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Chapter 662: 662

It was already eye-catching enough for Xia Mili to appear at the full-moon party of Xiyu and Xiangyi in such a bold way .

When the reporters brought up such a direct question, the expressions on everyone’s faces became even more obvious .

Once Xia Mili gave a positive answer, it meant that her hostile relationship with Su Jian’an had been proved true . The “war” between her and Su Jian’an would also officially begin .

Luo Xiaoxi, Mrs . Pang, and the others walked over .

Luo Xiaoxi gritted her teeth and said with hatred, “These media, they had no idea about what’s going on!”

Mrs . Pang seemed to be used to this kind of situation . She was not surprised and said, “Now that they can easily create a sensational topic, how can they let go of this opportunity? Speaking of which, it’s Miss Xia who is not sensible!”

Coincidentally, the reporter who had taken photos for Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an had the same thought as Mrs . Pang regarding Xia Mili .

“Miss Xia, this is the full-moon party of the two babies of the Lu family . Mr . Lu and Mrs . Lu are both present, and they are the masters . Your answer is so subtle . Don’t you think it’s inappropriate?”

“Really?” Xia Mili fiddled with her hairstyle and smiled . “I was in the U . S . and I’m used to being straightforward with words . There are some rules in the country that I really don’t understand . ”

The reporter smiled and pointed out with a hint of sarcasm, “Miss Xia, you grew up in this country . In other words, you have spent much more time in this country than in the United States . ”

In other words, Xia Mili was either pretending or forgetting her roots too quickly .

Xia Mili’s expression changed slightly, but she quickly reacted and said with a smile, “It’s always easier for people to get used to better habits . The truth is the truth . It’s set in stone . No matter how tactful words are used to describe it or avoid it, it can’t be changed . So, we’d better be more straightforward . Don’t you agree?”

She meant that Su Jian’an was luckier than others . And it was an indisputable fact that she knew Lu Boyan earlier . The reason why it didn’t work out between her and Lu Boyan was because of Su Jian’an’s earlier presence .

“Bandit logic!” Luo Xiaoxi complained . “She’s not being direct at all . She’s obviously shameless!”

Mrs . Pang couldn’t help but laugh out loud . “That’s right . Xiaoxi’s behavior explained what being straightforward mean . ”

Luo Xiaoxi clapped hands with Mrs . Pang and asked Su Jian’an, “This shrimp is aggressive . How are you going to deal with her?”

Su Jian’an said calmly, “Just go with the flow and deal with everything coming along . ”

Luo Xiaoxi disagreed . “That’s a bargain for the shrimp!”

Su Jian’an winked at Luo Xiaoxi and smiled . “Wait and see . ”

Luo Xiaoxi suddenly felt relieved .

She was too familiar with Su Jian’an’s smile—the calmer she was, the more it meant that she wanted to teach somebody a lesson .

Today, Xia Mili’s face would at least lose a layer of skin .

The reporters were still interviewing Xia Mili . Su Jian’an went to find Lu Boyan as if she couldn’t see the existence of Xia Mili .

Lu Boyan was talking with a few friends . When he noticed Su Jian’an coming over, he didn’t stop . He just naturally held Su Jian’an’s hand and let her stand beside him .

Su Jian’an did not say anything to disturb them . Instead, she held Lu Boyan’s hand and stood there quietly . It was not until they finished talking that she said hello to Lu Boyan’s friends .

The friends also knew what was good for them . They all walked away and left space for Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an .

Lu Boyan then asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an shook her head . “Nothing . I’m a little bored . So I came to look for you . ”

Lu Boyan smiled . “Let’s go . ”

It was unknown when the reporters ended the interview with Xia Mili . When they saw Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an holding hands, they rushed toward them one after another .

“Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu, is it convenient for you to get interviewed?” the reporter asked .

Su Jian’an smiled and nodded . “Sure . ”

The reporter asked tactfully, “Have you read the news on the Internet these days?”

Su Jian’an was well aware of what the so-called ” news” referred to .

But at times like this, she needed to play dumb .

She looked at the reporters in confusion . “Which news are you talking about?”

The reporters knew that if they didn’t name it directly, Su Jian’an had a hundred ways to beat around the bush with them .

However, their interview time was limited .

The reporter went all out and asked directly, “The rumors about Mr . Lu and Miss Xia! Mr . Lu, you and Miss Xia are classmates, right?”

Lu Boyan did not deny it . He simply replied with a “hmm” .

“It’s said that you had a relationship with Miss Xia . ” The reporter asked very carefully, “Did you really fall in love when you were in school?”

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Lu Boyan looked coldly at the reporter who asked the question, and there was a hint of displeasure in his tone . “Before I married my wife, I hadn’t fallen in love with anyone . ”

The reporter was stunned . “If you have never been in a relationship with Miss Xia, why are there rumors about you two in the school?”

Lu Boyan corrected her coldly, “Miss Xia and I are just friends . The gossips about us can only be regarded as rumors . ”

Rumors were not facts .

Lu Boyan’s every word was cold . The reporters were already scared, but they were not willing to let go of such a good opportunity . They braced themselves and continued to ask, “Mr . Lu, what do you think of Miss Xia?”

As long as Lu Boyan said a praising word, they would be able to make a huge deal out of it .

Of course, Lu Boyan could also choose not to answer .

But if he didn’t answer, and the relationship between him and Xia Mili would be even more complicated .

Therefore, what awaited Lu Boyan was a trap .

Under pairs of expectant eyes, Lu Boyan said in a typical tone, “Miss Xia is a good partner . ”

The reporters asked so because they wanted Lu Boyan to comment on Xia Mili’s quality and character, and then they could continue to ask, “Why does Lu Boyan know Xia Mili so well?”

However, Lu Boyan had come up with another way of answering the question . According to Xia Mili’s ability to work, it was not a big deal that she was rigid and business-like, but the key point was that such an answer could not stir up any waves!

This was not the answer they wanted!

The reporter did not give up and kept asking, “What about the private side? What kind of person do you think Miss Xia is in private?”

Lu Boyan looked absolutely cold, but most of the time, he was a gentleman to women .

They had already asked this question, so they thought he would praise Xia Mili a bit no matter what!

However, Lu Boyan’s indifference was beyond imagination . There was almost no emotion in his tone . “Sorry, I only have contact with Miss Xia at work . ”

His meaning was very obvious . If anyone wanted to know what kind of person Xia Mili was, he shouldn’t have come to ask Lu Boyan, who was not familiar with Xia Mili .

If they continued to ask, the interview time of the reporters might end in advance, so they had to shift their target to Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an looked rather gentle, and it was indeed better to talk to her than to Lu Boyan . The reporter firstly praised Su Jian’an .

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“Mrs . Lu, you’re very beautiful today!”

Su Jian’an accepted it calmly and smiled . “Thank you . ”

The reporter cut to the chase . “Mrs . Lu, there are a few questions I want to ask you!”

“Okay . ” Su Jian’an nodded . “As long as I know the answer, I will definitely answer all of them . ”

With Su Jian’an’s words, the reporter felt much more relieved and set the trap for Su Jian’an step by step .

“Mrs . Lu, you are a mother now . How do you feel when reminiscing of the previous time of marrying Mr . Lu?”

Su Jian’an smiled, as if she had really fallen into her memory . “It feels like a dream . Time… flies faster than I imagined . ”

She was not dealing with reporters .

Looking at Xiangyi and Xiyu, she would occasionally recall the time when she had just married Lu Boyan .

On the first day of their marriage, she and Lu Boyan had reached an agreement to divorce two years later .

At that time, they obviously liked each other, but they tried to pretend that they didn’t care about each other .

Now, the two-year due had come . They didn’t separate, and they couldn’t leave each other .

“Why do you feel that time flies so fast?” asked the reporter .

Su Jian’an thought for a moment, and a smile appeared on her face . “It’s probably… because of happiness . ”

She felt that time passed quickly, and it was like the reason why some people slowly gained weight . It was all because of happiness .

Of course, some people gradually grew fat because they were too busy or ate too much .

“Mrs . Lu, you met Mr . Lu when you were ten . How are you going to comment on this?”

Su Jian’an was not pretentious . She said frankly, “I think I am very lucky . ”

The reporter asked, “Are you glad that you found someone you like long ago?”

Su Jian’an shook her head with a smile and corrected the reporter’s words . “I’m glad that I met the right person a long time ago . ”

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The reporters all laughed . “Mrs . Lu, you’re really lucky!”

Su Jian’an accepted this kind of envy calmly and gave her blessing to the reporters who were still single .

In this era where all the people showed off their happy relationships, it was really a warm thing for a single dog to suddenly receive the blessing of falling in love .

However, this did not mean that they would easily let Su Jian’an off .

The reporters took a turn and finally got to the point .

“Mrs . Lu, you think that you are lucky too . But, if someone thinks that you can marry Mr . Lu because of your luck, do you have anything to say about it?”

Su Jian’an said, “Hmm?” and looked a little confused . “Do you mean that it’s because I met Mr . Lu too early that I could marry him?”

The reporter nodded . “That’s almost what I meant . ”

“Well, this… You really can’t blame me . ” Su Jian’an looked innocent .

Not only did Su Jian’an not avoid this question, but she also answered it so directly . This was something that the reporters would never have expected .

What Xia Mili said just now should have been heard by Su Jian’an more or less . Once she responded, it would be equivalent to starting a fight with Xia Mili from a distance .

However, this was the result that the public was looking forward to!

The reporter almost stretched the end of the microphone to Su Jian’an’s chin . “Mrs . Lu, what do you mean?”

Su Jian’an said, “After I knew him when I was ten years old, we hadn’t seen each other for a whole 14 years . During these 14 years, he met a lot of people and also knew a lot of people, but he didn’t bump into anyone he liked . How could it be my fault?”

The reporters were stunned for a moment and then burst into laughter .

Taking advantage of the relaxing atmosphere, Su Jian’an continued, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll ask Mr . Lu for you . ”

“Okay, okay!”

Although they didn’t know what Su Jian’an wanted to ask, the reporters were full of expectation, and all stared at Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an slowly looked at Lu Boyan, and there was a faint smile between her beautiful eyebrows . “Honey, if the day we met is delayed to ten years later, will you still like me?”

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