so close to him, so he couldn’t have misheard her. Xu Youning said that she was pregnant!

In an instant, some images flashed through Mu Sijue’s mind.

A week ago, he had seen Xu Youning in the hospital. She’d put her hand on her lower abdomen, and then she’d taken it away as if nothing had happened. Also, he’d felt that Xu Youning was trying her best to avoid fighting with him that day.

It turned out that she was pregnant and she’d been afraid of hurting the baby in her belly!

“Xu Youning is pregnant…

“Him, Kang Ruicheng, the baby…”

Mu Sijue’s deep eyes widened. He grabbed Xu Youning’s wrist so hard that the blue veins on the back of his hand almost burst out.

Xu Youning panicked and looked at Mu Sijue in horror. “What are you going to do?”

Mu Sijue pulled Xu Youning into his arms and stared at her with burning hot eyes. “It is mine!”


Huh? This wasn’t what Xu Youning had expected.

Even if Mu Sijue suspected that the child was his, he should check that with her. Why was he so sure that the child was his without asking anything?

Xu Youning had planned on telling Mu Sijue that this child wasn’t his as Kang Ruicheng had said, so that Mu Sijue would then let her go.

But Mu Sijue had no doubts at all. What should she say next?

Mu Sijue looked at Xu Youning, and the tension and coldness on his face all faded away. A touch of joy appeared on his handsome face, and a faint smile showed in his eyes.

For the first time, Xu Youning knew what Mu Sijue looked like when he was happy.

Was he happy that she was pregnant with his child?

Before Xu Youning could gather her thoughts, Mu Sijue suddenly hugged her closely. His voice full of excitement, he asked, “It was the last time, wasn’t it?!”

Xu Youning was speechless. “Is the point in time important?”

Before she could protest, Mu Sijue kissed her on the lips.

This time, Mu Sijue was extremely gentle. He kissed her gently and slowly, as if he was tasting something delicious.

His breathing was no longer as calm and steady. Each breath seemed to show his joy.

He was usually such a cold and heartless person, but without any sense of surprise or scepticism, he just accepted the arrival of a child! He was ecstatic!

Xu Youning closed her eyes, as if there were countless sharp knives cutting through her heart.

When Dr. Liu had told her that she was indeed pregnant, she’d also been very happy. Even though she’d learned the next day that this child would pose a threat to her life, she was still very happy that she was pregnant.

She was no longer alone in the world.

However, all her excitement and joy had dissipated after her examination yesterday.

Xu Youning made up her mind. Just as she was about to push Mu Sijue away, he let go of her. He held her hand in his warm big palm and said, “Let’s have this child.”

He wanted this child!

However, he didn’t know…

Xu Youning took a deep breath and said calmly. “I didn’t say that the child was yours!”

Mu Sijue frowned. Xu Youning thought he would be angry, but he soon calmed himself, looked at her with a slight smile and said assuredly, “If it weren’t for me, how could you get pregnant on your own?”

Why did he still not mention Kang Ruicheng?

Xu Youning had to tell him. “Mu Sijue, do you need me to remind you? When I got pregnant, I was living with Kang Ruicheng!”

Mu Sijue sneered, “It can’t be Kang Ruicheng’s child!”

For a moment, Xu Youning was at a loss for words. Then she asked him, “Why are you so sure?”

“Because…” Mu Sijue looked straight at Xu Youning and said slowly and deliberately, “Kang Ruicheng murdered your grandma!”

Mu Sijue knew Xu Youning too well.

She knew that Kang Ruicheng was her enemy. She would not let Kang Ruicheng touch her, let alone get pregnant with his child.

Therefore, there was no need to ask. He was sure that the child was his.

Xu Youning didn’t have time to respond. She just stared at Mu Sijue, eyes wide open.

Sure enough, Mu Sijue had guessed it. He was sure that she knew the truth about her grandmother’s death.

What should she do?

Should she admit that it was Mu Sijue’s child, that she’d been lying to him, and that she’d returned to Kang Ruicheng just to gain revenge?

If she did, it would be even more impossible for Mu Sijue to let her go. Also, she would have to give up chasing the Kang family’s secret which she was almost about to uncover, and all her previous efforts would be wasted.

In a panic, Xu Youning could only pretend that she didn’t understand what Mu Sijue was saying. “What are you talking about?”

Mu Sijue abruptly grabbed Xu Youning’s arm. “You know what I’m talking about! You also know that Kang Ruicheng is the one who killed Granny Xu. Xu Youning, you’ve always known everything!”

Just like that, Mu Sijue laid the truth out bare, breaking any of Xu Youning’s hopes of giving a plausible explanation.

Xu Youning was shocked, but she still pretended to be calm. She sneered, “You said that Kang Ruicheng was the one who killed my grandma, and that I’ve always known it. So why would I want to go back to Kang Ruicheng? Am I crazy?!”

“You want to go back to take revenge on Kang Ruicheng!” Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes. “Do you need me to make it clearer?”

No, what he had said was enough to make Xu Youning understand that Mu Sijue had seen right through her. Now, here in front of Mu Sijue, she had nowhere to hide.

Mu Sijue had no doubts about the child.

However, no matter whether he doubted it or not, it made no difference.

Mu Sijue loosened his grip on Xu Youning and asked her, “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to go back to Kang Ruicheng and work undercover? I won’t let you take risks anymore. Stay here and give birth to our child.”

Xu Youning held back her urge to cry and asked, “Mu Sijue, do you like children?”

As far as she knew, Mu Sijue, who was cold-blooded and cruel, should not like children, should he?

Mu Sijue looked at Xu Youning and said, “When you said that you were pregnant, I suddenly realised that I like children. Is there a problem?”


Mu Sijue’s every word was like a knife cutting through Xu Youning’s heart. The sharp, long pain spread throughout her body, but Xu Youning could not cry, let alone show any hint of sadness.

How she wished that the car accident hadn’t happened! Then she wouldn’t have been injured, and she wouldn’t have got a blood clot. Also, neither she nor her child would have had to suffer.

Right now, she’d also be willing to stay and ignore her grudges. She’d also be willing to give up any plans, and her grandmother would definitely have forgiven her.

However, it was too late.

If she stayed, not only would all her previous efforts be wasted, but Mu Sijue would only feel down and worry about her illness.

After a fierce struggle, Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue and nodded. “I admit it, the child is yours!”

Mu Sijue raised the corner of his mouth as if he wasn’t surprised. “I knew it!”

“But—” Xu Youning added, “I disagree with what you said.”

Mu Sijue’s face darkened. “What did I say?”

“I’ve never thought that Kang Ruicheng murdered my grandma. The evidence at the site of the accident was clear. It was you who sent someone to murder my grandma.” Xu Youning said, “Mu Sijue, you shifted the blame onto Kang Ruicheng just to let me give birth to this child, right?”

Mu Sijue knew that she wouldn’t tell the truth.

In the past, he hadn’t wanted to tell the truth because he was angry with Xu Youning’s distrust.

Now, he didn’t care. He just wanted Xu Youning and the child to stay with him.

Even if Xu Youning didn’t want to tell him the truth, it didn’t matter because he could reveal it himself. But why was Xu Youning still unwilling to admit it now?

She didn’t need to go back to Kang Ruicheg and take risks, she could stay with him like this. Why didn’t she want to admit it? She had known that Kang Ruicheng was the murderer.

Also, what did her last sentence mean?

Mu Sijue stared at Xu Youning sharply and asked, “Don’t you want this child?!”

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