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Chapter 657: 657

After the birth of the two little guys, Su Jian’an was not as relaxed as when she was pregnant .

Although she had Aunt Liu and Tang Yulan to help her, she was still exhausted after a day’s business .

So she hadn’t had trouble sleeping for a long time .

That night, she rolled around and tried several different positions, but she still couldn’t fall asleep .

Lu Boyan held her in his arms and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know . ” Su Jian’an’s beautiful peach blossom eyes were full of confusion . “I just can’t go to sleep . ” As she said this, she wanted to turn over again .

Lu Boyan took the initiative and trapped Su Jian’an’s hands and feet . His legs were long, which make it easier for him to limit Su Jian’an’s movement immediately .

“Um…” Su Jian’an struggled for a moment and protested discontentedly .

“Don’t move . ” Lu Boyan warned her and his tone sounded dangerous . “Otherwise, you know the consequences . ”

Su Jian’an had experienced the consequences of moving more than one time .

She froze and closed her eyes almost subconsciously . She was as obedient as a cat .

Lu Boyan did not scare her anymore . He just hugged her more tightly .

Su Jian’an could not deny that she could be at ease in Lu Boyan’s arms .

It was as if a voice had quietly told her that as long as she was by Lu Boyan’s side, there was nothing to be afraid of, let alone a little change in her life .

Su Jian’an fell asleep miraculously .

The next day .

The autumn sun was particularly bright, shining into the room through the pure-colored curtain . Without the heat of summer, it made people feel comfortable .

Tang Yulan came earlier than usual . Aunt Liu was a bit surprised and said, “Madam, Mr . and Mrs . Lu haven’t woken up yet . ”

“It’s okay . Let them sleep a little longer . ” Tang Yulan said with a smile, “I’ll go and have a look at Xiangyi and Xiyu . ”

The two little guys had woken up . They held milk bottles and drank the milk quickly . Both of them were very cute .

When Xiangyi saw her grandmother, she hummed . Then she loosened the pacifier and smiled at Tang Yulan .

Tang Yulan was instantly happier than when she saw anything else . She picked up Xiangyi and kissed her over and over again . “What a lovely baby!”

Xiyu had probably inherited Lu Boyan’s character . He had been as calm as an adult after coming to this world for a month . He held the milk bottle as if there was nothing in the mortal world that could arouse his interest .

Tang Yulan put down Xiangyi and asked Nanny Wu to feed her milk . Then she picked up Xiyu .

Since the action of drinking milk was interrupted, Xiyu protested unhappily . Tang Yulan hurriedly picked up the milk bottle and fed it to him again . The little fellow finally stopped wrinkling and continued to drink milk in Tang Yulan’s arms .

Tang Yulan patted the little fellow on the shoulder, thought for a moment, and said, “It’s also good to be like your father . ”

As for the two little guys, Xiangyi was already lively enough . It was not a bad thing for Xiyu to be more thoughtful .

At this time, Su Jian’an pushed open the children’s room door and came in . She was very surprised to see Tang Yulan . “Mom, why are you here so early today?”

Tang Yulan stroked Xiyu’s face . “When I remembered that these two little guys are one month old, I was so excited that I couldn’t fall asleep . So I woke up early in the morning . ”

Su Jian’an walked over and played with Xiyu . The little guy just smiled at her, not like Xiangyi, who would wave and kick every time she saw Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an couldn’t help but ask, “Mom, does Xiyu look like Boyan in his childhood?”

“They’re exactly the same!” Tang Yulan said with a smile, “When Boyan was a child, he didn’t like being held by others and rarely cried . He was very adorable . Even the doctor said that Boyan was the one who didn’t like to cry the most . ”

“Wasn’t she describing Xiyu?!”

In fact, not only his character but also Xiyu’s appearance looked like a mini version of Lu Boyan .

Su Jian’an thought, “The little guy will attract a lot of girls after he grows up!”

Tang Yulan seemed to suddenly think of something and asked Su Jian’an seriously, “How are your preparations for the full-moon party tonight coming along?”

Su Jian’an looked relaxed . “It’s just going to the hotel to meet a few people . The dress was sent here yesterday, and the rest… I don’t have anything to prepare for . ”

“Don’t be careless!” Tang Yulan warned, “There are so many pairs of eyes looking at you . The media’s eyes are more vicious than anyone else’s eyes . They can make a fuss about anything . Keep in mind that you can’t be defeated by anyone else!”

Su Jian’an couldn’t help laughing . “Mom, don’t worry . Think about it, when did I ever lose?”

Tang Yulan thought about it and agreed .

Before Han Ruoxi entered the drug rehabilitation center, Su Jian’an’s opponent was her, who was a recognized goddess .

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When facing Han Ruoxi, Su Jian’an did not lose . Today, she should not be defeated by anyone .

Tang Yulan finally felt relieved and said, “Look at Xiyu and Xiangyi . I’ll go downstairs for a while . ”

After leaving the children’s room, Tang Yulan did not go downstairs . Instead, she went to knock on the door of the master bedroom .

Lu Boyan guessed that it should be Tang Yulan . When he opened the door, his guess proved to be right .

“I have something to ask you . ” Tang Yulan went straight to the point . “Is it convenient?”

Lu Boyan opened the door and let Tang Yulan in . “Mom, what’s wrong?”

Tang Yulan’s face suddenly became serious . “I don’t surf the Internet . But yesterday, someone told me that there was a scandal between you and a girl surnamed Xia . What the hell is going on? Have you explained it to Jian’an?”

Judging from Tang Yulan’s tone, she seemed to be seeking justice for Su Jian’an .

Lu Boyan couldn’t help laughing . “Mom, what did others say to you about it?”

“There are all kinds of things!” Tang Yulan was angry . “Everyone seems to be telling the truth . If I didn’t know you, I would have believed their words!”

Lu Boyan was silent for half a second . “It’s been a few days . Did Jian’an mention it to you?”

Tang Yulan shook her head . “Never . Jian’an knows about this?”

“Yes . ” Lu Boyan didn’t deny . “She knew it from the beginning . ”

Unexpectedly, Tang Yulan was even angrier . “Jian’an definitely didn’t tell me about it because she doesn’t want me to be worried! Now tell me what the hell is going on?!”

Lu Boyan comforted Tang Yulan and then explained everything to her, proving that he had nothing to do with Xia Mili except for cooperating with her .

Tang Yulan was still confused . “Since there is nothing going on between you two, why are there so many rumors on the Internet?”

There was a hint of helplessness in Lu Boyan’s tone . “Mom, I can’t control what others say on the Internet . ”

Tang Yulan thought about it and understood . When a fake rumor was widespread, it would soon become plausible . It was the same as the gossip between the friends who played cards with her .

Lu Boyan was her son . If she didn’t believe her son, should she believe the words of those strangers on the Internet?

Seeing the doubt in Tang Yulan’s eyes gradually disappear, Lu Boyan added, “Jian’an didn’t tell you since, on the one hand, she was afraid that you would be worried . But on the other hand, I had already explained it to her before it happened . ”

Tang Yulan nodded . “It’s fine as long as you don’t do anything bad . Otherwise, I will be the first one to accuse you!”

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Tang Yulan didn’t go downstairs until she finished warning Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan changed his clothes and went to the baby room next door .

Su Jian’an looked at his helpless face and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Boyan felt even more speechless .

How could he tell Su Jian’an that Tang Yulan had just threatened him because of her?

Su Jian’an had already understood something . She pursed her lips and tried not to laugh . “Mom didn’t go downstairs . She has talked to you, hasn’t she?”

“Mm,” Lu Boyan said . His voice sounded a little stuffy .

Su Jian’an had already guessed what Tang Yulan had said to Lu Boyan, and the smile on her lips became bigger . “Did you explain it clearly?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “If I don’t explain it clearly, do you think I can get out?”

Su Jian’an couldn’t help laughing and touched Lu Boyan’s face as if she was coaxing Xiyu . “Thank you for your hard work . ”

Lu Boyan grabbed Su Jian’an’s hand and took the opportunity to give her a peck on her lips . Only then did the haze on his face disappear .

However, Xiangyi was unhappy and hummed, as if she was protesting against the adults for ignoring her . She pursed her lips and looked like she was about to cry .

Lu Boyan walked over and picked up Xiangyi from the baby’s bed . He coaxed her in a gentle voice . The little fellow looked at Lu Boyan, and her pink and tender lips finally showed a smile, like a smiling angel .

He knew that she was willful, and he knew that if he spoiled her like this, the little girl would only become more and more willful .

But Lu Boyan was still willing to spoil her .

As long as he was there, his daughter could be willful for the rest of her life .

Su Jian’an sighed and complained, “Fortunately, Xiyu doesn’t stick to you like this, otherwise…”

Lu Boyan looked at his daughter with a faint smile on his lips . He responded to Su Jian’an’s words . “Or what?”

“Or I’ll be jealous!”

Su Jian’an was serious .

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She was the one who gave birth to their daughter . Although Lu Boyan had contributed in some way, why should she only stick to Lu Boyan?

Lu Boyan smiled and kissed Su Jian’an’s lips . “You still have me . ”

Su Jian’an pretended to be in deep thought . “It’s hard for me to make a choice… between you and Xiangyi . ”

“You don’t have to choose . ” Lu Boyan slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and a smile spread on his handsome face . He looked so charming . “We are both yours . ”

When Su Jian’an was obsessed with it, Aunt Liu came up and knocked on the door, informing them that breakfast was ready .

Lu Boyan helped the two little guys change their diapers . He handed them over to Aunt Liu and Auntie Wu, who would take care of them . Then, he took Su Jian’an downstairs .

The two of them had just finished their breakfast when Shen Yuechuan arrived . He came to confirm some details regarding the full-moon party with Lu Boyan .

Looking at Shen Yuechuan, Su Jian’an couldn’t connect him with the word “cousin” no matter how hard she tried . She was in a trance .

After confirming all the details, Shen Yuechuan noticed Su Jian’an’s gaze and smiled . “Has Boyan told you everything?”

Su Jian’an nodded . “Yes . ”

Shen Yuechuan looked at Su Jian’an and sighed . “I find it unbelievable too . ”

He had known about Su Jian’an for a long time, and he had paid attention to her life for Lu Boyan, secretly helping her solve all kinds of problems .

At that time, Su Jian’an was just an ignorant little girl in his eyes, just like the current Xiao Yunyun .

Therefore, he had no objection to the job assigned by Lu Boyan . On the contrary, he felt that it was quite interesting to look after Su Jian’an .

He had never expected that Su Jian’an was his cousin . The blood vessels in the depths of their bodies had inherited the same blood .

Su Jian’an smiled . “Do I have to call you cousin in the future?”

“Hey, don’t do that . ” Shen Yuechuan said with an unwilling look, “I’m not used to you calling me that even if you can accept it . Besides, even if you’re willing to call me that, I’m sure your Boss Lu won’t allow . So, let’s behave in the same way as before, okay?”

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