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Chapter 678: 678
Chapter 678 I’m Going To Tell You A Piece Of Bad News

It was not affection, it was love .

It was love…

Shen Yuechuan didn’t know how he left the bar . On the way back, he had a terrible headache .

If the twisted fate was a joke sent by God as a gift to him, then what about Xiao Yunyun’s feelings for him?

A bigger joke?

He didn’t understand why Xiao Yunyun couldn’t fall in love with a good man and have a smooth life now that he was couldn’t .

It was enough to tease him . Why did destiny make Xiao Yunyun fall in love with him?

When thinking about the whole life from the moment he could remember it until now, Shen Yuechuan suddenly found that as long as it was what he wanted, not only could he never have it, but he would also implicate the people around him .

When he was a child, he wanted a complete home . But as soon as he was born, his father died . Su Yunjin suffered from severe depression, and soon he became an orphan .

Now, he wanted to fall in love with Xiao Yunyun like a normal person . However, the blood relationship was like a steel wall built between them, making them suffer .

He had never done anything evil in his life . Did he make any mistakes in his last life?

Back at the apartment building, the driver saw that Shen Yuechuan was still holding his head and looked at him worriedly . “Special Assistant Shen, are you all right?”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t speak . He just waved his hand and motioned for the driver to get out of the car .

The driver was still very worried . He hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you want to contact Boss Lu?”

He was very clear about the relationship between Shen Yuechuan and Lu Boyan .

He believed that once something happened to Shen Yuechuan, it would be the right choice to contact Lu Boyan .

“No . ” Shen Yuechuan suddenly raised his head and said seriously, “I’m fine . I just haven’t slept well these days, so my head hurts a little . You can get off work . Don’t tell Boss Lu about what happened today . ”

The driver didn’t connect it with Shen Yuechuan’s uncomfortable state . He thought that Shen Yuechuan just wanted him to hide the fact that he had seen Qin Han . He nodded and got out of the car .

Shen Yuechuan stayed in the car until his headache subsided . Then he opened the door and went back to his apartment .

The apartment was the same as before . All the furniture was neatly arranged, without a speck of dust . It was so tidy that it didn’t seem homely at all . Instead, it looked more like a cold and rigid temporary dwelling place .

Shen Yuechuan suddenly remembered Xiao Yunyun’s single apartment, which was much smaller than his .

He had been there several times . Each time, it was different from the last time . There were either a few more scented candles, or a few more bouquets of flowers, or a new cloth set on the sofa .

Every time, it looked warmer than the last time, and it would bring the people a greater sense of belongings .

He asked Xiao Yunyun, “Are you going to transform this place?”

“When my cousin asked me to move in, the apartment’s basic furnishings were already in place . I’m just responsible for extra decorations,” Xiao Yunyun said with a smile, “This is my home . I can do whatever I want to it!”

At that time, Shen Yuechuan secretly thought that if he successfully made Xiao Yunyun the mistress of his home someday, how would she reform this apartment?

In fact, Xiao Yunyun could do whatever she wanted . Even if she wanted to have a swimming pool in the apartment, where she could hold a party, he would help her contact the construction team immediately . There would be no objection .

As long as Xiao Yunyun stayed here to accompany him—to sleep with him and wake up with him, he would not get tired of repeating the routine for the rest of his life .

Such a small wish could not be realized .

Right now, perhaps…

As long as he went to find Xiao Yunyun and told her that she was not the only one who had been tortured these days,

he and Xiao Yunyun could be together immediately .

However, he couldn’t be so selfish .

Not to mention that they were siblings, the customs of the society wouldn’t allow them to be together .

However, considering his current physical condition, he couldn’t convince himself to confess his love to Xiao Yunyun .

More than 20 years ago, after his father’s death, Su Yunjin suffered from depression and relied on medicine to live until today . Was he willing to let Xiao Yunyun experience that kind of pain?

Even if his illness could be cured, and Xiao Yunyun didn’t have to endure the pain of losing her beloved man, the fact that they were siblings couldn’t be changed .

It was easy to imagine how many rumors and comments they would face after they got together .

He could give Xiao Yunyun all his love, but he couldn’t guarantee her happiness .

What’s more, Xiao Yunyun worked in the hospital . He couldn’t imagine how much trouble the rumors would bring to her career in the future .

The worst result was leaving the world just like Jiang Ye and letting Xiao Yunyun face everything alone .

If it really went on like that, he would never forgive himself even if he went to hell .

No matter what, he shouldn’t be selfish and take advantage of Xiao Yunyun’s feelings to coax her into being with him . It would not bring happiness for Xiao Yunyun, but the biggest misfortune in her life .

He should let Xiao Yunyun completely forget about him .

After making this decision, Shen Yuechuan felt that all the pain in his head had been transferred to his heart, which hurt him a lot .

He went to the balcony, looked at the thousands of lights in his sight, and lit a cigarette .

At this moment, other than smoking and drinking, there was nothing else that could distract his attention .

Xiao Yunyun, who lived in the same district as Shen Yuechuan, didn’t realize that her biggest secret had been exposed . She reviewed the books until 12 o’clock . The sleeping pills she had taken half an hour ago began to work . She was surrounded by impenetrable sleepiness and fell asleep soon after she fell on the bed .

At seven o’clock the next day, Xiao Yunyun woke up on time . After washing up, she had some breakfast, got on the subway full of people, and went to the hospital .

She could have taken a taxi, but occasionally when she squeezed into the crowded commuting the subway, which was like a can of Shalim fish, it could wake her up and make her realize that there were still many things more important than love .

For example, existence .

There were so many people who could still live a good life without love . She couldn’t ruin herself just because she couldn’t be with Shen Yuechuan .

This kind of encouragement was effective, and Xiao Yunyun’s life gradually returned to normal day after day .

When she thought that she had finally recovered and was about to stop taking sleeping pills, she was caught off guard and received a piece of news that could shatter her soul—

That morning, as usual, she came out of the elevator with her purse . She felt that there were many problems in life .

For example, what to eat at noon, and whether she should go to work by squeezing into the subway or taking a taxi?


A familiar voice came without warning . Xiao Yunyun subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice . It was Qin Han .

She was stunned for a moment . “Why are you here?”

At this time, shouldn’t Young Master Qin be on his way to the company? Why would he show up here?

Qin Han leaned on a sports car worth million and said with a charming smile, “I’m here to pick you up . ”

Xiao Yunyun walked over and was about to tease Qin Han when she heard him continue, “By the way, let me tell you a piece of news . ”

“…What news?” Xiao Yunyun suddenly felt that the news was the main point . She suppressed her fast heartbeat and said, “Go ahead . ”

“You should be mentally prepared,” Qin Han said, “this is not good news . ”

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Qin Han hesitated for a while and finally said, “Shen Yuechuan has a girlfriend . ”

He knew that this news would be a great blow to Xiao Yunyun .

But this was the truth . Xiao Yunyun would have to face it sooner or later . It would be better for her to know it now .

Xiao Yunyun could understand every word Qin Han said . After those words were put together into a sentence, it was as if someone had hit her soul hard, and her heart suddenly sank…

It wasn’t disappointment or frustration . It was just that… she felt as if her heart would never beat again .

At this moment, Xiao Yunyun was standing in the center of the city, but she felt that she had been thrown into the desolate northern wilderness . The cold wind and cold rain came and surrounded her . And a monster opened its bloody mouth and was about to swallow her…

It seemed that after a century’s time, Xiao Yunyun finally found her voice and asked with difficulty, “When did it happen?”

“Just a few days ago,” Qin Han said, “I confirmed it yesterday, and it is true . ”

Xiao Yunyun said, “Oh . ” She tried to show that she didn’t care, but her red eyes revealed her emotions .

“I’m telling you in advance so that you won’t get shocked when you meet them by accident . ” After a pause, Qin Han asked, “How is it? Can you still go to work? Do you need me to help you ask for leave?”

“… No . ” Xiao Yunyun closed her eyes heavily and forced back her tears . “If I don’t go to work, I’ll think more about it . ”

Qin Han agreed with Xiao Yunyun’s words this time .

No matter how terrible her love life was, Xiao Yunyun was a professional doctor . After she went to work, it could distract her attention .

Qin Han opened the door and said, “Get in the car . I’ll take you to the hospital . ”

“Thank you . ”

Xiao Yunyun sat in the passenger’s seat and fastened the seat belt bluntly . The pain in her heart was unbearable .

She was afraid that she would cry, so she had to close her eyes .

She warned herself, “Don’t think about it, stop . ”

However, reason couldn’t suppress her thoughts at all .

What kind of girl was Shen Yuechuan’s new girlfriend?

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He had said that he wanted to settle down . Would this girl really be Shen Yuechuan’s last girlfriend and then become his wife?

The expensive and eye-catching sports car was moving forward with difficulty in the morning rush hour . While waiting for the green light, Qin Han glanced at Xiao Yunyun and said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild . ”

Xiao Yunyun shook her head . “If Shen Yuechuan wants to get married, I won’t be able to accept it . ”

Qin Han hesitated for a moment and asked tentatively, “What if he really loves that girl, and that girl really likes him?”

He thought that Xiao Yunyun would say that she would be relieved then . Because if Shen Yuechuan got married because of love, it would be a good girl who would take care of him in the future .

He thought that Xiao Yunyun would at least maintain a rational mind .

However, Xiao Yunyun’s reaction was completely beyond his expectation—

“I know I should bless him . ” Xiao Yunyun smiled bitterly . “But I don’t think I can do it . ”

Qin Han, “…” Damn it!

Xiao Yunyun couldn’t do it because she really liked Shen Yuechuan .

She wanted to be with Shen Yuechuan, hug him, kiss him, be intimate with him, and stay with him for the rest of her life .

But now, the person who could do these things with Shen Yuechuan had become another girl .

How could she offer her blessings with a sincere heart?

Qin Han couldn’t help sighing . “You’re really frank . But what can you do even if you don’t bless them? Can you rob him away from the wedding when he gets married?”

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