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Chapter 661: 661

Su Jian’an shook her head . “I’m not sure yet . ”

In fact, she did not hold any expectation for the answer .

If her suspicion was confirmed, then this matter would be much more complicated than she had imagined .

The most important thing was that she didn’t want to believe that Xiao Yunyun had suffered so much alone…

At this time, Uncle Xu, who was wearing a three-packed suit, walked over calmly and said, “The guests are already here . ”

According to the tradition and customs of City A, the parent had to take the full-month old child out to welcome the guests .

Tang Yulan got up from the sofa . “Take them out for a while now that Xiyu and Xiangyi are still awake . ”

Aunt Liu and Nanny Wu helped to hold the two little guys . The group of people left the lounge and went downstairs to the banquet hall .

Today, in addition to the business personnel of City A, Tang Yulan’s friends, who always played mahjong with her, had also attended the dinner . Su Jian’an’s former colleagues had also come .

In the past, the focus of this kind of occasion was Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan .

But today, everyone’s attention was on the two babies .

It was the first time for many people to see the two little guys, and they were all amazed .

Their facial features were so cute and beautiful .

The combination of the genes of Lu family and the Su family was indeed incomparable!

Amidst the exclamation, many guests arrived, and there were more and more people surrounding the two little guys .

Xiyu was very calm . But it was obvious that Xiangyi was not used to being surrounded by so many people . She hummed to show her protest in Nanny Wu’s arms .

Lu Boyan took her into his arms and carefully protected her, teasing her with gentle movements . The little girl grinned and slowly became quiet again . She leaned in Lu Boyan’s arms like a cute little angel .

Looking at his daughter, Lu Boyan’s eyes were full of tenderness and love .

In the large banquet hall, many people saw with their own eyes the scene of Lu Boyan coaxing his daughter .

If it weren’t for so many people witnessing it, they would have almost doubted that they were dreaming .

It was Lu Boyan!

The man who was extremely powerful in the business field . It was Lu Boyan, who had been looking at people with a cold face and exuded an inhuman aura all over his body!

How could he be so skilled in holding a child? How could he be so gentle when comforting a child?

Was he still the aloof and unreachable Lu Boyan?

Her former colleague expressed their feelings to Su Jian’an, “Your Boss Lu looks much gentler! What do you think?”

“I think…” Su Jian’an blurted out a very annoying answer . “He has always been very gentle . ”

Her colleagues all complained about Su Jian’an . “That’s for you! Only for you, okay? For us, well, Boss Lu is an iceberg!”

Someone said, “Ha!”, “Your words sound like Mr . Lu’s tenderness is not just for Jian’an now!”

Su Jian’an nodded and said, “Yes, not just for me!”

Everyone assumed that Su Jian’an would say that Lu Boyan’s tenderness was for everyone now .

However, she said, “You also saw it . He is very gentle to the babies too . ”

In the face of Su Jian’an’s ” show-off” behavior, everyone replied with ruthless complaints .

As for Lu Boyan, he was not idle either .

It was the first time for many people to see Lu Boyan like this . They all thought it was a spectacle and came over to watch one after another . They originally wanted to watch Lu Boyan, but they didn’t expect to be attracted by the little princess in his arms .

“The little girl is so beautiful,” someone said, “Boyan, are you tired after holding her for so long? Let me help you hold her for a while?”

Before Lu Boyan could say anything, Xiangyi gave a positive “oh!” and buried her head deeply in Lu Boyan’s arms . She looked like she was protesting .

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Lu Boyan couldn’t help smiling . “See? My daughter doesn’t want to . ”

The person next to him couldn’t help blabbering, “It’s you who are so mean! Don’t blame the little cutie!”

“I actually don’t want to . ” Lu Boyan did not hide his desire to protect her . He glanced at everyone and said, “If you have any problems, go back and have a baby yourself . Don’t have any thoughts about my daughter . ”

The onlookers were in an uproar, and they complained more about Lu Boyan . Unfortunately, Lu Boyan’s mind was completely on his daughter, and he didn’t care what they said at all .

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was joyful and relaxing .

Not long after, Xiyu and Xiangyi burst into tears together as if they had made a secret agreement .

Su Jian’an looked at the time . It had been more than two hours since the two little guys last drank milk . They should be hungry .

She walked over and asked Lu Boyan to hand Xiangyi to Aunt Liu, saying, “I’ll take them back to the room . ”

Lu Boyan was still worried . “I’ll go up with you . ”

Su Jian’an glanced around the whole banquet hall and found that almost all the guests had arrived . However, with Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng’s hospitality, it was not rude for her and Lu Boyan to leave for a while .

The lounge was very quiet . Even if Xiangyi left her father’s arms, she didn’t protest anymore . She lay in the soft bed and drank milk . While drinking, she couldn’t help rubbing her eyes . When the milk was finished, she and Xiyu both fell asleep .

When they were at home, the two little guys each had a baby bed . They ate and slept separately, so there was nothing to be noticed .

But every time they lay together, their hands and feet depended on each other, and they breathed at the same frequency . Lu Boyan felt that there was nothing better than them in the world .

For them, he was willing to give out anything .

“Sir, Madam, you can go downstairs now,” said Mrs . Wu . “Xiangyi and the Xiyu are under our care . You can rest assured . If there are any problems, I’ll go down and find you . ”

Su Jian’an nodded and took Lu Boyan’s hand to leave the suite .

There were two bodyguards in the room, and there were four people outside the door who were fully armed . Lu Boyan was still unassured, so he carefully told them, “As long as you find something wrong, whether it’s obvious or not, take action immediately . Also, inform me as soon as possible . ”

“Got it!” The captain couldn’t help but remind him in a low voice, “Boss Lu, you’ve already told me these things when we were at your home . If I’m not mistaken, this is already the fifth time . ”

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Lu Boyan stared at the captain . “Do you have any objections?”

“No!” The captain shook his head decisively, and his voice became even lower . “We just didn’t expect that there would be such a day when you would be so verbose…”

Lu Boyan, “…”

Su Jian’an smiled . “You should get used to it . ”

She said a few words to Aunt Liu and Nanny Wu and then held Lu Boyan’s arm while walking downstairs .

When they arrived at the banquet hall, the media had already got the permission to enter the hall .

Su Jian’an vaguely felt that the atmosphere in the banquet hall seemed to be different from before .

When she was about to ask Lu Boyan if he felt anything, Lu Boyan was called away by several friends from the business, so she had to find Luo Xiaoxi .

Luo Xiaoxi was also in a rush to find Su Jian’an .

However, no matter how anxious she was, her steps were elegant and calm . After seeing Su Jian’an, she directly dragged Su Jian’an to the corner and lowered her voice as if she was facing a formidable enemy . “The shrimp is coming!”

Su Jian’an was suddenly enlightened . “I was just wondering why the atmosphere in the hall was so strange . ”

“She is wearing a blue Dior shirt, thin and tall . The one who tied her hair up is her!” Luo Xiaoxi said angrily, “Why do I feel that she is here to provoke?”

Su Jian’an was confused . “Why do you say that?”

“In the past few days, her scandal with your Boss Lu has been so fierce . She must know that all the domestic media will be here at the full-moon party for Xiyu and Xiangyi . According to normal people’s thoughts, she should avoid this occasion, right?” As she said this, Luo Xiaoxi changed the subject . “She not only showed up but also didn’t keep a low profile!”

Su Jian’an didn’t know the exact scene when Xia Mili showed up, so she asked, “How did she not keep a low profile?”

Luo Xiaoxi sneered and said, “She accepted the interview by the media as soon as she arrived . She looked graceful and acted like a strong woman in the workplace with no evil thoughts . Jian’an, you can’t let her be so arrogant!”

Su Jian’an pondered for a moment and asked, “What should I do to her?”

Luo Xiaoxi fiddled with her exquisite and elegant hairstyle and said, “To deal with this kind of woman, it’s for sure that it will be for the best to make her feel fully humiliated! She shouldn’t dare to come out for the next few days!”

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Su Jian’an smiled . “Okay . I’ll do whatever you say!”

Before Luo Xiaoxi could react, Su Jian’an had already turned around and left .

At this time, a reporter was interviewing Xia Mili .

From Su Jian’an’s point of view, Xia Mili, who was dressed in a custom-made dress, was very tall . Her figure and curves were not so seductive, but she appeared tall and erect when supported by her self-confidence . It could not be denied that it was another kind of charm .

She was wearing exquisite and decent makeup, and her whole person looked beautiful and dazzling . In addition, with the unique skillfulness and neatness of a successful businesswoman, she was exuding charm from all over her body .

She raised her chin slightly . She was proud but not arrogant . She also gave people a sense of oppression, which made them feel scared to be presumptuous in front of her .

Su Jian’an was almost certain that this was a person who could grasp the degree no matter what she was up to .

That was to say, as long as she wanted it, she could succeed .

A reporter asked Xia Mili, “Miss Xia, do you have anything to say about the rumors between you and Mr . Lu on the Internet?”

“I don’t know how it happened,” Xia Mili said leisurely . However, she did not deny the scandal between her and Lu Boyan, and her tone sounded like it was real . “This matter will be handled by Boss Lu, so I won’t make any response . ”

The reporters felt that there was something inside, so the questions were getting sharper and sharper . All of them were dealt with ease by Xia Mili .

In the end, a reporter came up with an idea and asked in a roundabout tone, “Miss Xia, many people say that you are lucky . When you were a student, you met Mr . Lu . They also say that your success in China has something to do with knowing Mr . Lu . What do you think of your good luck?”

“Boss Lu is an excellent person . I was really lucky to know him when I was a student . ” After a pause, Xia Mili said meaningfully, “However, there is someone luckier than me, isn’t there?”

The reporter immediately followed the topic after Xia Mili’s words . “Miss Xia, are you referring to Mrs . Lu, who met Mr . Lu when she was ten years old? Do you think that if you had met Mr . Lu earlier than Mrs . Lu, there would have been other possibilities between you and Mr . Lu?”

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